Box of secrets. Carly and Scott’s sexual adventure

Join Carly and Scott on there sexual adventure together as brother and sister. Now lovers. Secret lovers. Carly 26 her brother 17.

His box of secrets no longer secret. Yes his mother knows about it. Yes Carly and her mother are secretly having sex. Yes Carly and Scott secretly having sex.

Her father unaware of his wife and the sibling relationships.

The spa pool where he lost his virginity with his sister.

Friday 3.16

Carly waited in the school carpark, where her mother used to wait for her as a teenager. She saw him with a group of friends. She noticed a girl rather close to him. Carly noticed she was flirting with him. She loved him in his school uniform. She said she had a surprise for him. It had been two weeks since Scott had seen his sister and mother. He decided to keep it quiet. He saw his sisters car and said goodbye to his mates and made his way over to her car

” Hi Carly. ” He said getting in.

” Hi bro. ” She replied as he closed the door.

” How was school? ” She asked starting the car and pulling to traffic off onto the road.

” Yeh great. ” He replied looking down over his sisters legs in her short black pencil skirt. Her red blouse tucked into it, her red heels on the floor at his feet.

” Good. ” She said smiling at him. They decided that they should act like brother and sister until they were well away from school. ” So who’s the girl rather close to you baby. ”

” What girl? ” He asked.

” The blonde you hugged about five minutes ago, she likes you, is she a girlfriend? ”

” You jealous? No shes a friend. ”

” Just a friend? ” Carly asked.

” Yes, just a friend. ”

” Got a surprise for you? ” Carly said smiling. A few raindrops sprinkled on the windshield.

Scott looked over at her putting his hand on his sisters knee, she glanced down then over at him. ” What ” he asked.

” It won’t be a surprise if I tell you then, will it? ” She said smiling at him.

” No sis it won’t, shit Carly I can’t believe I am going on a dirty weekend with my sister. ” He said sighing looking straight ahead his hand on her knee. She placed her hand on top of it interlocking her fingers with his.

” Your starting to feel more like a boyfriend than my brother babe. ” She said.

” Freaky man. ” He said.

” I don’t usually take my brother away to concerts. Its a good excuse to go away with you. No one suspects I’m taking you away for sex as well. ” She replied knowing her mother knew about what was going to take place this weekend.

” Cool. ” He said.

” So I have booked a two bedroom for us. We share a bed tonight, then tomorrow I’m meeting friends for drinks at the apartment, so we will have to make keep your stuff in your room and make your room look like its been slept in ok ” she said.

” Ok. ” He said.

” Its only tomorrow night, we will have Sunday night as well. ” She replied.

” Cool, actually it will be cool with your friends, them not knowing we are fucking. ” He said.

She looked at him. ” Erotic aye? ” She grinned at him sliding his hand up her thigh, his fingers touching her pussy.

” Your not wearing underwear? ”

She reached under the seat pulling out a black lacy pair of women’s boxer briefs dropping them in his lap. ” No, took them off after work. ” She said

” Fuck Carly. ” He said picking them up looking at then in one hand, his other hand rubbing her clit.

” I’m fuckin horny this weekend. ” She said.

” Me to ” he replied.

” This weekend will be a weekend you will not forget. ” She said.

” So shes just a friend aye. ” Carly asked again feeling her brothers fingers rub her pussy.

” Marie, yeh. ”

” You like her, does she have a boyfriend? ”

” Yes I do like her, and no she does not have a boyfriend. ” Scott replied.

Carl moaned opening her legs more his fingers working their way inside her wet labias.

” Oh fuck Scott yes. ” She moaned.

” So what about you, your not fucking anybody else? ” Scott asked smiling at his sister knowing her and their mother were fucking.

” No, what if I was are you jealous of the thought of your sister in bed with another man? ” She asked.

” No, just wondering if you have a secret guy stashed away. ” Scott asked.

” No trust me I don’t. Even if I did, which I don’t. I wouldn’t tell you anyway. No you are all I need for now Scott. ” She said. ” Uncomplicated sex with no pressure of commitment. ”

” Cool, so if you did find a guy, we would have to stop? ” He asked.

” We will eventually, but for now lets make the most of it aye? ” She said.

” Yeh, I think so. ” He replied rubbing his fingers over her vagina entrance. She moaned then laughted.

” Whats so funny? ” He asked.

” Just think, if I did meet someone and decided to re marry. The thought of knowing I had a sexual fling with my brother is so erotic. ”

” Your husband wouldn’t know? ”

” Shit no. He couldn’t find out. It would be our little secret. ” She said. ” You already know my body better than my ex husband.

” Do I? ” He asked

” Is it just because you are my brother, but for me its been the best sex yet. I am looking so forward to this weekend babe. ”

” Me to, so this surprise, I’m looking forward to it. ”

” Good me to. ”

After an hour and a half driving they reached the next city, they went had dinner and drove to the hotel

They reached the hotel. He sat in the car as Carly checked in. He watched his sisters arse as she walked in the hotel reception, knowing she was wearing no knickers, the short halfway down her thigh. He groped his cock as he fondled her underwear.

She returned 15 minutes later with the keycard and code for the underground carpark.

” Room 609 sixth floor. ” She said as she started the car. She found a park and she leant over kissing his lips. She groped his groin as she kissed him unzipping his trousers. She pulled his hard cock out and leant in sliding her mouth over his knob and down his shaft sucking him as she wanked him. He sat back moaning as she sucked him his hand on her head as she bobbed up and down his cock.

He looked around for people as he enjoyed his sisters blowjob. ” Fuck Carly. ” He said

She took his cock out licking his shaft then slid her mouth back down his shaft. He lurched and moaned feeling his cock throb.

” I need to cum. ” He said. She sucked faster, he eventually he exploded in his sisters mouth. She swallowed his cum and licked him clean. She looked up at him.

” Right clean yourself up and put your dick away and help with the bags. ” She said opening the door licking cum off her lips.

They stepped out of the car walking to the back of the car as she opened the boot. He groped her arse from behind. ” I want to fuck you over the bonnet. ” He said admiring her shaped arse in the tight skirt, the split up the back must be inches away from showing her pussy he thought.

It was so close, uncovered no knickers. Her slender toned legs, her feet in her high heels. His cock hard again. She pulled our two suitcases and a cooler bag.

” Whats in here? ” He asked lifting the cooler bag.

” Alcohol, we are going to get really drunk tonight, and have drunken sex. ” She said.

She closed the car boot and they made their way to the lift.

Five minutes later they were in the hotel room. They dumped their bags their rooms. She opened the balcony doors looking over the city, seeing the stadium the concert was been held. He walked behind her sliding his hands to her front interlocking his fingers on her waist kissing her neck through her long hair. His hard cock pressed against her arse through his trousers.

” Brother. ” She said holding his hands tilting her head as he kissed her smelling her perfume.

” Yes Sister. ” He said softly sliding his hands up her stomach over her bust. He could see the lacy red bra under her red silky blouse. Her red camisole. She turned around in his arms wrapping them around his neck.

” This is nice. You love my body don’t you? ”

” I do. ” He said squeezing her breasts over her bra. He felt his cock reharden. She reached behind groping his erection. She moaned as his hands groped her and rubbed her. He felt her hard nipples through her bra and blouse as he kissed her though her soft hair, he smelt her bodywash. He slid a hand down her arse pushing it under her skirt feeling her wet pussy lips.

” Oh yes babe. ” She said as he slid a finger in her pussy. He held her close as he fingered fucked her looking over the city on the balcony. They felt so naughty been siblings. Minutes later she orgasmed on his wet fingers in her pussy. She stood for a minute letting the orgasm pass. She turned around as he licked his fingers. She wrapped her arms around his neck he held her hips pulling her in to him as they kissed.

” Time for a drink. What do you want? ” She said

” What is there? ” He asked squeezing her buttocks.

” Beer, wine, cocktail? ”

” Cocktail? ” He said.

” Yes. ” She replied. ” I feel like….. ” She said running her finger down his chest to his groin. ” Sex on the beach. ”

” Really? ” He said.

” The cocktail. ” She said kissing him walking inside opening the cooler bag. She pulled out a bottle of vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry and orange juice and a bag of ice.

She filled two tall glasses with ice. She pulled out another jug and poured in vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice and cranberry juice mixing it up and pouring into the glasses. She cut a slice of orange and garnished it. She handed him a glass.

” My favourite cocktail, and actually my favourite place to have sex. On the beach ” she said smiling.

” Your a bad girl. ” He said sipping it.

” Oh baby you know it. ” She said walking out to the balcony. ” So you like sex on the beach? ” She asked sitting next to him.

” Never had sex on the beach. ” He said grinning.

” The cocktail. ” She said smiling she lifted her skirt up her thighs. Scott seeing a glimpse of her pussy. She smiled and pulled it back down.

” Fuckin tease. ” He said.

” Oh you fuckin love it. Your sister flirting with you.

” I do. So Carly when did you lose your virginity? ” Scott asked.

” Fifteen. ” She said. ” Fuck if dad found out. ” She said. ” Mum knows.

” With Ben? ” Scott asked.

” Yep, I gave him my virginity, thought he was my high school sweetheart, a true love story. We get married, have kids he’s the only guy I’d had till he cums in me and whispers his lovers name. Bastard. ” She said.

” Prick. ” Scott said.

” ‘Oh yes Kim’ he said as he cum. The rare times we orgasm together that special moment. Fuck. ” Carly said.

” So Adam? ” Scott asked.

” Adam, I don’t know. Don’t know why we are dating all he wants is to get my knickers off. ” Carly said.

” Like me? ” Scott said smiling.

” Ah Scott that’s different. ”

” How? ”

” Oh I don’t know. Siblings is different. ” She said. She stood. ” Stay there I will be back soon I have a surprise baby.

” So cool, I cant wait, sexy lingerie? ” Scott asked ”

” Wait and see. ” She replied smiling walking I side to her room closing the door. Scott sat his hand on his groin his cock hard, he couldn’t wait to see what she had for him.

10 Minutes past. He heard the bedroom door open, he turned to see her.

” Shit Carly. ” He said smiling at her.

” Surprise. ” She said.

” Oh fuck. ” He said standing.

” So what do you think? ” She asked doing a twirl.

” Oh wow, you look so sexy in that. ” He replied as she walked up to him putting the palm of her hand on his chest leaning up kissing his bottom lip.

” You think so baby. ” She said

” Oh yes, ” he replied.


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