Dad and daughter : it’s hard

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My dirty mind with aroused body is under sensation as I watched my mom getting fucked with her son and than I kept myself aloof inside brother’s room, so put a blanket on my nude body and as I slept there for sometime, in a sudden I heard footsteps there as I can see my dad smiling at me while I am completely nude under blanket and than dad sits on beds corner as said ” are you fine or feeling restless after a day long classes
( I just put down the blanket from my chest ) I am too horny my dad please give me some time
( Dad felt bit confused after looking at my nude body ) oh no, you are nude but where is your love buddy ” and I signals towards him as she sit near me and now starts removing his clothes with his brief and vest on strong physique, left me and walked to washroom as it’s evening 07:45 and I have seen my lovely mom with her young son while getting fucked and our family have lost their families values, morality and ethics. So dad is back on my bed as he just sit near me and like her love buddy I wake up as my nude body is too attractive with my boobs tight and dad hold me in his arms as I sit on his lap like her porn queen and both starts kissing eachother’s face to lips as lastly he took my Rossy lips in his mouth and while sucking it hard his hand is rubbing my nude back and my soft round boobs is getting pressed on his chest and slowly things changed as I pushed my tongue in his mouth to suck but he is more crazy as he made my lower parts on knees and as both are facing eachother, he is sucking my tongue hard while I starts rubbing my boobs on his chest and as our eyes are closed while my tongue is in his mouth, I heard mom’s voice ” oh sit! What the hell you both are doing ” and I pushed my dad’s head back as took out my tongue from his mouth and than looking at mom I smiled ” mom you are really fool, as I have watched your physical love with
( Mom screamed louder ) stop baby ” and I understood her voiceless face, so mom left room as dad asked her for a glass full of cold drinks and than dad made me sleep on bed as his body is smelling like sweating profusely as he is back from his office. So leaned his face on my breast and swallows my left breast to suck, so Ritu a slut gal is screaming in pleasure ” uh oh dad go and have shower first as your body smells bad ” and than he left my breast, so mom put two glass on table with a bottle of cold drinks as she left us and dad closed the door as he prepared drinks while we both starts drinking and as he hold my soft boobs to squeeze I am feeling hot with my left empty hand on his undies just touching his bulge, lastly I removed his underwear and ganji. So dad and daughter are completely nude as both moved inside washroom, now both are standing facing eachother under cascade as he opened the tap and hold me in his arms, now like a hungry gal in his arms I starts kissing his lips and than as he slapped my buttocks hard, I just put my both arms in his shoulder as I kissed his lips ” so what my lovely dad
( He rubbed my back ) just suck my cock and make me your sex slave ”
Ritu knelt down as I hold his 8-9 inches long cock and it’s in semi erection as I starts jerking it fast and than my Rossy lips swallows his soft long glans and starts sucking it, so put my hand in his waist as his hand is on my head and than I swallows his penis as I starts sucking it hard with my face swinging, so a long thick cock is making my mouth feel hot as I am giving him a hard blowjob and he is in pleasure ” uh oh sexy be on my top, you little slut gal be in 69 position ” as I left my dad’s penis and now on his top like a bitch stretching her thighs while putting my buttocks up on his face. Ritu hold his long cock as starts licking it with my long tongue, so I felt his lips on my vagina and than as dad’s hand is rubbing my soft butts, he is widening my vagina while I am enjoying his penis while licking it’s shaft to base and glans. So it feels hot as dad’s tongue is on my long nosed shaped clitoris while daughter took dad’s penis in her mouth and starts sucking it wildly, so getting fucked with his tongue fast I am feeling the sensation in my whole body especially vagina, so I left his penis as looking at him ” dad we are in washroom and on it’s floor, so I think we should leave ” as he left my vagina and I stand infront of him and there Ritu is waiting for her fuck to get happen soon, my dad Pritam put my body turned as his hand have hold my waist and now as I put my arms on wall, it seems like a four legged animal and there my both thighs are wide spread as looked back to see his 8-9 inches long cock now going inside my wet pussy as he pushed it gently and than fucked me hard ” oh dad it’s hard ” as his round hard cock found it’s place, so I felt hot as I started swinging my buttocks and he is giving me a hard dick while squeezing my tits, so my soft buttocks is hitting hard on his waistline and both are giving eachother immense pleasure ” uh oh dad your daughter have become a hot dirty slut aah
( Dad going hard while my buttocks is motionless ) yes my lovely daughter we will be on bed tonight again ” as his long hard penis have made my cunt dry and hot, I am just shaking my waist and he is fucking me like a roaring tiger as I need his cocks cum soon, both are sounding sexier and after a while dad screamed as his cock ejaculates semen inside vagina ” uh oh yes my sexy baby ” and I took his wet penis in my mouth to taste it’s cum…..

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