After The Election – Part 1

It was ten years since the unrest in England had started due to a complete collapse of the banking system, years of poverty followed two different governments could not sort the mess out, during a third election an eighteen year old girl Mandy stood for election and to everyone’s surprise she won by a very large margin which shocked many people, in her victory speech her boyfriend Tony stood beside her, Mandy told the nation via live TV that the male population were to blame for the state of the country and could not be trusted and that it was up to women to put it right and that from now on men were the toys of the females, men were to obey women who could order them to do anything at all, she then turned to Tony and said to him ” Strip naked ” Tony laughed and stood still, Mandy hit him saying I gave you an order now strip then grabbed his shirt and ripped it off him, she then looked at her all female helpers and said help him, as the girls moved in on Tony the TV cameras zoomed in, the girls started ripping Tony’s clothes off him and soon Tony’s naked body was being beamed round the country, Mandy then said to the TV cameras ” girls do what you want to those males, Sixteen year old Cindy was watching the broadcast with her best mate Pia a sixteen year old Bengali girl, Cindy looked at her boyfriend Steve and said to him ” get your cock out show it to Pia, Steve said ” fuck off ” two more of Cindy’s friends walked into the house and were soon holding Steve while Cindy stripped him naked Pia smiled at the sight of Steve’s six inch dick the first white one she had seen, in the shopping centre boys were running looking for safety a big cheer went up when Mrs Calne who owned the paper shop walked out with her sixteen year son Martin his hands tied behind his back and completely naked his seven inch dick swaying in front of him, other mums started stripping their sons while girls stripped their boyfriends ten year old Sara was stood in a shop looking at two sixteen year old boys who was naked, Martin was walking round with a nine inch erection his best mate Tony was also naked with an erection, Steve was now sitting with an eight inch erection which Pia was stroking her nine year old sister smiling as she watched and when Steve squirted his cum the girls cheered, Sara’s classmate July who was the same age as Sara was jerking Tony’s dick and when he squirted cum those watching applauded and cheered, there loads of boys in the shopping centre all naked with full erections, Tony’s girlfriend Sharon looked at her sister Sally who was four years younger than Martin and said to her ” go on do it ” Sally moved forward and started to jerk Martin and when he squirted cum there was a big cheer go up. By the following afternoon a lot of men and boys had run escaping the clutches of the females, there were loads more who were not quick enough and were now naked being pareded around by females, Martin was being pulled around by Sally his hands still tied and a lead attached to his neck, lots of Sally’s friends and some of their mums had played with his dick, Martin was thinking we have five years of this but we will win the next election and have revenge.

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