Bengali Take Over Part 1

Tension in the small English town were running very high, many people were saying the question is not if there is going to be a riot but when will the riot happen. The local police also knew there was a high chance of a riot and had been working hard to try and prevent unrest or to reduce the impact of a riot, many of the local shop keepers had boarded up their windows some shop keepers did not open, the fire brigade, ambulance service and hospital had extra staff on stand by and were hoping that they would not be needed, late Saturday afternoon sixteen year old Steve was stopped from entering a shop, Steve was the leader of a racist gang that were known for their violence and racist behaviour, Steve started shouting at Mr Guha the Bengali owner of the shop then pushed him back into the shop then walked into the shop spitting at Mr Guha as he did, once inside the shop Steve got a shock there were about twenty Bengali youths in the shop who very quickly overpowered Steve holding him tight Mr Guha walked up to Steve and spat in his face then said ” strip the cunt naked ” Steve could do nothing as the youths started to tear at his clothes and after a few minutes he was totally naked, Steve then saw the four Bengali girls looking at him and smiling, Mr Guha said ” cellar ” Steve was dragged down into the cellar where he was tied to a overhead beam so that his feet was just touching the ground, the Bengali youths left the cellar, not long after sixteen year old Anjana walked in looked at Steve and said ” wow you got a big cock ” Steve did not say anything but listened when Anjana said ” we have been bringing our people in to town from all over we are going to take over this town and control it all of you white bastards are going to be our slaves and you will all be fucking naked ” Anjana gave Steve an injection and said ” that is a very strong form of liquid viagra all you boys will get fucking hard cocks for the use of us Bengali girls ” after a minute Steve felt his dick start to stiffen then after a minute he had a full nine inch erection, Anjana said ” very nice a white naked boy with a hard on ” Anjana called out ” Pia come here ” Steve saw Anjana’s cousin Pia walk in, Steve knew she was seven years younger than him, Pia stood looking at Steve’s dick then when Anjana said to Pia ” go on have fun ” Pia walked up to Steve and to his horror took hold of his dick and started to jerk him, Steve could do nothing to stop things from happening and after five minutes squirted cum in four spurts after which a smiling Pia stepped back, Anjana said ” well done you have just wanked off a white boy and made him shoot spunk there will be lots more ” Pia walked out of the cellar, Anjana then said our boys will be looking after your girls and will be giving them a good fucking we will be having fun ” then walked out of the room, Steve hung where he was knowing the white community had big problems.

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