Clean Pen – New Sex Story

Sixteen year old Sharon and her sister Amy who was four years younger were both working part time in a vets practice, their mum was an alcoholic who was always drunk spending all her money on booze, so the girls did spare time jobs to earn money to buy food and clothes, it was a very hot day the practice had closed, Sharon had gone with the vet to help him as he treated an injured horse on the outskirts of town, Amy was working in the practice on her own and was getting ready to clean the pig pen and as it was a very hot day was not wearing anything under her overalls in the hope that she would stay a bit cooler, Amy went to pen looked at the only pig in it and said ” you are a walking bacon sandwich so no trouble” then after getting her barrow and fork went into the pen and started to pick up the soiled hay, as she did the pig suddenly ran forward knocking Amy off her feet, Amy lay stunned when she was recovered Amy said “where is the frying pan” and using the fencing started to pull her self up as she did a spike caught in the top of her overalls, Amy was unaware of this and as she pulled her self up the spike tore the flimsy material of the overalls from top to bottom, Amy cursed as she did she tried to free her overalls from the spike which was snared in the bottom, Amy could not get the spike free so took the remains of the overalls off and started to walk naked through the pen to get other overalls, the pig was running round the pen, Amy said ” wait till I get the bread” as she did Amy tripped and fell flat as she tried to get up using the fence for support the pig barged her as it did Amy went forward and her arms jammed between the bars of the fence, Amy then felt the pig nudging her then felt it licking her bum and tried to pull her arms free but could not, she then felt the pigs trotters on her back and a wet patch slide around on her bum and realising what it was screamed out ” fuck off bacon pack” then to her horror felt the wet patch on her love tube and when it slid inside Amy screamed she then felt the pigs dick as it slid in and out of her love tube and screamed even more, the pig carried on humping away and after awhile Amy started to feel aroused and was soon enjoying the pig humping her and after a few minutes groaned as she climaxed and ten minutes later climaxed a second time and then a third and fourth before the pig was finished and got off her, after ten minutes Amy was able to get her arms free and went and had a shower, when her sister and the vet arrived back Amy had finished cleaning the pen and when she told the vet the pig had a clean pen the vet told her that it was a boar a male pig, Amy thought I know it is male and I like him very much I will clean him out again.


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