Compromise by Female labourer – New Sex Story

Lot of female labourers work at construction site to fulfill their basic needs. Contractor arrange small area for shelter of those labourers. Group of female share their skills during work. While some female helpers are made to carry load till 8 to 10 floors. All her clothes and skin gets stained due to cement and mud. She gets daily wages like male labourers. After reaching home, she applies oil on her naked body to that her stains wash away from her skin. After that she prepares meal and goes to sleep. Even in her age of puberty, she is made to do such hard work leading to her body weakness. If her parents are alive, then she might get some relief. Else even in high fever, she works ignoring her health issues.
Virgin female labourer
Girl : Such huge load on my head, why I came in this world
Male labour : Marry us and cook food staying in hut
Girl : Shut up.
Contractor : Why you didn’t come yesterday for work?
Girl : I was suffering weakness due to my periods
Contractor : Your wages will be cut
Girl : Please don’t cut my wages. I will starve to death. My father is ill
Contractor : Wait aside.
Girl : Ok
After 10 mins.
Contractor : Follow me
Girl : Its such dark place
Contractor : On 1 condition, I will give you wages. You have to make me happy
Girl : It seems your wife doesn’t satisfy your needs.
Contractor : Don’t talk too much.
Girl : If I scream you will kick me out of job for silly reasons
Enjoy me as much you want
Contractor : Hahhahha.. Lay down
Girl : Got laid
Contractor starts thrusting her pussy and teasing her other private organs
Fuck…… Yes….. Such flexible body
Girl : Its hurting me.. Aahhhh…. I am just 17 years.. Can’t bear such huge dick..
Contractor : Keep your mouth shut… Your body smells sweaty with stinking mud
Girl : I don’t have luxurious home like you. I have no electric supply in my hut. Your wife doesn’t get periods or what? Uh-huh…. Hmm… Ahhhhh.. Enough now..

Contractor : Take this money and get lost
Girl : Thank you.

Married female labourer
Woman : Stop these smoking and alcohol. We have to work and sweat for our daily lives
Man : I don’t feel sleepy after some tiresome work.
Woman : Please me. I am your married woman
Man : Yes.. Ride my cock by getting on top of me
Woman : Aahh…. Yes…. Hmm.. Your cock doesn’t enters fully inside me
Man : Don’t expect too much from me. Go to sleep
Construction site
Supervisor : Why you came late for work
Woman : Husband is salinated with glucose
Man : Why are you wasting your life with alcoholic husband
Woman : Its my fate
Man : Today you have to work till late
Woman : I am ready for that
After all labor leaves.
Supervisor closes door
Woman : Why did you close door?
Supervisor : I will give you extra money without work
Woman : I said open the door.
Supervisor : Medicines are costly. Better you compromise so that your husband gets alright
Woman : Fine
Supervisor opens her blouse and strips woman completely naked
Woman : uffff…. Aahhhh… Fuck. Me deeper…
Supervisor : I love your hairy pussy. Mwahhhh…..
My cock complete inside… Removed outside
Woman : hmmm… Umm… Dig it more deeper
Supervisor : I understand your alcoholic husband might notmake you reach orgasm…
Woman : Ye… Fuck… Oucjhhh… Omg……
Supervisor : Come in my lap
Woman : Your cock so stiff… I reached orgasm.. Many times
bouncing on your cock….
Supervisor : your nipples always try to poke out of your blouse
Woman : Yess. Suck my nipples
Supervisor : Mummmm… Yummm…..
You got beautiful tight breasts
Woman : I have heavy meal before and after work everyday
sass….. Ahhhhh… Uhhhhhh…… Mmmmmm

Supervisor : Suck my cock
Woman : glopp…… Gluppp…. Glopp… Gluppp
Both reach orgasm
Supervisor : Take extra money and keep it secret
Woman : Ok
Supervisor : Can I taste you everyday?
Woman : Lets see…

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