A Stormy Night With Three Women Part 2

It was pouring outside, I lay on my bed running some errands on my lappy, waiting for Raani, after about half an hour there was a soft knock on the door, it was Poonam with a glass of milk ” दीदी न भिजवाया है, पी लो ” , I was naked with only a sheet around my waist and busy ” आ इधर रख दे ” , she placed the glass on the table as she turned to go, I held her hand ” तू कहाँ जा रही है बैठ! कैसे चुप चुप से है क्या हुआ किसी ने कुछ कहा क्या? ” , She sat on the bed ” बाबू! इन्हे पता चल गया तो? मैं आपके साथ हूँ, और आ गए तो, सोच सोच के घबराहट हो रही है ” , I kept the lappy aside and held her hand ” वो और एक हफ्ता यहाँ नहीं आ सकता, बाकी जब तक वो हम्हे देख न ले या तू बता न दे उसे कैसे पता चलेगा? ” जायदा सोच मत और ध्यान रख वैसे ही रह जैसे पहले रहती थी ” . I tugged her towards me and held her face and kissed her juicy lips, she shivered as our lips locked into a passionate kiss, and her hands caressed my chest, I made her stand and took off her nighty, surprisingly she was wearing a bra and panty ” ये सब क्यों पहना हुआ है? ” , I asked as I caressed her thick thigs, she sighed as I got on my knees and kissed her belly ” अह्ह दीदी कह रही थी आपको ऐसे अच्छा लगता है ” , I kissed her chest and hugged her pressing my chest into her belly and kissed her boobs ” और क्या बताया उसने ” ? ” She whispered ” बाबू आप पहले दूध पीलो ” , I pulled out her tits ” दूध ही पी रहा हूँ मेरी जान ” , her black nipples staring at me, I gently licked her right nipple, which was more sensitive than the other, tickled it with my tongue until she pressed my face into her tit and moaned ” ह्म्म्मम्म ओह्ह्ह बाबू ये वाला नहीं वो वाला ” . I kept sucking her till her black nipples were hard, I let her go and quickly gulped the glass of milk and approached her again, I laid her down and peeled off her panty, I lay beside her and started to kiss her body, she squirmed with pleasure as I pushed her buttons, she groped my flaccid cock and immaturely stroked it ” क्या हुआ बाबू अभी तक तना नहीं? ” , I ran my finger between her wet slit ” कहीं जाना है तुझे? आराम से करेंगे क्या जल्दी है? ” , I kissed her juicy lips and she responded fully, I located her hole and inserted my index finger into her, she sighed and held my hand as I fingered her slowly, we played with each other for a while, her pussy was dripping wet, we were wildly kissing each other and she got me on top and rubbed my cock head to her prominent clit, she held my cock head to her leaking hole ” हहहहहह सससस बाबू अब डालो ” I held her tit and circled her nipple with my tongue ” नहीं पूनम अभी नहीं, थोड़ी देर और ” ., She had switched off the lights, I reached out for my penis extender and quietly slipped it on, I applied lube to her pussy and massaged her, got between her legs and kissed her soaked pussy and placed the top on her pussy and pushed into her slowly as the thick top forced its way into her, she gasped out loudly ” अह्ह्ह बाबू अजीब लग रहा है ” . She tried to touch, I held her arms above her head ” क्या अजीब है? ” I kissed her hard and pushed deeper, she sighed loudly ” बहुत मोटा लग रहा है अह्ह्ह ” , I held her hands and tried to force into her but she cried out ” अहह बाबू रुको, क्या हो रहा है, इतना मोटा क्यों लग रहा है? ” , I pulled out and pushed into her again, she cried out loudly ” आई मा, बाबू दर्द हो रहा है, रुक जाओ अह्ह्ह सससस ” , she couldn’t handle it, I pulled out and lay by her side and put her hand on my cock, she felt the girth and sat up startled ” बाबू ये क्या हो गया, इतना मोटा?? ” . I laughed ” लाइट जला के देख, तेरे लिए कुछ नया है ” , she quickly switched on the lights and yelped on seeing it ” हऐ मइय्या ये क्या है बाबू? ” She sat by my side and held my cock and felt the veins and knobs on the shaft totally amused ” बाबू ये तो बिलकुल असली खाल जैसा है ” . She was nervous ” बाबू ये तो और मोटा और लम्बा हो गया!! ” I laid her down and lubed my cock ” कुछ नहीं होगा ” , I got on top of her and she positioned my cock to her pussy, and I pushed into her, she held my cock tight as I forced into her, she gasped and moaned ” अह्ह्ह आ बाबू!!!! ससससस ” , she gasped loudly ” अह्ह्ह माँ, बाबू रुक रुक के डालो!! ” , Her face was all red, I kissed her shivering lips and gradually worked her pussy, slowly she started to loosen up and reciprocated to my thrusts ” हम्म्म अह्ह्ह उह्ह्ह बाबू अह्ह्ह हहहह ” , soon I was going in and out smoothly, she squirmed with pleasure ” ओह्ह्ह बाबू अह्ह्ह बहुत अच्छा लग रहा है अन्दर तक लग रहा है ह्म्म्मम्म ” , slowly I increased my pace, she squirmed at each stroke as my cock ravaged her pussy, she hissed and moaned and gasped each time I tried to penetrate her fully, I fucked her for a good 5 minutes before she stopped me ” बाबू थोड़ी देर रुक जाओ, मुझे जल्दी नहीं करना ” , I pulled out and lay beside her, she put her arms around me ” बाबू! गरम गरम लग रहा है नीचे, अब इसे उतार लो ” I caressed her body ” क्यों अच्छा नहीं लग रहा? ” , She climbed on top of me and rubbed her wetness on my belly ” मुझे आप बिना कुछ लगाए अच्छे लगते हो ” she leaned on me and smothered me with her tits, I gently bit her nipples and squeezed her butts, she got my shaft between her slit and moaned loudly as she rubbed herself on the knobs, she tried to take the extender off ” बिना इसके करो! अहह हहह ” , I took it off and in and instance she was under me and my swollen cock head rested on her pussy hole, she looked me in the eyes ” बाबू डालो ना! ” , In one push my cock gilded smoothly into her pussy, we both moaned loudly as we met each other and I started pounding her, she was loud and ecstatic clawing and biting ” अह्ह्ह हहहह आ हम्म्म बाबू मैं झड़ने वाली हूँ ससस आह्ह्ह्ह हहहहह ” , she started trembling as an orgasm hit her body moaning and gasping loudly, she squirmed under me as I kept fucking her deep, there was a knock on the door and before we could realize, Raani was standing in front of us ” और कितनी देर लगेगी, 11 बज रहे है, मुझे भी सोना है ” she came and lay on the empty side of the bed, Poonam started to shy away ” बाबू जल्दी करो मुझे जाने दो ” , I pinned her down and drove deep into her ” अरि रुक जा! ” , The bed shook as I pounded her hard trying to get off, I sucked her tits and fucked her pussy, soon I was going to discharge I pulled out and handed her my cock she stroked me off and I came all over her belly, she drained me and I collapsed on the bed ” यहीं सो जा हमारे साथ! ” , But she declined the offer ” नहीं बाबू, कोई देख न ले ” , she quietly put on her nighty and left, I quickly washed myself and went to sleep beside Raani..

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