Carmel and Pete – New Sex Story

10 Pm.

They sat in each others arms they kissed, they played, they fondled. They had sex again.

Mother and son lovers.

She kissed him again as he filled her pussy with cum again. She moved off him straddling his lap again.

” Wow mum fuck. ” He said

” I know shit haven’t had sex like that for a long time. ” She said.

” So who is he? ” Pete said.

” Who baby? ” She said.

” Mum the guy your fucking, the guy who’s cum is in your underwear on the bathroom floor. ” He said.

” Oh yes, him. Oh so My mother bitch, only my cum goes in her underwear. ” She said.

” Pardon? ” He said.

” Oh come on Pete. You said it ” she said.

” Said what…. Oh fuck yes…… But? ”

” I know I should never have snooped but, that morning you put your phone down and looked guilty, so when you left….. ”

” …..mum you didn’t shit no. ” He said knowing exactly what she saw.

” I’m sorry, but I actually liked what I saw. ” She said.

” Oh fuck no mum. ” He said

” Oh fuck, so how long have you been dressing in my clothes? ” She asked.

” Oh no, oh fuck sorry mum. I……. ”

” I find it so sexy. I don’t mind. ” She replied.

” 18. ” He said. I just enjoyed it. Pretending to be you. I love you. I care about you and I guess that wearing your clothes I was a lot closer to you, not just my mother, but my…. ”

” Crush. ” She said.

” Yeh.

” Oh darling, well you can dress up as me when ever you want ok. I don’t mind, you can share my bed, my shower, I will share my body with you. You can fuck me, I will share my clothes….. ”

” So mum who is he? ”

She sighed ” Ok you promise, you cant tell your dad. ”

” No way. I wont. ”

” Ok, its someone close to your dad, hes married as well ok. ” Carmel said.

” Yes ok who is he? ” Pete said ” Who’s fucking my mother, my fuckin whore of a mother? ”

” I love you calling me that. ” She said kissing his lips. Ok its your Uncle Grant. ”

” Uncle Grant, dads brother. ” Peter said.

” Yes, Pete please you cant tell anyone. ”

” Mum Grant why? ”

” Look when your dad and I split. He was really supportive and….. ”

” …… Yeh really supportive. ” Pete said.

” Look, I guess for him and me it was a ‘fuck you’ to your father, for me its, ‘Hey I’m fucking your brother’ for him hes really pissed at your father leaving me for a 22yr old. So I guess its like ‘Arsehole I’m fucking your wife’ Its just sex ok. Just sex. We meet, have a drink, have sex and done. No emotion no connection just sex. ” She said.

” But mum you deserve emotion and a connection. ”

” That’s why I have you, safe and caring and meets all my needs honey. ” She said ” Lets have a shower and go to bed baby. ” She said ” I want to sleep naked with you in bed. ” She added.

After showering and getting dried they slipped naked into bed. Both mother and son knowing each others bodies so well. Pete loving been around his mother naked sharing a special bond with her. He loved her body, yes he was jealous that she was seeing his Uncle sexually but as she said its just meaningless sex with him. She felt more with her son emotionally and connected with him more.

Next morning.


Pete woke. He looked over at his mother, she lay at his side. Her breasts against his side. Her arm across her stomach. Her head on his shoulder as his arm was under his neck. He looked down at her breast on his side. Her still couldn’t believe last night. He had sex with her, he was her lover, her sexual lover.

He lay thinking about how it would change their lives. They were sexually active together. He slid his hand under the sheets feeling his hard cock. He pushed the sheet down looking at his erection. The erection that had fucked his mother. Shot his semen into his mothers womb. He slowly played with his cock looking down at his mother. How much sex would they be having this weekend. He enjoyed making love to her.

She opened her eyes and looked up at him. ” Morning baby. ” She said smiling then looking down at his erection. ” My your ready for action aren’t you? ” She said sitting up. He loved how her breasts hung on her. Her beautiful nipples, her areolas. She straddled his groin reaching down to his cock guiding it to her pussy. She slid down his shaft and moaned looking at him smiling.

” I love morning sex. ” She said. ” You will need to get used to that. ” She added slowly riding him.

” I can cope with that. ” He said smiling at her reaching up cupping her breast as she rode him. He looked down at his thick shaft between his mothers labias. He was loving her body. Her naked body. Her long hair hanging down her back.

He could feel her moist pussy hugging his cock. He loved the fact she loved morning sex. He felt horny in the mornings. Morning sex suited him well.

He watched her close her eyes lifting her head facing her ceiling pulling and pushing her body over his cock. His cock in her.

She moaned and groaned leaning back resting her hands on his knees gripping then.

” Fuck. ” She said.

” Fuck me slut. ” He replied gripping her breast.

” Oh yes baby. ” She said.

” Fuck me bitch. ” He said.

” OHHHH YES. ” She yelled ” YES. ”

” Ohhh yes mum. Ride my cock with your slutty pussy. ” He said.

” Ohhh fuck yes. ” She said. ” Yes Yes. ” She said.

He felt totally comfortable now been his mothers lover, her secret sexual partner. He loved feeling his cock in her pussy. Her wet moist motherly lips hugging his hard cock.

” Fuck. ” He said starting to thrust up as she slid down his cock.

” I need to orgasm. ” She said.

Minutes later he cum shooting more cum into her wet pussy. She lay on him kissing his lips. He rubbed her sides as the lay together naked kissing fondling teasing like two lovers. She pulled off sliding down his legs kissing down her sons body to his cock. She licked it and kissed it sucking and kissing her pussy juices off it with his cum.

” Oh mum. ” He said ” I like that. ” He said looking down at her pleasuring his wet sex covered cock.

She then lay on her back. He rolled on her kissing her lips, slowly kissing down her body to her breasts, kissing each one then down to her pussy she opened her legs giving him access to her wet moist pussy he licked her clit and down between her open labias she was holding open with her fingers.

” Yes lick mummy’s pussy. Lick my slutty cunt. ” She moaned feeling her sons tongue against her motherly flesh between her legs.

He admired his mothers pussy. Every fold, every part of her pussy been photographed in his memory. He felt so lucky been able to be there between her legs. He loved tasting his cum oozing from her pussy mixed with her pussy juices. He sucked it up swallowing his cum from her pussy. He pushed his fingers inside her vagina and slowly finger fucked her pushing his cum into her, his cum in her womb as he sucked and licked it.

” Oh baby I love that. Don’t stop. I love my only son pleasuring my pussy. No one dose it like you do baby. ” She said.

” Yeh? ” He questioned.

She looked down at her son looking up from her wet moist groin. ” Oh yes, so much better than your father or your Uncle Grant honey. ”

” Really? ” He said.

” Yes baby. Really. For now in you are the only one to cum in mummy’s pussy. ” She said.

” Cool. ” Pete said smiling looking back at his mothers vagina kissing up and down her labias ” Dose uncle Grant have to wear a condom for now on? ”

” He wont like it, but yes. I’m your cum dump baby. You can fuck me when ever you like. ” She said. ” I’m your bitch. Your slut, your whore to use at your leisure. My pussy is yours baby. ” She said looking down smiling.

” Awesome. ” He said.

” Can I tell you who you can and cant fuck mum? ” He asked.

” Sure baby, I’m yours remember, you control me sexually honey. ” She said.

He kissed up her body kneeling over her. He kissed her lips. She put her hand on his cheek as they kissed, he fondled her breasts. He felt his cock re harden. He lay on again he kissed her neck and ear and whispered as he reached between his legs grabbing his cock.

” Open your fuckin legs again bitch, I’m not finished with you fuckin slut. Your fuckin pussy needs another pounding bitch. ” He said as he pushed his cock back in her. It slid in easily seen her pussy was so wet and sloppy with his cum and her moist wet pussy.

” Yes fuck me. Fuck mummy hard. Fuck your slut hard son. ” She whispered. ” Be fuckin rough with me. Show me who’s boss, prove you control me. ”

He pulled out. He remembered positions he had seen in porn he had watched. He gripped her thighs pulling her towards him as he stood at the edge of the bed. She straightened her legs lifting them in the air. He grabbed his cock thrusting it back in her. He held the back of her knees pushing her legs open getting a good view of her cum covered pussy, his hard cock thrusting between her labias.

” Going to break your fuckin pussy this weekend bitch. ” He said letting go of one of her legs slapping her arse hard.

” Oh fuck. ” She said holding her breasts as he thrust her. He put her unsupported ankle on his shoulder. Every three or four thrusts he slapped his mothers arse.

” Like that bitch? ” He said.

” Oh yes. ” She said.

” Who am I? ” He said.

” Peter. ” She said.

” Peter who? ” He said.

” Peter my lover. ” She said.

” Peter, my son, my lover, my master say it slut. ” He said thrusting her.

” Your Peter, my son, my lover, my master ” she said as he slapped her arse.

” I didn’t fuckin hear you bitch, who am I? ” .he said again slapping her arse.

” OH FUCK. ” She yelled. ” YOUR PETER, MY SON, MY LOVER, MY MASTER. ” She yelled.

” Don’t you fuckin forget it you slut. ” He said thrusting harder into her. ” I own you, I own your pussy, I own your tits. ”

” Yes master. ” She said.

” Louder bitch, I didn’t fuckin hear you slut. ”

” PETER, MY SON, MY LOVER, MY MASTER. ” She yelled again as her body shook with orgasm. ” Ohhhh FUCK, FUCK. ” She yelled.

Peter knew she had orgasmed. He thrusted harder slapping her the sound of his hand slapping her arse echoing around the room. ” There bitch. ” He said ” More cum for your slut pussy. ” He said shooting more cum into his mother.

” Oh yes master. I like that. My sons cum in my pussy.

He slapped her arse again and pulled his cock out ” Sit up bitch open your fuckin mouth. Clean my cock. ” He ordered.

She sat up as Pete put his cock in her mouth. She licked and sucked as he held her hair moving her head around his groin.

” That’s it bitch. You like that slut. ” He said.

” Ummmmm yes master. ” She said.

” Louder bitch. ” He snapped.

” YES MASTER. ” She yelled.

” Aghhhhh good girl. You know who’s in charge. Clean my cock slut. ” He said watching her lick and suck his limp cock. He pushed her back onto her back and got between her legs licking and eating her pussy cleaning his cum out of her.

” Nice clean pussy now bitch. ” He said standing.

” Who’s your master bitch? ” He said.

” You Peter, my son. You are my master. ” She said.

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