Daddy’s precious girl – New Sex Story

” Its so nice having daddy daughter time dad. ” Bianca said smiling at her father across the table in the packed restaurant.

” Yes darling it is, you know when your in town you can stay with your mother and I. ” Bren said.

” Yes I know. ” She replied. ” Well I quite like a hotel. Its somewhere private to get away to. You know life at home, husband two children under 5. Its a place to relax, and enjoy the solitude for three nights I’m away for work.

” Fair enough darling. I suppose your thirty now. ” He replied as the waitress came to the table. She was a young girl in a tight black jeans and a tight blue top with the restaurant’s logo across her bosom.

” Is every thing ok? ” She asked. Bren’s eyes admiring her bosom then met her eyes.

” … Aggghhh well. Yes. Every things fine. ” He replied giving her a quick smile.

” Good. ” The waitress replied. ” More drinks? ”

” No. ” Bianca said looking at her watch. ” Cheque please. ”

” Certainly. ” The waitress said turning and stepping away. Bren eyes following her arse for a second and her long blonde hair tied in a pony tail.

” Dad. ” Bianca said getting his attention.

” What? ” He replied knowing his daughter had caught him perving.

Bianca paid for dinner and they headed for the lift.

Bianca was a 30 yr old traveling account manager on her once a month trip away meeting clients. She made her way into her hotel room her father close behind.

It was 7pm. She threw her keys on the table with her handbag. Her suitcase open on the couch. Her underwear and bras on top. Bren glanced down and she noticed.

” Shit sorry . ” She said semi embarrassed her father seeing her suitcase. She pushed her clothes in and closed the lid picking it up and lay it on the other chair

” Its ok darling. Its not like I haven’t seen them before. ” He said.

” Dad. ” She said sitting on the bed lifting each foot slipping off her high heels.

” Only joking sweetheart. ” He said resisting the temptation to catch a glimpse up her black short skirt.

” Its great getting those off at the end of the day. ” She said she stood walking over to the bench lifting a bottle opening it, ” You wont want a whiskey will you? ” She said pouring herself one.

” Yes please. ” He replied smiling at her.

” Guess your getting a taxi home then? ” She replied pouring two glasses.

He looked at her bed, one king size bed in the room.

” No, you will be sleeping on the floor. ” She said smiling.

” No, there’s a bed at the office, across the road. Its empty tonight. ” He said.

” Well then. ” She replied smiling at him stepping over handing him.

” Lets get in the jacuzzi. ” She said.

” Slight problem with that darling. I have no swimwear. ” He said smiling.

” I will solve that problem. ” She replied stepping over to her suitcase. ” I wont tell anyone. This is our secret. ” She pulled out a pair of bikini bottoms. ”

” Your fuckin joking. ” He said.

” No just like speedos. ” She replied.

” Bianca, my daughters togs. No way. ”

” Oh come on. They are floral. They will suit you. ” She said giggling. ” Tell you what. I will get changed first then you can ok? ”

” You cant tell a soul. ” He said ” I mean it. ”

” No. ” She said reaching in her suitcase pulling out another bikini. A red and black string bikini.

After changing she went and got into the pool. Bren went into the bathroom. He saw her red blouse neatly over the rail, her red bra on top
Her black skirt on the floor, her underwear and stockings tucked underneath. He stripped off and held out her bikini bottoms.

” Oh fuck. ” He said. ” He pulled them up his legs tucking his cock in. They surprisingly covered him. ” Just like speedos he said. He admired his bulge in his daughters togs. He wrapped a towel around his waist and entered our. He saw her in the pool.

” Lets see. ” She said sipping her whiskey.

” Our secret Bianca. ” He said removing the towel.

” Oh shit dad. Oh fuck yes. Well at least they keep everything in….. Just. I love the floral look on you. ” She said as he got in the pool.

” I am so embarrassed. ” He said.

” If you cant wear your daughters togs. ” She said.

” This is nice. ” He said.

” Yeh. This is why I love my time away. To be me. Not a mother, not a wife. Just me. ” She said.

” Yeh. I suppose you don’t get time to yourself. ” Bren said smiling at her.

” Oh fuck no, its just nice been able to drink again after breast feeding. ” She said.

” Yes. I would miss alcohol. ” Bren replied.

” Ummmm. I did. Especially been pregnant. I tell you my tits are not like they used to be dad. ” She said looking down cupping her b cup bust.

” I’m sure they are still beautiful. ” He said.

” Oh dad. Thanks. After two children sucking on them and feeding. Shit. I’m glad to get the bloody things back. ” She said.

” So hows things at home with your husband ? ” Bren asked.

Bianca sighed. ” Well ok I guess. I mean our sex life is a bit boring. His mother nagging me about having a third child, she knows I have had my tubes tied so I cant get pregnant. Im selfish she said to me. After the second labour, how painful and hard it was. My tear. I mean no way. I love two kids. ” She said.

” So boring sex life? ” Bren said sitting against the edge. She moved over sitting next to him in the corner swinging her legs over his lap. His arm up behind her head.

” Yeh, well, I try to initiate it but he doesn’t seem to want to do anything out of the bedroom. No foreplay, just in and cum then go to sleep. Fuck I don’t know in the last three years if we have gone more than five minutes. ” She said.

” Wow. ” Bren said.

” You know, a month ago the kids were at his mum’s, I dressed up in my old school uniform with stockings. My hair in pigtails. He came home, I threw myself at him. He told me not to be so childish. ”

” What a jerk. ” Bren said.

” I know. Dad I want more from just ‘normal’ in bed missionary, one minute sex. ” She said.

” What do you want. Have you talked to him. ”

” Yes, he thinks anything out of the usual, is bad. He wont even fuck me on the couch in the lounge. ”

” So what do you enjoy sexually? ” Bren asked.

She sighed again. She loved been so close to her father. Sitting next to him her head on his shoulder. ” I don’t know. We haven’t done anything to know. ” She said

” Ok, what do you want to do? ” He asked.

” You really want to know? ” She said.

” Yes dear tell me. ”

” Ok, promise this stays between us, just like you wearing floral bikini bottoms. ” She said.

” Ok deal. ” He replied. His eyes glancing at her cleavage.

” Ok, stop looking at my tits. ” She said.

” Shit sorry I…. ”

” Just teasing. Look do you want to see them? ”

” Oh what? ” He replied.

” See them, would you like to see my tits. ” She said.

” Oh Bianca, I cant, your my….. ”

” …..daughter yes, but you have been perving at them for the last ten minutes. ” She said smiling.

” I’m sorry ever since we started talking about you breast feeding and your boobs. I…. ” .

” Go on touch them. Take my top off. ” She said. He looked at her she smiled as he reached up cupping her bosom. He started fondling them over her bikini top feeling her hard nipple underneath. ” Oh dad yes. ” She said.

He felt his cock harden. He pulled her cup to the side her breast exposed. He admired her nipple her areola. Hi hand now on her flesh. She reached up loosening the tie behind her head. Her top fell down, both breasts now free, her father fondling them. He leant in kissing them. He kissed down to her nipple kissing and licking it as he fondled and squeezed them.

” You know they are nice darling. ” He said.

” Thanks dad ” she said. ” Just wish my husband appreciated them.

” I do. ” He said.

” Yeh you know your only the second man to see them. I’ve got a female doctor, my husband wanted me to have a female. He doesn’t like other men seeing me naked. He thinks he should be the only one to see me naked. ” Bianca said.

” So is this more that you want another man to see you naked, to appreciate your body. ” Bren asked still looking and fondling her breasts.

She sighed and hugged him. ” Well no not really….. ok yes….. You know my friends and I talk about sex and they all tell stories of where they have had sex, who they have slept with. Experiences. Me I’ve had sex with one man, the only place I’ve done it is the bedroom missionary style. I want to try new positions, new places, be caught fucking in the bush half naked. I’ve started doing things behind his back. ” She said.

” Oh what kind of things? ” Bren asked.

” Wear no knickers wearing a short skirt in town, I’ve been to adult shops, I’ve been tempted to flash strangers like my friend Rach her husband doesn’t mind. I feel so horny and want to try stuff sexually. ”

” Are you saying other people? ” Bren asked.

She looked up at him and forced out the answer ” Yes. Dad I want to have sex with other men. ” She said.

” Oh wow. ” He said looking at her. ” Your sure about this? ”

” Yes dad. You know when my husbands fucking me, I am so bored. There’s no enjoyment. I find myself thinking that its a fireman or another man fucking me not my husband. I’ve watched a bit of porn and I know its all scripted and made up but, I want to have sex with a repairman at home, I want to experience like three or four men at the same time, give oral sex, receive oral sex. I have oral sex, I know how to do it, I’ve watched and practiced on a dildo….. ”

” Have you? ” Bren said.

” Yes dad, I just want to practice on the real thing. ” She said.

” Do you? ” He asked.

” Ummm. ” She moaned. She reached between her legs feeling her fathers erection. He jumped.

” Bianca. ” He said.

” Can I practice on you daddy. ” She said. ” Please. I’ve showed you my breasts. ” She added.

” Darling. I don’t know….I… ”

” … my father I know, you have groped and sucked my tits. Let me suck your cock. ” She said. ” In wont tell. ” She said rubbing his thick shaft under her bikini bottoms he was wearing.

” Ok, ” he said.

” Yay. ” She replied as she stood. Bren admired her breasts sitting naturally hanging on her chest her beautiful shaped b cup bosom. Her nipples sitting on them pointing straight out at him. He sat up on the edge. He looked down at his bulge barely been contained in the floral clothing of his daughters. She knelt down placing her hand on his bulge feeling his cock underneath.

” What would your mother say? ” Bren said looking down at her.

” Our secret. Does mum… know….?

” Suck my cock? Yes she does. She gives a nice blowjob. ” Bren said.

” Wow, do you…. ”

” Eat her pussy. Yes. ” Bren said.

” Lucky her… I’ve… ”

” ….never had oral sex by a man. ” Bren asked.

” No. ” She said. ” I have had a woman. I’ve slept with a girl. My friend Rach. We spent a lot of time giving each other oral sex. ” Bianca said. ” But no man has ever done it to me. ”

” Your bi? ” Bren asked.

” Yes, no my husband doesn’t know. I’ve talked to Rach about my boring sex life. She asked me to join her and her husband in a threesome. ”

” Why haven’t you? ”

” Nervous, I feel I’m not sexually experienced enough. ” She said leaning in kissing the bulge over her floral bikini bottoms.

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