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Emma was in a real bad mood she had bunked off school to meet her boyfriend for a sex filled afternoon but her boyfriend had not shown up, the sixteen year old girl was now sat in the derelict building cussing and cursing, Emma had taken her panties and bra off ready for her boyfriend Steve and was now wearing just her school blouse and skirt, Emma was a well known trouble maker that not many people messed with. Pow was an Indian girl who was two years younger than what Emma was she had been given the nickname of pow by her dad because she often said pow, pow hated school because she was often bullied by the racists who attended the same school as she did, like Emma was doing pow was bunking off school and was in the same derelict building as Emma was in, Emma saw pow and started to vent her anger on the girl by calling her racist names and throwing stones at her most of which missed by a long way, after a couple of minutes Emma climbed down off the ledge she was sitting on and went to pow slapping her when she got there, then to the surprise of Emma pow kicked her in the shins and punched her in the face knocking her to the ground where she lay slightly dazed, pow sat astride Emma’s stomach started to deliver slaps to Emma’s face stopping after a few minutes, pow then started to undo Emma’s blouse, Emma was to dazed to realise what was happening to her, pow undid Emma’s blouse completely and pulled it open smiling when she saw the thug girls naked boobs, Emma was now nearly recovered and felt Pow’s hands as they started to massage her naked ample boobs, Emma yelled ” you fucking lesbi get off ” pow just smiled and said ” I am not a lesbi I am bi sexual bitch ” then after slapping Emma carried on rubbing her boobs then started to gently squeeze Emma’s nipples, Emma started to issue threats but when pow slapped her a few times Emma stopped and kept quite, pow moved further up Emma’s body turned and pulled Emma’s tight skirt right up, when pow saw Emma’s bare love tube she said ” oh yes a white girl’s cunt ” and started to rub Emma’s love tube, Emma just lay still not believing what was happening to her or that it was starting to feel good, after a minute pow looked over her shoulder and saw that Emma’s nipples were now erect, pow turned back bent forward and started to lick and suck Emma’s nipples and could soon hear Emma breathing heavy, pow sat up straight and saw that Emma had very erect nipples, pow turned back and inserted three fingers into Emma’s love tube smiling when she discovered that it was wet, pow started pushing her fingers in and out of Emma’s love tube, Emma lay there hardly believing how good things were feeling and how much she was enjoying it and was soon groaning, pow was pushing her fingers into Emma’s love tube as hard and deep as she good and after a few minutes smiled when she felt Emma gush and moan deeply. Pow carried on pushing her fingers in and out of Emma’s love tube and after fifteen minutes felt Emma cum a second time but still carried on pushing her fingers in and out of Emma’s love tube making her cum three more times before she stood up and looked down at Emma noticing her eyes were very glazed, pow smiled and walked away, as pow walked away she saw Emma’s sister Amy who was two years younger than her, Amy looked at pow and said ” I saw what you did to my sister ” pow saw the piece of wood that Amy had in her hand, when Amy raised the wood pow dived at her knocking her to the ground, pow did not hesitate and pushed Amy’s tee shirt right up exposing her naked developing boobs which she started to rub, Amy was yelling ” get off me you fucking dirty lesbian ” pow was kneeling on Amy’s hands preventing her from moving them, pow bent forward and started licking Amy’s nipples which soon became erect, after a minute pow slid her hand between Amy’s legs and started rubbing as she did pow was thinking pity she is wearing jeans, then carried on licking and sucking Amy’s nipples, then after a minute turned and undid Amy’s jeans and pushed them down as she did she saw that Amy had no panties on and smiled, then started to rub Amy’s love tube which she found was wet, after a couple of minutes pow stopped rubbing Amy’s love tube bent forward and started licking Amy’s love tube as she did she could hear Amy softly moaning, pow pushed her tounge inside Amy’s love tube pushing in in far as she did Amy groaned loudly, after five minutes of wriggling her tounge around inside Amy’s love tube pow felt her shake slightly then heard her groan loudly as she climaxed, after sitting up pow wiped her face then slid two fingers inside Amy’s love tube and started pushing them in and out and after twenty minutes had felt Amy cum twice more, pow stood up looked over at Emma who was now dressed smiled and walked away smiling thinking that was better than school. Pow then saw Steve stood smiling and realised that he had seen the whole thing, pow saw that Steve had a bulge in his joggers and realised that Steve had an erection and must have enjoyed what he had seen, Pow walked over to Steve and felt the bulge in his joggers, Steve started to rub Pow’s boobs saying my turn as he did, then lowered pow to the floor and pushed her skirt right up round her hips and pulled her panties down then after rubbing her love tube Steve lowered his joggers, pow saw Steve’s nine inch erection spring into view and when Steve slid it right up her love tube pow moaned in deep pleasure and as Steve thrust in and out of her love tube pow groaned then after five minutes let out a deep groan as she climaxed not long after Steve pulled his dick from Pow’s love tube and squirted his cum in four spurts. When pow got home she stood under a hot shower thinking of the days events thinking done two white girls and fucked by a white boy what a day. A few days later Pow was on her own in her dads shop it was late and pow was just locking up when Emma and Steve walked in, pow carried on pulling the shutters down and after pulling the door shutter partly down went back into the shop where she saw Steve at the end of the shelves and when she walked down her eyes went wide when she saw Emma stood naked her nipples very erect, pow went to Emma and squeezed her nipples, Steve pushed pow back then lay Emma on the floor and after lowering his joggers letting his erection spring out Steve knelt between Emma’s legs and slid his dick right into Emma’s love tube and started thrusting in and out while pow stood watching, pow knelt down and started to rub Emma’s boobs after ten minutes Emma groaned loudly as she climaxed not long after Steve was squirting his cum over the floor, pow stood up and watched Emma as she dressed, pow unlocked the door letting Steve and Emma out, before pow could lock the door Amy pushed in saying I want a word, pow locked the door turned and faced Amy then before Amy could speak pow told her to strip naked and was surprised when Amy said ” ok but you strip as well I want to know what it is like to do a girl ” then started to undress, soon both girls were naked with Amy licking Pow’s nipples and rubbing her love tube, an hour later both girls were laying on the floor having climaxed twice each. Amy left the shop and started to walk home thinking being a lesbian is cool, she did not see her sister waiting in the shadows or enter the shop on her own.

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