Being Looked After 2 – New Sex Story

The bus pulled up at the bus stop in the small country village Tom who was fifty years of age got off the bus which left soon after he got off, Tom started walking towards the farm on the outsirts of the village where he was going to be living, as he walked he saw people give him filthy looks a few stuck two fingers up at him, Tom was not bothered by this he was happy to be free, this was his first day of freedom after spending twenty years in prison for a sex offence, Tom had been caught by the police who were investigating organised crime, as he walked to the farm Tom saw a couple of people who had been involved in the crimes but had managed to avoid capture. As Tom walked down the small deserted lane a youth on a bike stopped and said to ” Tom my dad was a mate of yours before you went to prison ” and named his dad, Tom knew who the lads dad was and learnt the boy was Steve a sixteen year old boy, Tom was surprised when Steve said ” I got a seven inch cock nine inches when hard if you want to see it just ask ” then added ” dad said to look after you ” Tom thought it might be a trap and said nothing just walked on to the farm. At the farm Tom saw another of his old mates who owned the farm, over a cup of tea his mate told him that he was going to be well looked after, then showed Tom to his room before leaving to go on holiday with his wife, not long after they had gone a girl walked in said to Tom ” my mum and dad said you would be arriving today ” then introduced herself as Tina telling Tom she was sixteen at the same time, Tom had noticed that Tina was quite busty, Tina left the room started to make a pot tea after a couple of minutes Tom nearly dropped the tea pot when Tina walked back into the kitchen naked, Tom looked at Tina’s love Tube and big boobs, Tina raised one leg onto a chair, Tom looked at her now open love tube and smiled when Tina said ” we are going to look after you ” Tom could hardly believe his eyes, Tina then said ” here is my boyfriend ” Tom looked out of the window and saw Steve, when Steve entered the house he looked at Tom and said ” I told you we would look after you ” Tina pulled the front of Steve’s joggers back letting his seven inch dick fall free, Tom smiled and watched as Tina and Steve walked out of the room, after getting his cup of tea Tom walked into the lounge and saw Steve was naked snogging with Tina, Tome thought he was not kidding when he saw Steve’s nine inch erection, Tina said ” come on in we are just going to fuck if you want to watch, Tom walk in and sat down and watched in awe as Steve thrust in and out of Tina’s love tube listening to Tina as she groaned, when Steve pulled his dick out of Tina’s love tube and squirted his cum over Tina Tom thought nice, later as Tom walked down the lane after getting a bit of shopping a girl passed him on a bike as she did Tom saw part of her bum showing over her jeans and smiled, when he got back to the farm, Tom saw the bike the girl had been riding laying on the ground when he went inside Tina said Steve’s younger sister Amy is in other room, Tom went into the lounge and saw the girl who had been on the bike sitting naked her legs apart, Tina walked in and said ” that is Amy ” Tom looked at Amy’s developing boobs and smooth love and smiled and when Amy said ” you want to fuck me ” Tom nearly fainted but five minutes later was thrusting in and out of Amy’s love tube as she groaned in pleasure, the next day in the village Tom was in the post office when a woman told Tom her daughter was only twelve and to stay away from her or she would kill him, Tom later found out the girl was Amy’s classmate and the village copper’s daughter, Tom thought will stay away. When he got back to the farm Tom saw Tina sitting naked her nipples fully erect, Tina smiled and parted her legs after a few minutes Tom was thrusting in and out of her love tube as he did Amy walked in with the coppers daughter both girls went straight upstairs, after twenty minutes Tina had climaxed twice and was saying no more, Tome left Tina and went upstairs outside his room Tom saw two sets of girls clothes folded up and went in his room to see Amy stood naked by his bed and the coppers daughter under the duvet with her bare shoulders and legs showing she said ignore my mum, Tom thought staying here is certainly going to be great fun fucking great fun.

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