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Hello Everyone, My name is Raj from Tamil Nadu this is my first story in this website. I have wrote many in other sites. Usually I leave my e-mail address with the story for comments some girls and aunties who loves the story will also message me in hangouts.

Yes, This stories is about how I fucked my reader. A girl named Karthiga messaged me after reading one of my story. Since we both need what we want we jump into the sex part directly. We talked about our sexual experiences and desire. We also had some roleplays like Neighborhood aunt and young boy, Professor and student even Husband and wife in wedding night. We masturbate together in phone call. Letter it converted into video sex where we had same kind of masturbation. We really started liking each other.

We planned to do in person. So we fixed a common place between ourselves which is Trichy. We booked a room in OYO. I went there at first and waited for her arrival. She came after an hour. Oh god she was such bliss. To mention about Karthiga she was 28 years old. Chubby white doll. Whose boobs are at correct shape and size where her ass steals everyone’s eyes. As I Requested she came there in saree which is yellow in colour where her boobs are craved to free them from her blouse. Her low hip style of saree and her ass made my dick hard immediately.

I let her in and locked the door. At very first moment I can’t resist hence I hugged her from the back. She turned towards me and we started kissing each other. I pushed her to myself and kissed her with my full mouth. I started squeezing her ass where I also pushed her to my dick. She got excited and started rubbing my dick.

To listen up I removed her saree. Wow she was such a beauty now her navel pulled my eyes. I kissed her navel. She kneel down and removed my pants and started playing with my dick. She started giving me a blowjob. Where I hold her hair. It was one wonderful. Nothing better then a girl giving you a deepthroat herself. She played with her tongue in my dick. She sucked it vigorously. I removed her blouse and started squeezing her boobs and back.

I put her in the bed and removed her panties. Now its my turn I pulled her to the edge of the bed and started inserting my tongue in her pussy. It was already so wet. I sucked it for long time and started inserting my fingers and squirted her for sometime. While squirting her with hands I put her boobs in other hand and squeezed her constantly.

She enjoyed it very much. She woke up and put a condom over my dick and gave me a blowjob again. This time clearly indicates she can’t resist and want to fuck right away. So I made her lay in the bed and Leaves my dick inside her pussy slowly. Though it was not that tight it gave me immense pleasure.

I started fucking her slowly. She moans to the every action I do. I hold her hip in my hands and started and started sucking her hard. While I sucked her boobs too. I can’t even control myself. I keep on increasing my speed. She pulled my hair and moaned very loudly. We increased the TV volume to make sure the sound won’t reach out.

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We changed ourselves to the another position where I layed down and she was on my top and started riding me. This time it increases my hornyness to the whole new level and we enjoyed every fucking moment. I said I felt like cuming. He made me stand and she kneeldown and she wants my cum in her mouth. Within a minute I came inside her mouth.

Her mouth was filled with my cum. Usually I was never been with a girl who loves to take cum in mouth but she was unique. She take all in her mouth and split herself some in her boobs and rubbed it over.

We layed in bed naked and Started watching TV. TV and spending time together after having wonderful sex in one good combination. At first I went to bath since it time to leave back to home. I was bathing and suddenly I had a thought earlier we had a roleplay of doing it in shower. So I asked her out will she joint with me in shower.

She hesitated for a moment since her longer time to get rid of water. After a moment she came straight away into the bathroom. I turned on the shower. She came and gave me a hug and started kissing each other in shower. I pushed her towards the wall and started fucking her. Thank God I had an extra condom with myself. I hold her boobs from back and put my duck inside her pussy.

We fucking for sometime in the shower later I kneel down to her pussy to give her the same pleasure which she gave me. I sucked her pussy. I leave my tongue inside her and sucked it completely. She holds my hair and moved her body to all my auctions. She was such a bitch. We fucked for sometime in running shower. This time I came inside her pussy anyways inside the condom which is inside her pussy.

We cleaned ourselves and had a bath together and we both dressed up and waited for sometime to her gets dry. We had a lunch together while waiting. It was one of the best experience of my life. She was such a nice girl. We end up having lot of sex after that. Anyways we got separated after some months.

I will write about how we had first time anal in my next story. Kindly send me your comments about this story to [email protected] this email id via hangouts or email.

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