Carmel’s playmate (Carmel and Pete find a true connection)

He looked up, his eyes closed. He could feel his mothers soft lips and tongue working his cock. He could hear the silence of there secluded seaside beach. The only sound the water crashing on the rocks below. The occasional slurp of her lips and mouth on his cock.

Her hand stroking his thick shaft as her tongue licked and flicked his knob. Her groans of pleasure on his skin. He gripped her long blonde hair, bunching it in his hands moaning as he could feel the fluid in his groin been summoned. ” Ohhhh mum fuck. ” He said

” Ummmmm. ” Was the reply from his groin, it was a ‘I know’ he relaxed and could feel the fluid been released like turning the tap on. His body jerked as his mother knew, like a sixth sense. The semen flowed through his penis releasing into her mouth closed tight around her sons knob.

” Oh fuck mum, yes. ” He said looking down feeling her swallow his seed, now sticking to the inside of her mouth and throat. She looked up as she released his cock from her mouth smiling as she licked his shaft, he could see his white creamy cum on her lips as she teased him with her eyes. He watched her lick him clean.

” Like that my baby? ” She asked.

She knew the answer, Did I like it? I fuckin loved it. How many guys get to have their mothers give you head. Fuck.

” Oh fuck mum. Fuck yes! ” He said looking down at her slowly stroking his softening cock. She lightly kissed the top of his thighs.

” Good, ” she said ” Just don’t tell your father. ” She whispered.

” Oh no mum. ” He said as she slowly lifted her torso out of the water. His eyes meeting her breasts. Her natural beautiful bosom. Her nipple pointing at him erect and hard. His hands finding her breasts cupping them as he lifted his head their lips meeting.

They kissed, he could taste his cum on her lips. He pushed his tongue in her mothers mouth french kissing her. He cleaned her palette of his semen. Loving the remnants of his seed in her mouth. He had never really tasted his cum, but it tasted better comming from his mothers mouth.

He moaned still feeling her hand on his cock, it had never really left it since she started sucking it. He cupped, groped, massaged, caressed her breasts enjoying the soft natural bosom of his mothers chest. The though he used to feed off them as a baby entered his mind. He quickly quashed the notion. He was 22 now, now for him they were sexual, not a source of food.

He slid a hand down her side to her hip, his hand touching her bikini bottoms. His cock twitched as he knew he was close to another part of her body, in theory no son should really go. His hand found its way to her arse cheek. His fingers gripping her buttock.

” Ummm. ” She moaned as they kissed. He pulled her closer. His fingers worked their way further towards the prize, the prize of his mothers groin. His fingers over her anus still on the fabric of her bikini. He could feel the hole with his fingers. She moaned as she knew soon her son would be exploring her groin.

She turned around and sat on his lap. She slid her hand between his legs feeling his cock. He slid his hands to her breasts cupping them kissing his mothers neck.

” You want to be fucked? ” He said.

” Ohhh yes please baby, fuck me honey. ” She said. He slid a hand down her stomach his fingers finding the band of her bikini bottoms, he pressed further now sliding down over her pussy between her open legs. He rubbed her feeling the folds and shape of his mothers labias, her clit. Further down he found the hole. Her vaginal entrance, he pushed his finger over it rubbing it listening to her moans her head pushing against his chest as she caressed her own breasts tweaking her erect nipples.

He lifted his hand and pushed his fingers inside her bikini bottoms pushing down finally feeling the flesh of his mothers pussy. Her clit, her labias, his finger sliding inside her labias feeling the wet moist flesh. She opened her legs wider looking down at the bulge in her bikini bottoms, the bulge of her sons hand massaging her pussy.

” Fuck, fuck yes. Ohhhh don’t stop. Play with mummy’s pussy. ” She said.

He rubbed her, pressing his fingers on her, exploring her by feel. Feeling the wet moist flesh of her fanny with one lucky hand as the other hand interlocked fingers with her other hand over her breast, her erect nipple pressing into the palm of his hand as he squeezed her breast. He kissed her neck.

Between her legs, his finger found her vaginal entrance. Her wet hole inviting his finger.

” Shit ” she said. ” Yes. ” She added as his finger slid inside her pussy. She leant back moaning. She undid her bikini bottoms undoing the ties. She lifted her arse pulling them out from under them. She reached under her groin grabbing his hard cock. She moaned as she rubbed his knob over her vagina. She pushed his knob against her vagina pushing against it. His knob slid inside her. She pushed down against her sons cock sliding it deep into her pussy. He slid his hands to her hips as she leant forward placing her hands on her knees. She moaned as she slowly rode her sons hard shaft.

Pete looked down seeing his mothers round arse moving up and down his cock deep in her pussy he enjoyed her choosing the pace.

He listened to her moans, feeling her naked body pleasuring him. He gripped her hips and started pulling her down his cock and thrusting up as she fucked him.

Mother and son enjoying each other sexually.

She then got off. She leant on the edge of the pool standing up looking behind. Pete admiring her naked arse. He stepped forward guiding his knob to her pussy standing behind her thrusting it in her again. She held her arse cheek looking behind at him.

” Fuck mummy, and cum in mummy. ” She said.

With that he started thrusting her holding her hips gripping them. Each thrust pushing out a groan from his mother as he slapped against her arse.

” Oh yes son, don’t stop fuck mummy. ” She said.

He thrust her harder.

” :Spank my arse, I’ve been a bad girl. I’ve let my son fuck me. ” She said.

He spanked her arse. ” Yes. ” She said.

” Tell me I’m a bad bitch. ” She said.

He spanked her again. ” Your a bad bitch mum. ” He said.

” Oh yes. ” She said as he spanked her arse again.

” Your a bad bitch. ” He said.

” Tell me I’m a whore. ” She said. ” I’m your little whore. ” She said.

He spanked her arse harder enjoying it. Enjoying the dirty talk to his mother as he fucked her.

” Your a dirty little whore bitch. ” He said.

” Who’s dirty little whore. ” She said.

” Your my dirty little whore. ” He said

” Ok fuck say it please, say I’m my sons dirty little whore. ”

” Mum, ” he said spanking her again. ” Your my dirty little fuckin whore, your sons little slut. ” He said bravely, calling his mother a slut spanking her.

” Oh fuck, cum your little slut, fill her slutty pussy with your cum. ” She said ” Oh yes baby fuck me faster.

He slapped her arse again. ” Slut. ” He said. He slapped her again ” Fuckin whore. I going to fill your slutty whore pussy with your sons cum. ” He said slapping her again, thrusting her harder. He could feel himself building up.

” Agghhh fuuuckkk.yes. ” She moaned. ” YES FUCK YES. ” She yelled. ” FUCK ME. ”

” Ohhh mum yes. I’m going to cum. ” He said slapping her arse ” Fuck yes slut, your fuckin whore. ” He said.

He felt her body shudder as she orgasmed, her vagina tightening his cock. He body shuddered as he kept fucking harder. ” OHHHHHHH FUCK. ” She yelled.

” Fuck yes. ” He said with one last thrust he cum inside his mother. ” Shit yes. ” He said

” Fuck Pete. That was amazing. ” She said. He stood and kept his cock deep in her pussy letting as much of his cum go in her as possible.

He held her hips and pressed his groin into her.

” Say it again. ” She said

” What mum? ” He said.

” You know? ” She replied.

” That your my my slutty whore. You are your sons slutty bitch. ” He said.

” Yes baby, that’s it. I’m yours. I’m your slut. Only your cum goes in mother ” she said.

He pulled out of her pussy. She turned around and sat down grabbing his cock. She licked it clean sucking his cum off him.

She then sat up the edge. Pete realised he hadn’t given her oral sex. He knew on the seat between her open legs. Some white creamy cum oozed from her pussy. She looked down opening her labias up seeing her sons cum ooze from her.

” Its your cum, in your mothers pussy. ” She said smiling at him as he kissed her clit. He licked around her labias, he licked his seeping cum from her. ” Yes baby. Eat mummy’s pussy. ” She said.

” Your slutty pussy. ” He said grinning up at her.

” Yes baby, my sons slutty whore pussy. ” She said.

He spent a few minutes exploring her pussy with his tongue and fingers, tasting her, feeling her.

She sat back in the pool with him sitting in across his lap in each others arms.

” That was so liberating. ” She said.

” Liberating? ” He said.

” Oh yes, I’m now in the minority of women who have fucked their son. ” She said smiling at him.

” Yeh I wonder what percentage of women have? ” He said.

” Ummm, you enjoyed it baby. ” She asked.

” Oh yes, I never though in a million years I would fuck you. ” He said.

” No? ” She replied.

” Shit no, there’s wanting to, and actually doing it. ” He said.

” So how long have you wanted to darling? ” She said.

” …..well… ”

” ……I’m your mother, we have had sex. Tell me I want to know. ” She said.

” Ok. This stays between me and you. ” He said

” Sure baby of course it does. ” She replied ” My stud. ” She added.

” Ok. He said with a sigh.

” At 17 ”

” 17 Really? ” She replied.

” Well mum, your a sexy attractive women. And dad started been jerk towards you. ”

” You noticed at 17 aye. ” She replied.

” Yes, and I thought you deserved better than dad, I often thought I would be a better man for you, but I was your son. Ok yes I admired your body. Your legs in short skirts, your arse in tight jeans, your cleavage. ” He said cupping her naked breasts. She looked down watching him fondle them. ” I’ve always wanted to see them, to play with them.

” Son your saying since 17, you’ve been sexually attracted to me. Your mother. ” She said. ” Your slutty whore mother? ” She added kissing his lips.

” Well yeh, I knew I would never get to fuck you, I never expected to. So it was more a fantasy, a crush on your mother. Listening to dad have sex with you. I felt sorry for you. In thought dad was just using you to pleasure himself. ” He said.

” Well yeh, your right Pete. I’ve been fucking him since I was 17. Three children later. So I just thought why not, its makes him happy. ” She said smiling.

” I love you mum. ” He said

” I love you to baby. ” She said kissing his lips. She reached over to the table at the side of the pool picking up her glass of wine. He grabbed his, they clinked glasses.

” Cheers. ” She said.

” To what. ” He replied.

” Lots of good sex between us. ” She said.

” Yeh, I will drink to that. ” He said as they sipped their wine.

” I need you, I need your sex. ” She said.

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