Dale and Felicity (Afterwards) – New Sex Story

Felicity entered her parents bathroom, her father behind her. He reached stepped into the shower to turn it on. Felicity smiled looking at his naked body.

She sat on the toilet and smiled as she urinated.

” Never thought I’d be watching you got to the toilet. ” He said stepping over to the basin looking down at her on the toilet, she opened her legs, he saw her piss comming out of her groin, seeing her sitting naked on the toilet.

She laughted as he looked at himself in the mirror.

He stepped into the walk in shower letting the water fall over his naked body. He watched as Felicity stood up and turned flushing the toilet, he watched as she reached above her head retightening her ponytail.

She stepped into the shower looking up and down her fathers naked body. His cock semi erect. She reached out holding it, getting used to the feel of a mans penis. She slowly stroked it looking up at him. ” Does this ever go down ” she said

” Not when there is beautiful naked women in my shower. ” He replied.

” Oh yes dad. ” She said stepping up to him wrapping her arms around his neck pressing her body against him. He slid his hands to her hips pulling her in. They kissed ” So how many naked women do you have in your shower then? ” She asked.

” Umm. ” He said looking up and grabbing the soap. ” Including you and your mother…. I would say two. ” He replied.

” Good answer ” she said smiling as he started soaping her back. She turned her head resting it on his chest. She sighed. ” This is so nice. ” She said.

” Whats that darling? ” He asked his daughter.

She held him tighter, ” Naked, showering with you. ” She said. ” I love been naked with you dad. ” She said. ” I love you seeing my naked body, playing with it, pleasuring it. Just been with you here like this, what we have just done. ” She added.

” Sounds like you have been wanting to for a while? ” He questioned. ” Not just a spontaneous thing tonight. ”

” I could say the same. ” She said looking up at him. ” When did you decide you wanted to fuck me. We both didn’t hesitate tonight. ” She said.

” I guess I have always been aware of you growing up and we seem to have a real bond. ” He said.

” We do. ” She replied. ” We sure do now. ” She said giggling.

He washed down to her buttocks rubbing soap over them. She moaned her arms around her back. He squeezed hee buttocks and kissed the top of her head. She then turned around in his arms, her back now against his chest. He soaped over her stomach and up to her breasts washing them. He leant over her neck moving her hair out the way with one hand as he washed and fondled her breasts with the other. He kissed her ear and neck, his hands squeezing her bosom.

She then reached behind grabbing his cock playing with it as he fondled her.

He stepped back and pushed her forward. He ran his hands down her back to her arse squeezing both arse cheeks. He grabbed the soap and washed between her buttocks. He spread her legs as she leant forward resting her hands on the shower wall. He stood to the side admiring her arse as he rubbed and washed it.

He reached between her legs from behind moving his hand on to her pussy clutching the soap. He held her arse cheek as he washed her pussy from behind with the soap, he washed her clit, washed her labias pushing the soap between her labias. He moved it over her anus lathering up the soap. He washed her buttocks. He put the soap on the rack and returned his hand rubbing her pussy from behind.

He pushed two fingers into her vagina and started slowly finger fucking her.

” Oh dad. ” She moaned opening her legs wider as he fingered her wet moist pussy. He then knelt behind her. He kissed her buttocks. He then removed his fingers and opened her buttocks with his hands admiring her anus and the engorged swollen labias.

He leant in kissing her buttocks, kissing in her crack down to her anus, he licked over her anus and vagina pushing his tongue over both holes. He looked at her anus kissing it, rubbing it with his thumb as looked at it.

He returned licking it and circling it with his tongue. He licked again down to her vagina pushing his tongue around it.

” Fuck yes dad, please, don’t stop. I love you licking and sucking my arse and pussy. ” She said.

For the next five minutes he pleasured her arse and pussy. He then stood grabbing his cock.

He positioned it on the top of her arse crack and rubbed his knob slowly down to her anus. He rubbed his knob over her hole circling it.

” Oh fuck yes. Oh fuck. ” She moaned feeling her dads knob press against her arsehole. She felt it stretch as it pushed around it. He then slid his knob to her pussy. He circled her vagina opening. He put his knob on her vagina.

” Put it in ” she moaned.

With one swift push, his cock re-entered his 17 yr old daughters pussy. He stood back opening her arse cheeks with his hands as he watched his cock enter her between her swollen pussy lips.

” Aghhhhhh darling yes. ” He said holding it in there.

” Fuck yes. Fuck. ” She said. ” Fuck that is so fuckin nice. I love your cock in me dad. ” She said.

He slowly pulled back watching his thick shaft emerge from his daughters pussy, then as the knob appeared he pushed back in, with a exhaling sigh from his daughter. He stood slowly pulling out and pushing in listening to her moans of pleasure. He played with her anus with his thumb rubbing it.

” Put your thumb in me arse. ” She said moaning.

Dale wriggled his thumb in her anus watching it disappear into her hole as he slowly fucked her pussy.

” Oh dad. ” She moaned ” Fuck yes. ” She said.

He slowly fucked her arse with his thumb and her pussy with his cock listening to her groans of pleasure as she leant on the shower wall. He leant back grabbing her ponytail holding it up pulling on it.

” Yes daddy. ” She moaned. She loved his cock in her pussy, thumb in her arse him pulling her hair at the same time, the shower water running down her back. ” I’m your slut. Call me your little slut. ” She said.

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” You enjoy that my little slut. ” He said

” Oh daddy yes. I do. ” She moaned. ” Oh yes. Fuck your little slut. ” She said.

He then pulled our of her.

” On your knees slut. ” He said.

She turned and dropped to her knees. She knew he wanted her to suck his cock. She grabbed it and opened her mouth, he pushed it in her mouth. She sucked his knob as she stroked him.

” That’s it darling suck daddy’s cock. ” He said.

She moaned as he slowly started thrusting into her mouth, she sealed her lips around his shaft, he thrust as if her mouth was her pussy. He held her head as he thrusted her.

” That’s it. ” He said ” Good girl. ” He turned her head to the side moving her long hair to one side watching his cock move between her lips.

She cupped his balls fondling them.

” Ummm. ” She moaned as he pushed deeper in her mouth.

He then took it our letting her lick and kiss his knob and shaft. She stroked it, licked it, played with it.

She started wanking him. He moaned as she licked his knob as she stroked him.

” Cum daddy, cum in my mouth. ” She said looking up at him. She opened her mouth. He reached down grabbing his shaft, he took over wanking himself, he aimed his cock at his daughters mouth as she knelt on the shower floor.

” Shit. ” He said ” Cum. ” He said.

” Do you need to fuck me more? ” She said.

” Do you want me to fuck you more? ” He asked.

” Yes please. ” She replied. She stood turning her back to him pointing her arse at him. Put our cock back in daddy. ” She said.

He lifted his cock back to her arse rubbing his cock on her pussy. He slid it back in her pussy holding her arse as he listened to her moan as he fucked her pussy again, watching his cock thrust in and out of her.

” I love this. ” She moaned. She then turned around his cock slipping out. She wrapped her arms around her neck. He lifted his 17 yr old daughter up holding her arse pressing her against the wall. He slipped his cock back in her. She kissed his lips as he fucked her.

Five minutes later he moaned. ” Are you going to cum? ” She said

” Oh yes. ” He said.

” Cum in my mouth. ” She said slipping off kneeling back on the floor.

He looked down at the water running down her body over her breasts. He stood wanking his cock, her mouth open ready to receive his cum.

” Oh fuck. ” He moaned.

” Cum daddy, cum in my mouth. ” She said her hands rubbing his thighs. ” Cum. ”

” Oh fuck. ” He said stopping holding his cock as cum shot into his daughters face. She slid her mouth around his knob, cum shooting into her mouth. She swallowed his semen and took over holding his cock. She licked and sucked it clean, sucking and licking his semen up.

” Oh fuck Felicity. ” He said looking down at her enjoying his cock. She licked it, kissed it, sucked it, stroked it.

She then stood hugging him. ” Yummy. ” She said.

They kissed and rubbed each other letting the water run over their bodies.

Felicity stepped out of the shower, she picked up a towel and started to dry herself. She looked at and watched her father wash his cock in the shower. She grinned at him as she stepped naked into her parents room. She walked into her mothers wardrobe looking through her mothers clothes.

She opened her drawers. She knew where everything was, she often looked in her mothers wardrobe. She often tried on her clothes. They were a similar size except her mothers breasts were a size bigger than hers.

She opened her mothers lingerie drawer, listening to her father step out of the shower. She pulled out a red lace g string and put it on. She stood in front of the mirror looking at the lace g string on her, her pussy visible through it. She turned looking at her back admiring her arse, the red g string disappearing in her arse.

She then pulled out a red satin slip. She slid it over her head and down her body. She adjusted the lace cups over her breasts. She could see her nipples through the lace. It said just at the top of the g string. She picked up her mothers brush and started doing her hair.

” I’m his bitch this week mummy. ” She said in the mirror. She felt like she was taking over. Her mothers room, her bed, her clothes, her husband. ” Thanks mum. ” Felicity said turning seeing her naked father walk in.

” Oh wow baby. ” He said. ” Your mothers clothes. ” He said.

He stepped up behind her putting his hands on her arse leaning in kissing her neck.

” If I’m going to be your wife this week. I need to wear her her clothes. ” She said.

” You know, I would like you to be my daughter some days as well. ” He said.

” Yes. ” She said turning wrapping her arms around his neck. ” Ok how about today and tomorrow I be your daughter, the next day I be your wife. ” She said.

” Sounds good to me baby. So tonight my daughter wearing my wife’s clothes. ” He said.

” Ummm yes daddy. Lets get into bed. ” She said kissing him.

” Ok, you look nice in these. ” He said.

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