Boat trip (The date) – New Sex Story

Carly stood walking to the counter pouring a glass of wine listening to her father talking to the other people on the other boat.

” Ok we met on a web site. We chatted for about a month and got to know each other. We talked about our different family relationships. Totally confidential using usernames. ”

” Whats yours? ” Scott said.

” Angelsex66. ” Carly said smiling.

” So ok. ” Scott replied.

” Anyway, we decided to meet and we got a coffee at a cafe and a light meal and talked about normal life. Then I knew the conversation was going to lead to other family stuff so I invited him onto the boat to talk seen I could see it from the cafe. ”

” So what happened, how did it lead to sex? ” Amy said.


The date. Two weeks earlier

” So much nicer here. ” Toby said as Carly closed the door. She took off her jacket putting it on the bench.

” Oh it is. So peaceful, quiet and a good spot for privacy. ” She said. ” Drink? ” She asked

” Yes please. Beer? ” He said

Carly pulled our two beers from the chiller fridge and opened them. She sat with him on the couch. Crossing her leg towards him.

She wore a sleeveless blue satin v neck buttoned blouse. A black loose pleated skirt, black stockings and high heels.

” So tell me Toby, how did it start between you and your mother? ” Carly asked.

” Yes I know, you told me about your family. Ok well after my dad left. She was quite lonely and like I was single and moved back home, I guess to give her some company. It was good for a year and then things changed. Its hard to explain. Its like…… ”

” You fell in love. ” Carly said.

” Well….? ”

” Its sort of how it happened with dad. I sort of saw him as more than my father. I started seeing him in a more sexual way. Not minding him seeing me in my underwear let alone naked. I suppose after having sex with brother, it just happened Dad and I connected and had sex. ” Carly said.

” Yeh, ” Toby said smiling. ” I mean we started cuddling up more on the couch. We started sort of acting like a couple. Walking around more scantally clad then becoming normal. Seeing mum in her underwear, then topless. I started walking around naked, then she did. It became normal, then we had sex and we thought afterwards it would change our relationship for the worse, but it hasn’t, its brought us closer as mother and son. ” Toby said sipping his beer.

” You share a room and bed? ” Carly asked.

” Yes we do. We still have our rooms incase family come to stay but when its us we live as sexual partners. I have a drawer in her room for underwear and stuff. ” He said.

” Me two. I share a room with mum and dad. My brothers left home so its just us. I have my own drawer as well. I love been able to have sex with dad in bed with mum there. She often wakes up with dad and I playing or fucking. Also I wake up and mum and dad are fucking. I either watch or join in. I will just get up and have a shower. ”

” You all sleep naked? ” Toby asked

” Yes. We do. I love dad seeing me naked. I love him playing with my body. ” Carly said.

” Me two, I love mum giving me a blowjob. ” Toby said.

” Yeh cool. Does she let you cum in her mouth.? ” Carly asked.

” Oh yes. ” Toby replied.

” Me to. I love to swallow dads and my brothers cum ” Carly said smiling at him.

He laughted.

” Whats funny? ” She asked.

” Sitting here talking onna date about our sex lives with our parents. ” Toby said.

” I know. Funny aye ” Carly said. ” Well tell you what. I love spending the night on the boat. Spent it with me tonight. Make love to me. ” She said leaning in kissing his lips.

” You want to? ” He said smiling.

” Yeh I do. Make love to me ” Carly said. ” I want you to ” she added putting her hand on his cheek. They kissed pecking lips. Their tongues eventually finding each others mouths.

He looked at her his hand on her waist. ” Cant wait for you to meet my mum. ” He said.

” Me either. ” Carly said smiling.

They kissed again his hand moving up to her bust cupping her bosom as he kissed her.

” She will like you. ” He said.

” So tell me, if I come to stay for a night where do you sleep? ” Carly asked.

” Mum and I have talked about it and she thinks it should a normal arrangement. My bed, my room. ” He said.

” Ok. ” Carly said. ” Same as my house. ” She said.

Carly leant back as Toby undid her blouse button by button slowly revealing her black bra. She opened it up and sat forward as he caressed her bra. She slid it off and Toby leant in kissing her cleavage softly.

” Oh babe yes. ” She moaned as he stroked her thigh.

He slid a hand up pulling her bra down revealing a nipple and sucked it. ” Oh nice tits. ” He said

He lifted her skirt feeling inside of her thigh.

” Get naked. ” She said. She stood up unclipping her bra taking it off as he took off his shirt. He leant back undoing his jeans sliding them off with his underwear his cock springing out.

” Wow. ” Carly said seeing his big cock as she slid her skirt down to the floor. Carly lowered her stockings and underwear as he slid his trousers off his feet. She stood naked in front if him and his eyes took in the look of her naked body. She straddled him on the seat.

” Your beautiful. ” He said caressing her breasts.

” Fuck me now. ” She said. He reached for his cock finding her hole. She moaned as she slid down his cock.

” Ohhh fuck. ” She said riding him. She leant back as he fondled her breasts leaning in sucking her nipples. She ride him faster feeling his hard cock in her.

For the next ten minutes they made love. After he cum inside Carly they lay on the bed naked together.

” That was great. ” She said smiling at him.

She lay at his side her leg across the top of his thighs. She stroked his chest.

” It was, wasn’t expecting sex. ” He said.

” No? ” She replied. ” I love sex. ” She said.

” So how many…..ummm..? ”

” ….men have I slept with. ” She said.

” Well yeh? ” He said ” Sorry I… ”

” Oh that’s ok. The answer including you is four. ”

” Four? ” He said.

” You sound surprised. ” She said. ” Look I lost my virginity with my husband at high school, then after we split, and him been my first, I have slept with my brother and father, and now you. ” Carly said. ” So what about you? ”

” Five including you. ” He said. ” I’ve had three long term relationships. Then there was is my mother and now you. ” He said.

” Nice. ” She said. ” So whats your favourite position? ” She said.

” Cowgirl. ” He said.

” So girl does the work aye. ” She said. ” So your mother spends a lot of time on top ha. ” Carly said.

” Yes, but her favourite is on her back. But legs up and feet behind her head and me on top. ” He said.

” Nice penetration. I like that. My favourite position is seated cowgirl on a seat or couch. ” She said.

” I noticed babe. ” He said laughting.

” My dad loves seated but reverse cowgirl, with mum licking my pussy and dads cock as I fuck him. ”

” Your bi? ” Toby said.

” Oh yes very bi, mum and I have sex as well. So is your mum…. ”

” Bi… Um I don’t know. Shes never said anything, or never seen her with other woman…. You know in that kind of way. ” Toby said.

” So do you give your mum oral sex? ”

” Yes she has a amazing body. ” He said smiling down at Carly kissing her head.

” Really? ” Carly replied smiling.

” Oh yes. ” Toby replied.

” You buy her gifts. Dad always buys me stuff. The lingerie I’m wearing tonight, jewelry, perfume. ” Carly said.

” It doesn’t make your mum jealous? ” Toby asked.

” No no shit no. In fact mum is always telling dad the things I like. ” Carly replied.

” So tell me, like us. Are we…. ”

” Together? ” Carly said smiling. ” Well if you don’t mind sharing me with my family in bed, then yes. You are my partner. ” Carly said.

” Same here, my mum and I are still lovers. ” He said.

” Cool. I really want you to meet my family. ” Carly said smiling.

” Yeh babe me to. They sound interesting. ” Toby said smiling at her.

” They would love to have you over for dinner and share you with them. ” Carly said smiling.

” Share me? ” Toby said.

” Yeh, my mum will want to fuck you, and probably my brothers pregnant fiance. ” Carly replied.

” Your father would let me have sex with your mother ” Toby asked.

” Oh shit yes. I mean my father treats me like his other wife. Pats my arse when I get home. Hugs me fondles me kisses my lips. ” Carly replied.

” I suppose, same as my mother and me really. We are like a married couple. ”

” Have you and your mother talked about fantasies? ” Carly asked.

” Umm yeh a bit. She has always wanted to have a threesome with two guys. ”

” Oh really. Well meet my family she can have three. ” Carly said rolling onto his stomach kissing his lips. He looked down at her breasts dangling over his chest

” Really three? ” He said.

” Yeh, you my father, my brother. ” Carly said. ” So what about you, whats your fantasies? ” Carly asked.

” I have always been curious about group sex, maybe being filmed, finding the right girl who doesn’t mind partner swapping. ” Toby said as Carly reached down feeling his hardened cock. She sat up looking down at him sliding his cock in her pussy.

” Oh baby yes. ” She moaned looking at him smiling. ” Fuck I love sex. ” She said slowly riding him.

” So what about boundaries, I mean other people. Seen we are having sex with other people where does that stop. ” He asked holding her hips.

” Well. ” She said. Anyone out of our circle of people we know each other are fucking. We need to talk and decide on the situation baby. ” She said smiling at him.

” Yes. ” He said

She leant forward riding him her hands on his chest feeling his hard erection in her pussy.

” Fuck your pussy feels good babe. ” He said

” Good. I love your cock babe. ” She said moaning.

They fucked again eventually Toby cum in her again.


” So that’s how it happened. ” Carly said smiling at Amy sitting with Scott.

” Wow. ” Brenda said. ” Sounds like you two are already quite involved. ”

” Oh we are. We click good fun, good conversation, good sex. ” I could not ask for anything more.

” So children? ” Amy replied

” Yes he wants kids. So we are going to wait a while before we go getting pregnant. ” She said.

” So hes ok with our family arrangement? ” Brenda asked.

” Oh yes. More than fine. He has to be. I’m fine with his as well. ” Carly replied.

” So when do we meet him? ” Amy asked.

” What, more like fuck him. ” Brenda whispered.

” Mum. ” Carly said.

” Yeh another member of our group. ” Amy said smiling at Brenda.

” Steady on girls. I don’t want to scare him away. ” Carly replied as the boat pulled away and Neil came inside.

” So what are we talking about? ” Neil said

” Carly’s new man ” Amy said.

” Oh yes. ” Neil said

” A new member of our group. ” Brenda said smiling at her husband.

” Yes really? ” Neil replied.

” Its ok dad. Hes got personal secrets as well. Hes in a relationship with his mother. ” Carly said.

” What sexual? ” Neil asked.

” Yes Dad. Its a long story. ” Carly said standing up kissing his lips.


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