Caught 4 – New Sex Story

Steve was a seventeen year old amateur boxer who had won many fights and had many trophies, there were many girls who liked him and wanted to have sex with him, but Steve was very carefull he lived in a small town that was under female control and knew many of his fellow boxers had fallen foul of the femdom rules, many girls and women had tried to get Steve under their control but had failed, he was to carefull making sure that he did not fall into any traps. Sixteen year old Sharon was a girl who was well known for being quiet and very timid and kept her self to herself. One day Steve saw her sitting in the park and started to talk with her as he talked to her he saw that one of her boobs was on full view down the top of her blouse and immediately got an erection, Sharon saw the bulge in his joggers and pointed at it and said ” what is that ” Steve pulled his joggers back letting his nine inch erection spring out, Sharon looked at it and smiled, Steve said ” you want it ” Sharon smiled and nodded saying my house is empty, Steve smiled and followed Sharon as she walked towards her house when they got there Steve followed Sharon in and when he saw Sharon’s mum and two little sisters realised with horror that he had walked into a trap, Sharon’s mum asked her if she was O.K. Sharon smiled and said ” yes I told you I would get the fucking wanker ” Steve was shocked by the change in Sharon and when she said ” and I have seen his fucking cock and it was on the hard he thinks he is going to fuck me ” Sharon’s nine year old sister Amy smiled, Sharon turned to Steve and said to him ” get your fucking clothes off my sisters want to see your cock ” Steve knew he was caught and started to undress and after a few minutes was standing naked, Amy said ” wow it is big ” her sister Sara who was a year older looked at Sharon who smiled and said ” go on ” Sara moved forward and got hold of Steve’s dick and started stroking it, soon Steve was fully erect, Sara stood back, Amy said wow that is bigger make it spit ” Sara took hold of Steve’s erection and started to jerk it and after twenty minutes Steve squirted his cum in three spurts, Sharon smiled and said ” good spunk from the boxer boy ” Steve looked at her Sharon said ” from now on you will train naked and if you get a hard on you will have a wank and shoot your spunk no matter who is present ” the next day Steve turned up for boxing practice and saw every girl and women in the street their, sixteen year old Martin walked up to him and said ” you walked into Sharon’s trap the girls have all been talking and now all the boys have to train naked and wank if we get a hard on ” Steve went and stripped and when he walked into the main gym lots of comments were made about his dick, after a few minutes Steve saw that Martin had an erection which he started to jerk with a big cheer going up when he squirted cum, Steve carried on training and after five minutes felt his dick start to stiffen and soon had a full erection, Sharon shouted out ” get wanking ” Steve started to wank all the girls and women watched in awe and when Steve squirted his cum a big cheer went up, after training Steve was in the shower all the other lads had gone, Sharon walked in with Martin who was naked with a full erection, Sharon looked at Steve and said ” you were so easy to catch and you got a nice cock ” Steve did not reply, Sharon looked at Martin and said ” you think he has a nice cock ” Steve was totally surprised Martin said ” yeah nice cock and a cute bum ” Sharon then said to Steve ” Martin is bisexual and we are secret lovers ” Steve just looked at the pair in disbelieve, Sharon then said to Steve ” bend over the table I want to watch as Martin fucks your cute bum ” Martin smiled, half a hour later Martin and Sharon were walking down the road, Steve was stood in the changing room rubbing his sore bum Sara and three of her mates were looking at Steve and admiring his dick, Steve thought ” I need to get out of town and flinched as one of the girls got hold of his dick and started to stroke it while the others stood smiling watching and waiting for their turn.


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