Dale and Felicity make love

She sat waiting. The inticipation of the next step. She couldn’t wait, she longed for it she longed for his cock in her.

Dale stood gazing at his daughters open legs. The engorged slit of her moist pussy presenting its self to him. He still looked at the full frontal of his naked teenage daughter. Her breasts, her well toned athletic body. He saw her as a grown woman even though she was only 17. She sucked cock like she had been for years. She was horny and confident, all the porn she had watched was paying off. They seemed to enjoy the same things together.

She looked down as he held his cock. His 7 inches getting ready to be pushed into her virgin hole. She couldn’t wait. She knew doing it with her father was wrong in most peoples eyes but for her and him, they felt a bond most people would never understand. Why can’t a father and his daughter make love, why can’t a mother and her son make love, or even a brother and his sister. Sex is sex. She felt disgust at the stigma of family sexual relationships. If its consentual and in a caring environment. Hey who’s to judge.

She opened her legs wide smiling. She slid her hands up to her breasts, she cupped them and fondled them, she slid a hand to her pussy sliding her fingers over her labias rubbing them them up to her clit rubbing it smiling cheekily at her father, he stood his cock in hand slowly rubbing it.

” You like watching me play with myself? ” She asked.

” Yes. ” He replied smiling at her watching her fondle and caress her breasts, rub her pussy.

She moaned closing her eyes pushing the tips of her fingers into her vagina. She circled her entrance as she rubbed her nipples. She loved her father was watching her pleasure herself. She had masturbated for so long, yearning for sex. Now she could. She lifted her fingers from her pussy putting them in her mouth sucking them smiling and grinning with her eyes at her father standing watching her as he played with his cock. She returned her fingers to her pussy putting tips back in rubbing and poking herself.

She took them out presenting them to her father. He leant forward putting them in his mouth sucking the juices off. He loved the taste of her virgin pussy. He almost wished she could keep her virginity, the feeling of playing sexually with her. Her been a virgin.

He stepped closer to her. She sighed as she knew what she was about to do. Her pussy tingling. She could feel the sticky cum on her breasts. His cum over her chest and bosom.

She grinned, he grinned as they locked their eyes in a stare. The look of approval and permission for what they were about to do. She blew him a teasing kiss. He smiled back. He leant in lifting his cock guiding his knob to her clit.

She jumped as her fathers cock touched her pussy for the first time. His hard knob making contact with her pussy. She just wanted him inside her, fucking her.

” So we are doing this? ” She said feeling his knob rub around her clit looking up into his eyes.

” You still want to darling? I mean if you don’t its ok darling? ” Dale said.

” Yes dad, yes I do. ” She said leaning in lifting her head kissing his lips feeling him move his knob around her clit. He rubbed it down the left side of her outer labia, then up the outside of her right outer labia to her clit rubbing over her vagina opening softly as he passed.

He pushed it down inside her inner labias to her vagina then back up. His precum oozing over her soft young pink virgin flesh.

She moaned feeling his cock rub over her pussy.

” Ohhhh fucck. ” She said feeling it on her. He pushed it to her vaginal opening and circled it around her hole pushing against it as he rubbed.

” I will put it in slowly. ” He said kissing her lips. He slowly pushed the tip of his knob against her spreading her hole.

” Shit yes. ” She said feeling it stretch her. He pushed further his knob nearly in.

” You ok? ” He asked pushing it in a bit further his knob now inside her pussy.

” Oh yes dad. ” She moaned don’t stop. She pushed her pussy against his cock sliding down her fathers shaft a bit further. It felt a bit uncomfortable as she knew he was only a third of the way in her. She stopped sliding up and down the top of his cock been fucked by his knob only. He groped her breast.

He pushed a bit further. His cock now halfway in her. She rode his cock holding the edge of the pool her feet on the spa seat supporting her as she lifted her arse to move against her fathers cock.

With each small push from her father, combined with her slowly riding his cock that was in her, she felt his whole cock slid in her.

They both stopped his cock still in her pussy. She looked down to see his shaft between her stretched labias.

” Oh dad. ” She said smiling her hand on his chest. He pulled back slowly then thrust back in gripping her breast.

She squeezed his chest pushing against him as he slowly thrust in and out of her.

” You like that? ” He asked.

” Oh fuck yes. Fuck me. ” She said.

She rested her arse on the pool leaning back letting him slowly move his cock in her pussy.

” Oh yes, that’s so good. ” She said.

He looked down seeing a smear of her blood on his shaft. She leant her head back closing her eyes feeling him fuck her pussy between her wide open legs. His hand caressing her breast. She slid her hand down rubbing her clit opening her fingers pushing down either side of his erect shaft fucking her pussy rubbing her engorged swollen labias.

She felt him freely fucking her now. His cock moving faster in her pussy. The uncomfortable stage over now. She was now enjoying it. Been fucked by her father. Their moment, their father and daughter moment. It felt nice. A real connection with him. A unusual connection with him but it felt so good, so safe.

She wanted to loose it, but not with a random guy. She wanted it with someone she trusted. That’s why she chose her father. A man she loved the most in the world. The man she trusted the most in the world.

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She moaned feeling him in her. She knew it was safe, she knew she couldn’t get pregnant after her dads operation after her younger sister was born. She wanted his cum, not just over her tits but in her pussy, in her womb. She wanted his warm sticky glob in her, to feel it oozing from her wet moist hole.

Her dad moaned speeding up in her.

” Cum in me please. ” She said feeling her own orgasm building up. The third one tonight. Her body tensed, her vagina contracting in her dads hard shaft inside her. A wave rode through her body, she moaned and closed her eyes as the orgasm engulfed her body. A minute later her dad pushed one last thrust, one last moan as he released a wave of his semen into her pussy.

” Fuck yes Felicity. ” He said. ” Oh fuck. ”

” Oh yes daddy, that was so good. Fuck yes. I’m no longer a virgin. Thank you. ” She said.

” No your not. ” He replied.

They kissed. He caressed her breast his hard cock still in her. His cum running into her womb. Her vagina tight around his cock.

” I love our little secret. ” She said softly giving him short kisses on his lips. He loved feeling her soft young cherry flavoured lip gloss on his lips as they kissed.

” Yes me to. ” He replied. ” This has to be our little secret. No way anybody can find out. ” He said.

” Not even the spacemen in the sky. ” She giggled looking up.

He laughted as his cock slid our of her pussy. They looked down at the stringy cum like a cobweb joining from his cock to her pussy.

” Not even the spacemen. ” He said as globs of cum dripped into the pool. He slid in the water opening her legs. Cum dripping from her. He looked up and smiled as he licked her his cum from her pussy, they both watched as he pushed his fingers deep into her pussy pushing his cum further into her and some oozed out . He licked her clit and labias licking his cum off her pussy.

” Oh daddy yes. ” She moaned. ” I love that. ” She said. ” Its nice having a pussy full of your cum. ” She said.

Dale then stood as Felicity sat in the pool. She picked up her dads cock seeing his cum oozing from his knob. She looked up as she bravely opened her mouth and slid his knob in her mouth. She had seen post sex oral on porn movies.

She sucked his knob tasting his cum and her pussy juices. She could feel her pussy, still stretched from sex. She looked up at him as she held his cock licking and kissing and playing with it.

She loved it. She loved the new relationship with her father. She loved the naked time with him. She loved been naked with him. She loved him seeing her breasts, her pussy, touching her, feeling her, tasting her, caressing her, making love to her.

He sat back in the pool she straddled him kneeling on the seat facing him, her arms around his neck.

” We had sex. ” She said. ” It was so fuckin nice dad. ” She said.

” Was it what you expected, I mean loosing your virginity? ” He asked.

” Well it didn’t hurt as much, I think my pussy loves your cock to much. ” She said grinning at him.

” Well then dear that’s good. ” He said.

” Oh I loved every minute of it. ” She replied leaning in kissing his lips. He groped her breasts fondling then. Playing with her nipples. She leant back her arms stretched out, her hands on his shoulders. She looked down watching him play with her breasts.

” Sex is great. ” She said. He leant forward kissing her lips.

He then leant back getting back to her breasts.

” Oh it is darling. ” He replied.

” I’m looking forward to this week. Sleeping together in the same bed, making love, been your wife for a week. ” She said. ” I might even wear some of mum’s clothes. My boobs wont quite fill her tops out like her tits do, but it could be fun for both of us. What do you reckon? Your daughter playing mum for a week ” she replied.

” Felicity! ” He said ” Your my daughter not my wife ”

” Oh dad, lets roleplay. Lets play husband and wife this week. ” She said smiling at him.

” Are you serious? ” He said. ” Do you really want to, I might just want you to be my daughter this week.

” Why not. I mean we are fucking so why not pretend to be married while mums away? ” She replied.

” Ok dear. ” He said.

” Yay. ” She said. ” You can come home from work and be greeted by me, your wife. ”

They sat together for another thirty minutes in the spa.

They got out if the spa making the short walk in the private courtyard naked to the lounge doors, a walk she had made naked many times, but when home alone. They walking inside naked to the stairs after getting a drink in the kitchen. They walked upstairs to the shower.

Dale following his naked daughter up the stairs admiring her perfect shaped arse and her hourglass figure as they made their way up the stairs. He admired her bare buttocks in front of him, her long hair down her back. He loved her naked body.

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