Bully Baby Sitter Part One

Dawn was a sixteen year old girl who held a black belt in Judo and held many trophies, Dawn was used by many families as a baby sitter and was given a free hand to dish out what ever punishment she saw fit, lots of the kids she looked after called her a bully and hated being looked after by her, Mark was two years younger than what Dawn was and when baby sitting him and his step sister Amy who was four years younger than Dawn Dawn had grabbed Mark who was wearing just shorts and had sworn pulled his shorts down put him over her knee and gave him six hard slaps on his bare bum, Mark’s sister had loved seeing Mark’s four inch dick and when Dawn did the same to Mark’s friend John who was visiting and the same age as Mark Amy saw that John had a much bigger dick and also loved seeing it, both boys had been very embarrassed at Amy staring at their dicks and swore to get revenge. After waiting three weeks the boys were able to get their revenge when Marks parents went away for the weekend leaving Dawn in charge. Not long after his parents had left John arrived for the agreed stop over and not long after getting there told Amy to fuck off and did not struggle as Dawn pulled his joggers down, Amy smiled at the sight of John’s five inch dick and as she gave John the final slap on his bum Mark’s voice was heard shouting bollocks and soon Amy was looking at Mark’s four inch dick thinking it is going to be a good weekend. After tea Dawn took the bottle of drink that John had brought and after awhile was sleeping, John thought the knock out drops work well, Mark left the room John looked at Amy and said to her” did you like looking at our cocks, Amy did not say anything, John stood up and said ” look at your brother, Amy turned her head and gasped when she saw Mark stood naked by the door with a six inch erection, Amy stared at Mark hardly believing what she was seeing, after a minute Amy turned back looked at John and saw that he was also naked with a seven inch erection, Mark walked round and stood next to John who said ” now you can see our fucking hard cocks which are full of spunk” Amy stared at the boys erect dicks thinking they looked good, John said ” you want to watch us wank off” Amy thought yes but said nothing and when the boys started to jerk Amy’s eyes went wide and sat watching as the two boys jerked and when Mark said I am going to shoot my spunk, Amy smiled Mark stepped forward and squirted his cum straight into Amy’s face, Amy had not been expecting it and was shocked and when John said ” here comes my spunk” and moved forward and squirted his cum into Amy’s face she reeled back, Amy sat looking in horror at the two boys and said wait till Dawn wakes up your in deep trouble, Amy got up and rand out of the room, the two boys looked at each other smiled and went to Dawn and started to strip the drugged girl and after a couple of minutes were looking at her naked body admiring her ample boobs and shaved love tube, both boys knelt each side of Dawn and started to rub her boobs, and after a few minutes got up and went to Amy’s room on the way Mark said those viagra work well and tapped his still erect dick when they went into Amy’s room she looked at the boys and to their surprise said ” did you have to squirt spunk in my face you got it on my jumper that is a waste of spunk you should have squirted it in my mouth I like the taste of spunk” the boys looked at each in shock and when Amy stood up and took her dressing gown off revealing her naked body and said or you can squirt your spunk in my cunt I am on the pill.


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