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The disused warehouse on the edge of the English town was used by skateboarders most days, illegal immigrants also spent lots of time there doing their best to hide from the police and immigration authorities. Sixteen year old Steve was a well known thug who lived in the town, Steve was feared by many of the town residents who did their best to stay clear of him, Steve was the leader of a gang but also a keen skateboarder who spent a lot of time at the disused warehouse as was some of his gang mates. It was late afternoon when Steve turned up at the warehouse there were no other skateboarders in the warehouse but on the upper floor two Indian girls who were illegal immigrants were watching Steve, twelve year old ping had been nicknamed ping by her gran because she often played ping pong with her ten year old sister who had been nicknamed pong by her gran. The girls watched as Steve took his tee shirt off and started to skateboard, as he skated jumping over things laid out on the ground Steve felt the back of his shorts slide down a bit, the girls also Steve’s shorts slide a bit showing the top of his bum, Steve carried on skating as he did is shorts slid a bit more, the watching girls smiled as they saw half of Steve’s bum and when he jumped over a barrel and his shorts slid right down showing the whole of his bum the girls smiled even more, Steve kicked his shorts right off and turned, the girls looked in awe at Steve’s seven inch hairy dick the first white one they had seen, the girls watched in awe as the naked white boy skated around both girls loved the way Steve’s dick was flopping about Steve stopped skateboarding and stood facing the where the girls were hiding, the girls were loving the site of the naked white boy admiring his thick dick and when it started to move the girls just looked at each other then watched in awe as Steve’s dick grew to a nine inch erection, the oldest girl said ” wow a naked white boy with a hard on he might have a wank ” and when Steve started to jerk his dick the girls just sat watching and after five minutes when Steve squirted three spurts of cum both girls gasped. After a few minutes Steve got dressed the girls watched as Steve walked to the entrance but after a few minutes when Steve appeared in front of them the girls got scared, Steve smiled at the girls and said ” did you enjoy seeing me naked and looking at my cock ” the girls nodded their heads, Steve then said ” ever seen a naked white boy with a hard cock before ” the girls just looked at each other then when Steve said ” did you like watching me wank off and shoot spunk ” the girls nodded, Steve said ” well do not tell anyone or I will not do it again for you ” after promising they would not tell the girls watched as Steve walked away, the twelve year old said ” he did it on purpose wonder if he will let us do it for him and smiled.

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