Across the Way – New Sex Story

It was a warm summers evening; the breeze was gentle. Brinda’s windows were open, but her lights were out. Enabling her to look out and not allow anyone to look in. Her neighbor across the way was working out as usual. Lifting weights, doing squats, jumping jacks and deep knee bends. He is a nice-looking guy and Brinda enjoyed watching him get all sweaty.

One evening Brinda ready herself to watch her neighbor work out. She had finally decided to masturbate while she watched. She had wanted to do this for a while, but, always chickened out. She had on a sheer, silk slip that hit her mid-thigh. Her kitty kat moistened at the thought.

A few moments passed and the lights to his place were still out. This was strange, he was very punctual and deeply religious about his wok out. Fifteen minutes passed and still no neighbor. Brinda became a little irritated, she finally worked up the nerve to forefeel a fantasy and no neighbor.

The mood had past, and Brinda got dressed. She starts doing little things around the house. When she looks over and still no lights. Brinda became concern and her nosey nature got the best of her. She finds herself walking out of her apartment going to see what she could find out.

Brinda didn’t know what was coming over her. Going over a strange neighbor’s apartment. It was like she was not in control of her own body. As she neared what she thought was his door, she found it opened and the lights still off. She knew she shouldn’t go in. But, she told her self she only wanted a peak.

The door cracked as she pushed it further open. Brinda whispered, “hello”, as she peered through the darkness. The only light was from the opened door. She didn’t see or hear anyone while scanning the room. She could make out a light switch on the wall, so, she went for it.

The apartment seemed less spooky with the lights on. It was his apartment, she could tell. All the weights and work out equipment. He had a lot of athletic gear. His apartment had an aroma of sweat. The smell began to arousal Brinda along with the idea of doing something like this. She has never entered a strange man’s apartment before.

Her heart raced as she crept through the apartment. Touching his things, imagining him being there. Working out, getting all sweaty, the thoughts were turning Brinda on. Her pussy was becoming very wet as she found herself lying across his bed. Breathing in his scent her hand found it’s way to her wet mound.

She caressed the outside of her jeans giving her self-pleasure as she thought her thoughts. But, her twat demanded more and her hand slipped inside her pants. The sensation was better…. her clit jumped…feeling the tips of her fingers glide over it. Her panties were wet with her sweet juice. Her other hand found her erect nipple, adding more pleasure to her aroused body.

Brinda couldn’t take it any longer. She through caution to the wind. She let down long black silken hair. She took off her top and restrictive bra to expose her thirty-six-double d’s. Her tummy flat, she then revealed her shapely hips as her jeans slid off.

There Brinda was…. laying on a strange mans bed in her white lacy boy short panties. One hand stroking and lightly pinching her nipple. The other inside her lacy panties. She didn’t even hear the door unlock and open.

Jamal was shaking his head and talking to himself as he shut and locked the door. Damm….I always do that when I rush out in the morning. Leaven the dang door open, he told himself. But, he was sure he turned off his lights … looking around the room.

Jamal froze when he looked into his bedroom, he could hardly believe his eyes. His cock just reacted while his mind tried to figure out. What he was seeing…. was this real or not. There was a strange woman in his bedroom. Whatever she was doing she looked to be really enjoying herself as he drew closer.

Brinda was playing with her clit, while fingering her hot hole. The pleasure ran through her body as she saw her neighbor working out. In her mind’s eye she stripped him down to his jock strap. While she pumped a second finger in and out of her very wet pussy. Brinda was nearing orgasm as the pleasure began to overcome her. Her hips lifted off the bed to meet her probing fingers……

Jamal could tell she was almost where she wanted to be. His dick was throbbing as he watched this hot, sexy woman finger fuck herself to an wet looking orgasm. He could see how wet she was and how intense her pleasure was. He had to pull his tool out, he jacked his cock in time with her pumping.

Brinda sank her fingers deep into her hungry cunt while pushing her hips up to the ceiling. Her pussy exploded and with an low sensual moan. Her pussy quivered around her fingers as the orgasm flowed through her entire body. She panted as the ecstasy subsided and her fingers slipped out of her juicy pussy.

Jamal was long and hard…. his cock throbbed and danced in the air. He didn’t care whom she was. He wanted to sink his throbbing meat into her wetness. He wanted to suck and encircle her nipples with his tongue as he approached the bed.

Brinda slowly opened her eyes and saw a figure moving towards her. As it came into focus, she could see it was her neighbor. She smiled as she caught view of his massive cock. Her juices began to flow all over again.

Jamal seen the smile on her face and knew he was about to get wet. His nuts became even tighter in anticipation of the pleasure he was about to get into. His clothes flew off forming a pile at his feet. His heart pounded, nothing like this had ever happened to him before.

Brinda slowly spread her thighs. Her two middle fingers lingered over her swollen clit. Moving over it in a pleasing manner. Soft, low moans crossed her lips as he positioned himself to enter her.

Jamal’s breathe shortened as his throbbing dick grew closer to her wet pussy lips. He couldn’t take his eyes off her erect nipples. They seem to be begging for his touch. Just as his dick was about touch her moist pussy lips… it jumped. The tip of his cock grazed her clit and Brinda shuttered.

She had to feel him as she reached for his hard tool. She felt it and guided it to her hungry pussy. He felt hard as a piece of steel. Yet smooth and thick. She estimated he was about ten inches long. This really turned Brinda on.

Her pussy quivered as she felt him lean forward to push his cock into her depths. She felt her pussy lips part while he began to enter her. The pleasure was good as he filled her opening.

Jamal enjoyed the plush touch of her wet opening. She was firm and tight. Yet, soft and silky as he inched his way into her wet love canal. He watched as her eyes closed and the pleasure enveloped her. He could feel his cock jumping in her tight pussy. The feeling was sweet.

Brinda’s eyes closed and the pleasure took her by storm. She felt herself become aqueous and she loved it. She felt his dick pulsating against her sugary walls. Driving her towards rapture. She noticed her thighs parting more to allow him deeper access.

Jamal sank deeper into her hot, soaked and sucking pussy. His nuts began to feel the heat while her vagina opened to him. Taking all ten inches of him deep into her twat. He marveled at the depth and wetness of her pussy. The feeling was immense, and he could hardly contain himself.

Brinda locked her legs behind his thighs as she gripped his cock with her pussy muscles. A moan rushed from him. He thrust forward…. jamming his huge prick all up in her. She gasped from his sudden movement as the sensation overwhelmed her.

Jamal couldn’t help, but, jam his dick deep into her pussy. The sheer pleasure of her gripping cunt drove him to the edge. He had to catch himself or he would of nutted all in her pussy. After a few deep breathes……

He regained control and his hips went into action. In and out…. in and out pumped his long cock. In and out… in and out as he throbbed. Touching depths in her that had never been touched before.

Her moans became deeper and more lustful. Almost animal like. Jamal couldn’t help, but, become even more excited by her sounds. He found himself grinding his dick deep…. into her soaked pussy with every thrust.

The pounding and grinding was driving Brinda closer and closer to orgasm. She opened her thighs as wide as she could. She stroked his back and squeezed his ass. Anything to encourage him to keep fucking her. As she relished in the pleasure.

Jamal’s moans became muffled as he took one of her erected nipples in his mouth. She squealed as he lightly bit down on her nipple. Yesssssssssss….. use me, she hissed. Her pussy was making wet sounds as he fucked her. He grabbed and pulled one of her legs onto his shoulder.

Again, she hissed, yessss…… yesssssss…… make this pussy yours. Use it….. fuck it and bit my nipples. Yessss….. use me. For snooping around your place, she told him.

Hearing those words Jamal plunged deeper and faster into her cunt. The wet noises became louder and quicker. Giving Brinda what she was begging for.

He fumbles for a second or two while he put her other leg on his shoulder. He sank even further into her tight, wet vagina. Brinda gasped; no man had ever been so immersed in her pussy before.

Jamal let the nipple fall from his mouth, so he could moan aloud. He was fighting off another climax, he just didn’t want to cumm in her good pussy just yet.

Once he felt his cumm flow back into his nut sack. He began to pound Brinda’s pussy again. He was fucking her so hard her nipples swayed from the thrust. She panted as if she was losing her mind. Every few breathes all she could say was fucccccccccck…… fuccccck……… fuck me.

The pleasure built and built as the pounding and the wet sounds continued to ring out. As she reached her peak, Brinda squeezed his dick with her pussy. Jamal couldn’t hold back any longer, but, before he blew.

He fucked her pussy the hardest and the fastest he could. Slamming her deep and long. Gruntting and sweating all over her. Letting his dick throb deep in her cunt with every thrust. The pounding and the throbbing ran to the tip of her clit and exploded. Sending her into ecstasy as she yelled out, Yes….. YEEEEEESSSSSSSS………

Her pussy became like a vice and clamped down around his prick. He growled like a wild beast. His cock shot it’s man juice deep into her sweet pussy. Shot after shot pumped in her as his nut sack was milked by her sucking pussy. Until white pearl jam seeped out the sides.

Panting and gasping for air, Jamal collapsed. Cock still hard and sticking up in the air. Brinda still totally turn on jump on his dick and began sucking. Getting the last few drops of his hot semen. The mixture of her nectar and his sperm danced on her tongue.

Brinda’s pussy was still throbbing, her fire was smoldering from the good fucking. But, it was not out, in fact it, the flames returned. She hadn’t been fucked like that ever and she wanted more……

She sucked his cock like it was gold and with every suck his prick jumped in her mouth. The tip of her clit thumped and as her passion grew. Her hunger was building all over again.

This just added to the intense sucking she was giving him. The moans and groans she heard were like fuel to a fire. Brinda never felt a penis down her throat as she gagged, some. The noises she made were slurp mmmmm, slurp and gag, when she got a sample of his pre-cumm she backed off. She had to have him cumm in her hot twat.

Jamal did all he could to hold back his man juice. His hands study the back of Brinda’s head, as her head went up and down in his lap. This woman can suck a goooooooooood…. dick, he thought. He never heard himself grunt and moan the way he was sounding.

Her suction was amazing, and the back of her throat was like velvet. Even when she gagged the feeling was good. Who would of thought Brinda was such a hot mouth? Jamal was so relieved when she backed off his cock. He also wanted to cumm deep in Brand’s hungry pussy.

Brinda got into position to straddle Jamal’s throbbing penis. She couldn’t take her eyes off his wonderful dick. Her thighs opened wide as her pussy dripped, sweet nectar onto his penis head. With every drop his cock jumped.

They fell silent while her twat grew closer and close to his awaiting cock. Her pussy lips parted with ease and both of them moaned. Jamal didn’t move as she slowly. Lowered her self-down onto his thick, long dick.

They both squealed when her pussy engulfed the head of his cock. He could feel her pussy muscles quiver around his dick head. It took all he had, not to jam his prick deep in her. Inch by inch she slid down his pole.

Her pussy was being filled with thick, long dick. The walls of her vagina were being throbbed against. This was driving Brinda to a sweet orgasm. Her clit was being sucked in because of his wide penis.

From the first touched of his hard cock her body shuttered. Her nipples thumped and her juices flowed. She was inches from having him totally in her. She knew once Jamal felt her soft ass on his balls. He was going to drive his cock in and out of her like crazy.

So, she paused for a moment or two. Milking his cock and enjoying the moans that left his lips. This really made her hotter and her pussy responded to it. Massaging his hard cock and coating it with her hot juices.

The pleasure ran all through her body. From her nipples to the tip of her clit. She was enjoying this fucking like no other. She had another mini-climax and slid all the way down onto his dick.

Just as she thought…. as soon as Jamal felt her sweet ass on his nuts. He grabbed her hips and drove his cock even deeper into her cunt. She gasped for air as the pleasure ran back to her nipples and exploded.

Her heart raced as Jamal’s cock pounded her tight womb. She just flexed her pussy muscles when she wanted to hear him moan. His dick stroked her sugar walls with a force and depth she had never experienced.

Brinda felt wild, nasty, hot and erotic all at once. Her clit was being caressed by his long, hard shaft. It was driving her wild. As she held the back of his head and neck. Her mouth was right next to his ear. Her hot moans added to Jamal’s pleasure.

Brinda rotated her hips and Jamal double bucked in her hot, wet hole. Double pumping drove Brinda even close to orgasm. He then latched onto her swaying nipple, which sent shock waves of pleasure to the tip of her throbbing clit.

When she caught her breathe, she pushed his shoulders back down onto the bed. She then began to rotate around on his prick. The sensation overwhelmed them both. Jamal growled like a lion in heat and Brinda hit notes that could shatter glass.

Slowly she turned… her tight pussy giving just enough to allow the turn. Her juices ran all over Jamal’s throbbing penis. Never… never…. has a women done this to me before, Jamal panted. This is my first time doing it, Brinda panted back.

When she was in the reverse cowgirl position, Jamal grabbed her hips again. He began slamming his prick back deep into her soaked cunt again. This time with such force it lifted her. Slaps of his pelvis against her soft ass rung out.

A wild, crazy thought enter in his mind. He had never done anything like what his brain was telling him to do. As Jamal looked at her very wet asshole while he fucked her pussy hard. He did know why he did it, but, without warning. He jammed his large thumb up her ass.

Brinda almost passed out from the pleasure. Her pussy explode and her ass puckered around his thumb. She had never felt ecstasy like this before. She thought the room was spinning as the feeling engulfed her mind, body and soul. What… what.. aaaaaaaaa fuccccccccccccccccck, she screeched.

Jamal rammed his cock all the in at the same time. Brinda’s pussy clamped down on his dick as she exploded. The vice like pleasure was off the scale. This cause his balls to erupt and his man juice ran for her pussy. As his pearl jamm traveled into her hot hole.

Her pussy began to milk his cock. He jettisons ounce after ounce of cumm into her sucking pussy. Driving him crazy with lust and desire. His lap became wet as the cumm spill from the sides of her phat pussy lips. His nuts were so full he kept pumping man juice into her cumm filled twat.

Brinda couldn’t stop climaxing her lips even quivered as her body lost itself in rapture. She eased her body up and down slowly on his throbbing pole. She loved the way his cock pushed against the walls of her pussy. Adding to the intense pleasure.

The keen pleasure subsided….. they found them self in familiar territory. Panting, sweating and needing rest. Although they wanted to continue fucking and exploring one another. They just didn’t have the energy. They agreed to meet like this at least once a week. Drifting off to sleep in each other’s arms.

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