A Stormy Night With Three Women Part 1

I took off Kajal’s nighty and threw it aside, and unhooked her bra freeing her melons I groped her big tits and licked her nipples making them erect almost immediately, sighed loudly and put her arms around me ” अह्ह्ह्हह बाबू करते रहो ” I kneaded her tits a little strongly and pinched her nipples she moaned loudly, I lowered her panty and sat her on the bed, I took some lube and applied it into her and massaged both her holes and put on a strawberry flavored condom, she sighed loudly as it tingled ” ओह्ह माँ बाबू ये क्या लगा दिया? ठंडा ठंडा लग रहा है मुझे अह्ह्ह्ह ” I pushed her on the bed and climbed on top of her and sucked her nipple ” अभी और आएगा ” . Soon she was fully aroused and tugged on my cock and whispered ” ओह्ह्ह बाबू डालो ना हम्म्म ” . I was not fully erect ” अभी पूरा खड़ा है हुआ, आ थोड़ी देर चूस इसे ” . She opened wide and took my cock head ” बाबू ये तो मीठा मीठा लग रहा है ” . I pointed my cock head towards her lips ” तो चूस न मज़े ले ” , she liked the flavor and she sucked me well for a couple of minutes, she let go ” अब स्वाद नहीं आ रहा ” , she lay down and laid on her and kissed her lips, her lubed pussy immediately let me and I started humping her fast and deep, she moaned and groaned loudly ” अह्ह्ह उह्ह्ह ओह्ह बाबू अंदर भी ठंडा ठंडा लगा रहा है उम्म्म अह्ह्ह, धीरे धीरे करो ” , I slowed my pace and sucked her hard nipples along, soon she started shivering and moaning loudly as an orgasm hit her hard and cried out loudly ” ओह्ह मोरी मैय्या, बाबू हो रहा है मुझे!!! ” . I increased my pace as she orgasmed under me, she fell limp and caressed my back ” ओह्ह्ह बाबू मज़ा आ गया ” , I pulled out and got her into doggy and spread her well rounded ass cheeks, her lubed ass hole glistened, I caressed her ass hole with my cock head, she sensed that I was going anal, whined ” बाबू वहां नहीं दर्द होता है ” , I held her waist and leaned on her kissing her back ” कुछ नहीं होगा काजल, बिलकुल चिकना है, तू ढीला छोड़ दे ” , I gave a quick push, she screamed ” हऐ मोरी मैय्या ” as my top entered her tight ass, I caressed her well rounded ass and held still, as she buried her face into a pillow and grasped the sheet, I caressed her tight body trying to relax her ” काजल, एक बार तो चुका हो है फिर क्यों इतना घबरा रही है, ढीला छोड़ दे ” , I coaxed her, she whined ” आप समझते नहीं हो, आपका आगे से बहुत मोटा है ” . I tried to pull out but she held my butt ” निकालो मत धीरे धीरे करते रहो ” . I gave small shots into her loosening her ” काजल दर्द तो नहीं हो रहा? और डालूं? ” She just nodded, I leaned on her and fondled her tit and in one swift push drove it in, she gasped as I tried to get in fully in, soon she was comfortable and my entire length was sliding in and out of her tight ass, I let my weight on her and grabbed her boobs ” काजल अच्छा लगा?, She was liking it ” हाँ बाबू अब अच्छा लगने लग रहा है ” . She was getting aroused again she suggested ” बाबू ऐसे दुसरे तरीके से नहीं हो सकता? ” , I liked her sense of exploration and we got into missionary and she adjusted my cock onto her ass hole and this time, she took it without any discomfort, she moaned and groaned loudly as I fucked her asshole ” अहह अह्ह्ह हम्म्म हहहहह ” I was ravaging her tight body, suddenly she whispered ” बाबू ऐसे ही करते रहो लगता है मै, फिर से झाड़ूंगी हहहहह ” I too was going to cum ” दो मिंट और रुक जा मुझे भी होने वाल है ” . She grabbed me hard and she just exploded loudly ” अह्ह्ह्ह हआई मैय्या बाबू अगगगग हहहहह सस हहह हह ” she was uncontrollable as she calmed down she grabbed my face and kissed me deeply ” हटो अब मैं आपको कराती हूँ ” , she pulled out and she immediately tore off my condom and started sucking me wildly and ring gripped my balls, just like Raani does, it set me off ” क़ज़ाल मैं झड़ रहा हूँ छोड़ ” , she kept looking at me and continued to do her thing, I ejaculated in her mouth and she drained me to the last drop and swallowed it ” अब बताओ आपको कैसा लगा? ” , I knew it was Raani’s training ” सच बोलना! रानी ने सिखाया है न? ” She was speechless ” आपको कैसे पता चला? ” I gently squeezed her breast ” यह सब वो मेरे साथ कर चुकी है, पर तूने अच्छा किया, कहाँ है वो? ” She started dressing up ” वो अभी काजल से बातें कर रही है, मैं अभी आती हूँ ” .

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