Box of secrets (Family cums together Part 1)

Saturday 1 Month later.

” Oh yes shit Neil. ” Brenda moaned as her husband filled her wet moist pussy with cum. He lay on her, he kissed her lips as he finished filling his wife’s pussy.

” I’ve still got it darling. ” He said kissing down yo his wife’s breast kissing her nipple.

” Yes you still make me orgasm. ” Brenda joked smiling kissing his head as he caressed and sucked her nipple.

He kissed her lips again lifting his head up. She rolled him onto his back and straddled him. His receding cock sliding out of his wife. His cum dripping onto his groin as she lay on him.

She sat up leaning back. Neil stroking her breasts. ” You have nice tits darling ” he said.

” Nicer than Amy’s ” She asked.

” Amy’s, well yes Amy does she has fantastic breasts but yours are still my favourite. ” He replied.

” Very diplomatic dear. ” Brenda replied.

” Oh well, I’m just lucky my wife lets me see her. ” Neil replied.

” Yeh well it takes the pressure off me aye. ” She said leaning in kissing him. ” Well shower time for me. ” She said. She slid off and stood on the floor. Cum dripped onto her feet.

She went to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Neil lay looking at the ceiling. He smiled as he loved the fact his wife now knew he was seeing Amy. His limp cock lay between his legs. He heard Carly in the hallway. The fact Amy was his daughters best friend. He was sure Carly knew her father was her.

Carly knocked on her parents bedroom door. The plan to get Carly in bed with her father. Brenda and Carly had talked about it. They really wanted the boat trip to happen. A family orgy on the boat.

The first part of their plan.

” What? ” Neil asked it was 10 am on a Saturday morning. Carly heard the shower turn off

” I want your opinion on something. ” Carly said.

” Me or mum. Mum’s in the shower. ” Neil said

” Both. Can I come in? ” She asked. Neil lifting the covers over his groin.

” Yeh ok darling. ” He said.

Carly opened the door she walked in wearing a black string halter neck bikini with red rose prints on it ”

” Wow. ” Neil said seeing his daughter in her bikini.

” You like it. Its new. ” She said doing a twirl. Neil admiring his daughters peach shaped tanned arse in the bikini. Brenda had told Carly her dad was always horny after sex. Brenda appeared in the bedroom naked drying her hair.

” New bikini dear. ” Brenda said Carly admiring her mothers naked body. Brenda put on a robe and sat on the bed.

” Yes it was on sale $75 down from $155. End of season so I brought two others as well.

” Well lets see them. ” Brenda said smiling at Carly.

” Ok. ” Carly said walking out back to her room. She put on a new bikini and went to her parents room. Her mum now in bed with her dad.

She now wore a white string bikini with a halterneck top.

” Nice darling. ” Brenda said smiling. ” What do you think dear? ” Brenda said to her husband.

” Wow I like it very nice. ” He said.

” Third one. ” Carly said walking out. She appeared minutes later wearing another string bikini. This one was dark pink. The bottoms tied with ties on her hips. The bra top tied behind her neck and back.

” Not halterneck darling. Thought you didn’t like bikinis with bra style tops ”

” I know. ” She said looking at her mother and father in bed. Her dads eyes perving but trying not to be obvious. Carly cupped her breasts squeezing them over her top. ” Well this one is so comfortable. It supports my tits really well it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a bra at all. ” Carly said.

” And nice tits they are to. ” Brenda said smiling at Carly.

” Thanks mum. ” Carly replied, she turned her back to her parents turning her head looking behind her groping rubbing her arse. Pushing her fingers under the fabric lifting it and adjusting it.

” I like this one its my favourite. ” Carly said facing her parents again.

” Its nice dear. ” Neil said.

” Thanks dad. ” She said.

” So your keeping the other two. Will you wear them? ” Neil asked.

” Dad, come on. ” Carly said. ” You don’t take them back, its like most things even if you don’t wear it for two years, your out shopping and see something and you think. Oh I know what will go with that. ”

” You girls are strange. ” He replied.

” So which one is your favourite dad? ” Carly asked.

” My favourite? ” He sitting up.

” Yes, ” Brenda said ” If you saw a girls in either of them on the beach, which would you like the best? ”

” Well I would have to say the black one. ”

” Yeh? ” Carly said.

” Why? ” Brenda asked.

” As a bloke, it fits your body really well. ” Neil said.

” Ok cool. Look there’s some other things I want your opinions on. ” She replied.

” Whats that darling? ” Brenda asked her knowing exactly what Carly meant.

” Some lingerie. ” Carly said. Her dad looked at her.

” That’s your mothers department. Swimwear is mine. ” He said.

” Oh dad. ” Carly replied. ” Don’t be shy its not revealing lacy stuff. ” She said.

She walked out of the room to hers and undressed. She felt so horny. She wanted her father. She picked out some black knickers with purple lace ribbon threaded around the top and purple lace over the black fabric between her groin. She put on a matching bra.

She walked in the room ” What do you think? ” She asked.

” Nice. ” Brenda replied

” Yes dear very nice. Who’s the lucky guy? ” He asked

” No one. Its always nice having new nice underwear. ” She said smiling. ” One more. ” She said walking out. She stripped off and put on a white lacy embroided transparent bra. Her nipples behind a small embroided heart, the tanned skin of her breast visible. The thin matching G String over her pussy barely hiding her waxed mound.

” Its nice darling. So sexy babe. ”

” Thanks. ” She said using her mothers full length mirror in the bedroom to perve at her body turning looking at her arse running her hands down her body to her bare arse over her exposed buttocks. Then up to her breasts cupping then not minding her father seeing her. ” I think its very sexy. ”

” Isn’t it sexy? ” Brenda said to Neil.

” Ah yeh very. ” Neil said almost feeling guilty for seeing so much more of his daughters body. Seeing the waxed slit of her pussy through the thin fabric. His cock at full erection.

” Cool. Well I think I will wear these today. ” She said

” You ok dad. ” Carly asked.

” Seeing my daughter in such fine underwear. ” He said. ” Its quite see through. ” He said.

” Oh you have seen mum naked. Its just a body. ” Carly said.

” Yes my daughters body. ” He replied

Carly looked at her naked father sitting up in bed. The sheets over his groin. Her mother sitting next to him topless her breasts on display. Brenda smiled and winked. This was good her father seemed to be enjoying the show. She felt so so horny. She needed sex. Scott was away with Amy for the weekend their relations hip seemed to be getting better. It had been a month since Scott had sex with his mother and Carly. Neil knew his son and daughter were having sex. He didn’t mind. He was still seeing Amy casually. Scott didn’t mind his new girlfriend having sex with his father

Carly walked over and sat next to her dad.

” Go on touch my breasts. ” She said.

” Are you serious? ” He said.

” Yes daddy don’t be shy. I’m not your little girl now. I’m a grown women and want to make love to you. ” She said.

” Wow Carly really? ” He said.

” Yes darling. ” Brenda said ” Your daughter wants to have sex with you. ” She added sliding her hand to Neil’s groin feeling his large erection.

” Please dad. ” Carly said ” Make love to me. ”

” He has a erection. ” Brenda said stroking her husbands cock. Neil moaned as Brenda pushed back the sheets exposing his cock. Carly saw her fathers hard cock.

” Oh daddy. ” Carly said looking at it smiling.

” Is this happening? ” Neil said.

” Oh yes daddy. ” Carly said reaching down feeling his balls. Brenda slid her hand up off his cock and Carly slid her hand up from his balls onto his cock. Brenda slid her hand up his chest. She kissed her husbands cheek.

” Fuck your daughter. ” She said. ”

He reached up cupping Carly’s bra feeling her breasts over her white lacy bra as Carly slowly stroked his cock. Brenda rubbing his chest.

” That’s it baby. Feel her breasts. ”

” Must admit they are beautiful. ” Neil said looking at her cleavage.

” Thanks dad. ” She said reaching behind her back unclipping her bra. She pulled it off her breasts falling out. She dropped it to the floor.

” Oh wow darling. ” Neil said reaching up cupping his daughters naked breasts, looking at and feeling her hard erect nipples and skin.

” Your lucky darling. ” Brenda said ” Been able to do this with your daughter. Now I will leave you both to have sex. Hes already fucked me this morning baby. ” Brenda said looking at Carly.

” Your not going to watch daddy fuck me mum? ” Carly said watching her naked mother get out if bed.

” Do you want be to ” Brenda asked standing up naked watching her husband caress his daughters breasts as her daughter stroked fathers cock.

” Yes I do loosing my father daughter virginity. ” Carly said.

” Ok then darling. ” Brenda said smiling getting back into bed. ” When you have finished we will go out for lunch. How does that sound? ”

” Yay. ”

” Sounds good. ” Neil said smiling

” Suck my tits dad. ” Carly replied.

” Yes dear. ” Neil said smiling.

” Mum get my phone and record it. ” Carly said.

” Even better why don’t I get the video camera and start out family movie collection. ” Brenda said

” Oh yes. ” Carly said smiling.

Brenda got up and walked out leaving her husband and daughter. Neil fondling Carly’s breasts as he sucked her nipples.

Five minutes later Brenda walked back in with the camera filming.

” What are you to up to? ” She said. Carly turned smiling and waving at the camera.

” Showing daddy my tits. ” She said smiling. Brenda knelt on the bed filming her husband sucking his daughters bosom.

Neil kneaded his daughters breasts in his hands, his tongue circling her nipples going from nipple to nipple, his hands feeling each breast.

” Nice. ” He said kissing them. He slid a hand down her side to her thigh. She opened her legs and he rubbed then inside of her thigh. She stood and stood in front of him. His hand rubbing over her groin.

” Ohhhhh dad yes. ” She said Brenda moving around getting the best angles. She stepped closer standing in front of him. He sat in bed leaning forward sucking her breast as he rubbed her pussy over her underwear. She held his head into her chest feeling his wet tongue and lips over her nipples and breasts.

She felt a finger find its way under her knickers finding her wet moist labias. ” Ohhh yes ” she said as his finger rubbed up and down her slit. She got onto the bed straddling him. He kissed her nipples she raised her self up, feeling his lips kiss down her stomach his hands on her arse squeezing her arse cheeks pulling her into him. He reached her belly button kissing it.

” I love your vanilla bodywash baby. ” He said smiling.

” Do you? ” She asked looking down at him as he looked up at her.

” Yes darling. ” He said.

” I want you to make love to me, show me how daddy’s fuck their daughters. ” She said as he leant in kissing around her stomach.

” Yes baby. I will honey. ” He said smiling as she slid down his body.


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