Claire and Felicity (almost like sisters)

Dale looked at Felicity. His daughter scantally clad. His lover encouraging her to slid down her fathers hard erection. A thought Felicity would do any day.

She turned her back to her father stepping back. Dale reaching out cupping his daughters beautiful buttocks. Claire knelt between Dales legs holding his cock as Felicity’s pussy got closer.

Felicity crouched. Claire pulling Felicity’s g string to the side guiding Dales cock to her vagina opening. Claire watched as Felicity slid down Dales shaft moaning as her fathers hard cock entered her.

” Oh fuck yes. ” Claire said watching Felicity slowly ride her fathers cock. His shaft sliding in and out of her hole. She played with his balls watching daughter fuck her father.

” Oh fuck yes. ” Felicity said as Claire sat back in the chair opposite watching. She crossed her legs and sipped her wine. She enjoyed watching Dales cock pound his daughter.

” Cum in her Dale. Fill your daughter with cum baby. ” Claire said.

Felicity rode him faster, Dale thrusting up as she pushed down his cock. Claire started rubbing her breasts over her bra. Dale holding his daughters hips as she pounded his cock.

” I’m going to cum. ” Dale said. Claire got off the couch kneeling between his legs.

” Cum. ” She said. ” Cum for me. ” Claire said.

Dale moaned and sped up them he cum. He slowed down spilling his cum inside Felicity’s pussy.

” Oh yes baby. ” Claire said pulling Felicity’s g string to the side watching cum ooze down Dales shaft to his balls. Claire leant in licking it up. She licked Felicity’s clit and labias, Dales shaft and balls as his cum oozed from his daughter.

Felicity pulled out, Dales cock falling between his legs. Claire lifted it sliding her mouth over it sucking Felicity’s teen pussy juices off it mixed with her fathers cum. She watched cum ooze from Felicity’s pussy as she lay back on her father. His hands sliding to his daughters front fondling her breasts over her bra. Claire licked up his cum off Felicity’s pussy.

Felicity stood up. Claire smiled at Felicity. ” Was that nice? ” She asked.

” Oh yes. So good. ” Felicity said she undid her suspender belt and clips from her stockings taking it off. She slid her underwear down that were covered in cum.

” What will your mum say, her underwear covered in cum. ” Dale said as Claire kept sucking his cock.

” Have to wash them dad. ” Felicity said taking off her bra. She stood naked except her stockings and heels.

” Spa time? ” Felicity said

Claire stood unclipping her bra taking it off, she pushed down her knickers. Dale and Felicity admiring her naked body.

Felicity took off her stockings and heels.

They went outside to the spa.

” So Dale. ” Claire said ” How does it feel having two lovers? ”

” Well considering one is my daughter. Yeh a bit weird. ” He replied.

” So dad. ” Felicity said. ” What are your fantasies? ”

” Well I don’t know, I mean me and your mother don’t really talk about it. I’ve enjoyed watching porn with you. ” He said.

” I have one. ” Claire said. ” I would like to be blindfolded, tied ankle to wrist in a 69 with another girl. Two guys fuck us as they please. The dripping cum from the girl on top dripping from her pussy unto my mouth. ”

” Really? ” Dale said.

” Ummmm yes. I love the idea of been bound and fucked. ” She said.

” Well I have always wanted to be at my desk on a meeting on the computer, my top half in shirt and tie, have no pants on under the desk my cock out with a girl giving me a blowjob. ” He said.

” Oh. ” Felicity said. ” We can arrange that dad ”

” What about you felicity? ”

” Well I have always wanted outdoor sex, the possibility of been caught by someone. ” She said. ” Also a threesome with two guys. ”

” A MMF. Ok me two, and been pregnant. I would like two men when I’m about 8 months pregnant, two older men. ” Claire replied.

” I could arrange that baby. ” Dale replied leaning in kissing her lips.

” You have someone in mind dad. ” Felicity asked sitting next to her father. Claire sat sideways across Dales lap. Her feet resting on Felicity’s thighs. Felicity rubbed Claire’s feet and calf muscles.

” I have a couple of guys in mind. ” Dale said.

” I couple, that means with dad three guys, a foursome, and if Claire joined that’s five. Two girls for three guys. ” Felicity said ” That’s exciting. ”

” Would you? ” Claire said.

” What three guys including dad? I would babe. ” Felicity said. ” I mean yes I’m only 17. But I love watching porn and I love sex so, yeh I would. ”

” You know porn is totally different to real life? ” Claire said.

” I know, but its made me I know what I like. ” Felicity said.

” What do you like babe ” Claire asked. ” Apart from general fantasies. ”

” Well. ” Felicity said smiling. ” I know I like girls. ” She said sliding her hand up Claire’s leg softly to her knee smiling at her.

” Your bi babe? ” Claire said.

” Ummm I like pussy as well. Especially my fathers lovers pussy. ” Felicity said.

” Ohhhhh yes. ” Claire said. ” I like my lovers daughters pussy. ” Claire said sliding her hand down touching Felicity’s hand. They both leant across Dale. Felicity and Claire kissed. They softly kissed, they french kissed.

” Girls. ” Dale said watching, they sat back smiling.

” You jealous daddy, Claire’s going to be fucking me. ” Felicity said

” No, I quite like the idea. My daughters fucking my lover. ” Dale replied.

” So Felicity what else do you like? ” Claire asked.

” Well, I like to try group sex, maybe been watched. I would love to try been restrained and fucked. Outdoor sex in very appealing. ” Felicity replied.

Felicity smiled at Claire, the two girls finding each other extremely horny. Dale in the middle of his naked daughter and lover.

Felicity stood up. She stood in front of her father, Dale again admiring his daughters perfect young teenage body. His cock hardening up. He thought about how his pregnant lover had watched him fuck his daughter. Both he and Felicity found it erotic. Felicity sat next to Claire leaning over kissing her lips, Felicity slid her hand to Claire’s beautiful c cup breasts fondling them as they kissed.

” Your a good kisser. ” Claire said.

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” You know I’ve had sex with more women than men. ” Felicity said.

” Oh babe fuck me. ” Claire said. Dale watched as the two girls, his 17 yr old daughter and 23 yr old lover kissed, rubbing each others breasts. Claire then slid her hand to Dales groin feeling his hard cock, the cock she had just watched fuck his daughter.

” You have nice tits. ” Felicity said.

” Thanks babe, your father has a huge erection, think he enjoying this. ” Claire said softly in Felicity’s ear.

Dale shifted to his side running his hand up Claire’s inside thigh opening her leg. At the same time Felicity did the same, father and daughter feeling her pussy, feeling each others fingers playing with Claire’s pussy.

” Oh fuck yes. ” Claire moaned feeling her pussy been rubbed by two sets of fingers.

Felicity moved her fingers to Claire’s vagina opening slowly pushing inside her.

” Fuck yes. ” Claire moaned moving to accommodate he female fingers in her pussy, sliding in and out. Dale rubbing her clit, occasionally holding his daughters hand. She turned to Dale kissing his lips as Felicity leant in kissing Claire’s shoulder. Felicity put her head up and then kissed her fathers lips. Claire sitting watching father and daughter french kiss inches from her. Felicity then turned kissing Claire’s lips.

Felicity pulled her fingers out of Claire’s pussy. Claire sat up on the edge of the pool opening her legs. Felicity knelt between them leaning in softly running her tongue over Claire’s clit and outer labias. Dale sat up next to her rubbing her breasts kissing her lips. Claire stroking Dales cock.

Felicity slid a hand up cupping Claire’s breast.

She looked up at Claire. ” I want to lick my fathers cum from your pussy. ” She said smiling.

” Oh babe, how erotic. ” Claire replied as Felicity licked down to her vagina, Claire opening her legs wider sliding her arse forward more as Felicity licked down over her anus, pushing her tongue against Claire hole.

” Oh fuck that’s nice, never had my arse licked. ” She said looking down.

Felicity smiled as she kissed Claire’s anus then went back to her vagina licking it sliding two fingers into her vagina.

Dale lay back on the ground as Claire leant over guiding his knob into her mouth stroking his cock as she sucked. Felicity’s tongue pushing deep into Claire’s vagina, Claire’s pussy juices leaking onto Felicity’s tongue.

Minutes later Claire straddled Dale. Felicity leant into her father facing Claire. Felicity grabbed her fathers cock, Claire watched as Felicity slid her mouth over his knob sucking it for a minute, she looked up at Claire smiling, Claire positioned her pussy over his cock, Felicity guiding his knob to her clit and pussy lips, Felicity watching as Claire slid down his shaft, she watched her fathers cock disappear into Claire’s pussy. Claire slowly rode Dales cock moaning feeling his fat cock in her.

Felicity got up straddling her fathers face, facing Claire,

” Eat my pussy daddy. ” She said looking down as she watched her fathers tongue touch her vagina hole pushing up flicking it, tasting his daughters sweet pussy juices and the remnants of his cum inside her from an hour before after he cum inside her feeling Claire ride up and down his cock.

Felicity reached out cupping Claire’s breasts as Dale reached around his daughters thighs pulling her hips down as he buried his tongue into her pussy licking and sucking his daughters sweet young pussy.

He girls kissed as Claire rode Dales hard erection,

After a few minutes, Felicity and Claire got off. Dale got back into the pool. Claire lay at the side, Dale lifted her ankles onto his shoulders and guided his cock back into Claire’s pussy.

Felicity straddled Claire leaning down kissing her lips her arse in full view of her father. Dale loved the view of his daughters pussy and anus as he fucked Claire.

Felicity and Claire fondling each others breasts, their tongues dancing in each others mouths Dale loving seeing his daughter with another woman

Felicity loved her father seeing her naked body, she loved him perving at her. She loved him fantasizing about her, mentally and physically undressing her. She loved feeling his hands on her naked body, his cock in her wet pussy, his cock in her mouth. Now with Claire he can share her with another woman.

Dale started moaning loudly his groin slapping against Claire’s pregnant body.

” You going to cum? ” Felicity asked looking back.

” Ummmm yes, the sight of two beautiful pussies is amazing. ” Dale replied.

Felicity turned around, Claire started fingering Felicity’s pussy as Felicity watched her fathers cock move between Claire’s pussy lips. He dropped Claire’s legs down.

” Cum daddy, I want to suck your cum out of her. ” Felicity said.

One last thrust Dale exploded into his 23 yr old pregnant married lovers pussy, shooting his semen deep into her.

Felicity rubbed Claire’s clit, she opened Claire’s labias with her fingers Dale pulled his cock out rubbing it up in between Claire’s open swollen labias, his cum oozing over her pussy lips and clit.

Felicity took it into her mouth sucking her fathers cum covered knob tasting Claire’s pussy juices as she sucked her fathers cock.

” I love your cock after fucking another pussy daddy. ” Felicity said. She pushed her fingers into Claire’s cum filled hole, she leant in licking and sucking her fathers sticky cum off her pussy.

Dale sat on edge watching the two girls in a 69 licking and sucking each others pussy. Felicity licking and sucking fresh cum out of Claire, Claire could taste remnants of Dales cum in Felicity from just over an hour ago after Claire watched Dale fuck his daughter.

He loved watching them play with each others pussies. His daughter and his lover, Claire now his daughters lover.

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