Dale and Felicity – New Sex Story

10.28 am. Monday


Felicity sat in class. Unable to concentrate. Her fathers cum in her pussy. She could feel her wet panties against her pussy stained with the creamy gloobby cum from her father. She thought of the night before, naked with her father. Her fathers hands and mouth over her breasts and pussy, the way he ate her pussy. The way he licked and sucked her clit and labias. She could almost still feel her fathers cock in her pussy the way he fucked her, in the pool, in the shower last night, her parents bed this morning, over the couch this morning.

She loved the secret of having her fathers semen in her pussy, in her underwear at school. She loved older men.

She looked at Mr Wright, her math teacher. He was 53, handsome and looked nice in his suits, even though his wife taught science in the next block. She had a attraction to him. She imagined Mr Wrights cock in her.


Dale sat in his office going over paperwork. He thought about the night before, the relationship developing with his daughter.

The image of her naked body in his mind, he knew her body better than his wife. The taste of her body, her pussy, her arse. He loved licking her anus, kissing her anus, her pussy, her breasts, watching his cock in her mouth, her pussy.

He thought of what they would do next. He loved that they both watched porn. He could watch porn with her together. Naked. Masturbate together, masturbate each other. He loved he had access to her body. To savour, to kiss, to fondle, to fuck. His cock hard at the thought as his door opened.

Claire his PA walked in. Claire was 23 5ft 9, short shoulder length dark hair, beautiful sexy legs in her short pencil skirt, her red v neck blouse exposing a hint of cleavage.

He looked up imaging his daughter in her clothes. Mentally undressing her.

” Claire yes. ” Dale said having to get the thoughts of his sexual relationship with his 17 yr old daughter out of his head. His eyed quickly running up and down Claire’s body.

” I have the Dorkins file finished. ” She said smiling down at him. He leant back taking it from her hand.

” Thanks for doing that Claire. ” He said.

” That’s ok Mr Scott. ” She said.

” Dale, call me Dale. ” He replied smiling at her.

” Oh ok. Gosh calling my boss by his first name. ” She replied.

” That’s ok Claire, sit. I have something I need to tell you. ” Dale said.

” Oh ok. ” She said stepping to the chair opposite his desk. She sat crossing her legs, she noticed Dales eyes quickly glance at her legs as she sat. Dale hoped for a glance at her underwear feeling disappointed at not seeing anything.

” You see Claire, my wife is away, I thought my daughter was going as well…… ”

” But she hasn’t, which means we can’t see each other this week. ” Claire replied.

” Well no, I’m sorry. Not at my place. ” He replied.

” I wanted to. I miss you. My husband is so boring. Now I’m pregnant its like he feels like he has done his duty. ” Claire replied.

” Look I know darling. I miss you to. I miss our sex. ” Dale replied. ” But my daughter wants this week for her and I to spend some time together without mum. Sort of bonding time. Just us. ”

” Its nice really. Just my husband away, your wife away. Perfect for us. ” Claire replied.

Dale tried so hard how to think of a way to fuck Claire and his daughter together, a threesome. Claire young 23 sexy, Felicity 17 young his beautiful daughter.

” I know, the fact your pregnant is so extra appealing. ” Dale replied

” You know its funny how with the glass, people in the office can see us talking, not know we are discussing our affair. ” Claire said.

” Yes I is. ” Dale said smiling his cock hard in his trousers.

” You know. I have a fantasy. ” Claire said.

” Ok whats that? ” Dale asked taking a sip of water.

” To be fired come out of the office crying. People know I’ve just been fired, Then to meet you later and fuck you. ” Claire said.

” Could be arranged. ” Dale replied smiling at her.

” Fuck, I want to suck your cock right now. ” Claire said.

” I want to fuck your pregnant pussy. ” Dale said. ” I wish it was my baby in their. ” He said.

” Your wife might not approve. ” Claire said. ” I better get back to work. ” She said. She slightly opened her legs enough for him to see a quick look up her dress. I’m wearing the underwear you brought me by the way. If you want to see more of them on me, figure out a way we can fuck this week. My pussy wants you. ” She said getting up smiling careful not to flirt with him. He almost cum in his pants there and then.


” Hurry up Felicity. ” April said from outside the toilet stall.

” Be two minutes ” Felicity said standing one foot up on the toilet seat. He skirt off hanging on her hook on the door, she pushed play on her phone. Two minutes later she was dressed and walked out to wash her hands and leave for lunch with her friends.


Dale sat and looked at the message on his phone seeing it was from his daughter. ” Check e mail. ” It said. As agreed he deleted the text. He opened his private e mail, the email even his wife wasn’t aware of. He saw felicity email address. It was titled. ‘Wet panties.’

He opened it seeing his daughter in the toilet stall, her skirt on the wall behind her. The phone moving down to her underwear. Her knickers in view over her pussy, her fingers rubbing her underwear. He watched as she pulled them down showing inside, the cum and wet fabric visible as she rubbed her clit.

He heard her friend. ” Hurry up Felicity. ”

” Be two minutes. ” He heard her reply. The
camera now showing her underwear pulled to the side showing her whole pussy. ” Fuck. ” He said smiling careful because his staff could see him through the glass walls of the office. He saw the camera move up her body to her face, she blew him a kiss then she turned off the video, he rewound it pausing on a still shot of her pussy, he sat admiring it. He wanted it again.

” Tonight. ” He said closing down the e-mail the image of her wet sloppy cum covered pussy in his head. He was sure he could still taste her pussy on his lips.

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6.45 pm.

Felicity stepped out of the shower, her clothes on her parents bedroom floor. She stood naked and looked at her young teen body in the mirror.

She smiled as she slipped on her mothers black lace bra. Her mothers black lacy g string showing most of her pussy, she did her hair putting it up in a ponytail. She put on a suspender belt and suspender stockings. She put on red high heels and some make-up. She wanted to look sexy for her father.

” Fuck me good tonight dad. Going to give your fuckin cock a workout tonight. She said in the mirror spraying her mothers perfume.

She heard his car pull into the garage. She walked to the kitchen pouring two glasses of wine.

She loved going from school girl to a mature woman. She wanted to be used tonight, she wanted to be fucked.

She stood in the kitchen, she couldn’t believe she was dressing up for her father, in a sexual way. She loved him seeing her this way. She waited in inticipation as she heard him close the internal garage door, he walked down the hallway to the lounge and around to the dining room, he saw her.

” Hi handsome. ” She said sipping her glass of wine.

” Felicity. ” He said putting his briefcase on the floor stepping into the kitchen.

” Hi. ” She said feeling so sexy, dominant and free. ”

He stepped up to her seeing her in his wife’s lingerie. He put his hands on her hips looking up and down her body.

” Fuck you look good. ” He said smiling at her, he admired her bust, her nipples visible through the lace fabric. The slit of her pussy visible through the lace of her panties. His cock hard.

” Thank you daddy. ” She said smiling. ” I feel so fuckin horny. ” She said.

” From the video you sent me. Wow I know beautiful. ” He said picking up the glass of wine.

” Thanks, I want to be your slut tonight, use me, fuck me as much as you like. ” She said ” My pussy is yours to use. ” She said.

” Wow. ” He replied ” Ok. ”

” I want my holes filled with cum. ” She said leaning in kissing his neck. He slid his hands to her bust cupping her breast. She groped his groin feeling his hard cock under his trousers.

” Well it could be arranged baby. ” He said as they kissed lips.

” I love you daddy. ” She said. ” I want you so much. ” She added

They stood french kissing their hands on each others hips.

” I love you to baby. ” He said. He slid his hands down over her buttocks pulling her into him. They kissed, they played.

” I want to be your sex toy. ” She said. ” I want you to fuck me when you want. I want to be available for you 24 hrs a day. My pussy is your pussy. I love your cock. ” She said.

” Ok. ” He replied. He turned her around leaning her over the counter. He pulled the g string to the side and admired her clean pussy. He pushed his knob against her now wet pussy lips and pushed his cock in her pussy. He ran his hand up her back grabbing her long hair leaning back pulling it as he thrusted her pussy.

” Oh yes daddy, oh fuck yes. ” She moaned feeling his cock in her pussy again.

” You like that? ” He asked.

” Oh yes please. ” She moaned sipping her wine, her fathers cock in her. As he thrusted her he used his thumb to rub her anus. He pressed and pushed against her hole. He pushed his thumb into her arse slowly pulling it in and out as he thrusted her pussy.

” Still cant believe I’m fucking my daughter. ” He said.

” Its nice daddy. ” She said. ” Its nice you have my virginity daddy. ” She said.

” It is. ” He said.

” Do you want to fuck my arse? ” She said.

” Do you want me to? ” He said.

” Yes please. ” She replied. ” I will get some lube ” she added.

” He pulled out. She stood up and turned kissing his lips. Yay I’ve wondered what its like to have anal sex. ” She said. She headed upstairs to her room.

Dale stood in the kitchen and sipped his wine
as he watched her disappear up the stairs.

” What the fuck are you doing fucking your beautiful daughter. ” He said taking a big sip of his wine. He looked up at the ceiling and closed his eyes thinking of the week alone with his daughter, he thought of Claire. Then he heard the knock on the door.

” Oh shit. Who the fuck is that? ” He said walking to the door pulling his trousers up. He opened it.

” Hi. ” She said.

” Claire. ” Dale said.

” Hi babe. ” Claire said.

” Look you need to go. ” Dale said worried soon his half naked daughter was going to appear.

” Don’t you want to see me. ” She said.

” Look yes ” he said ” Its complicated. You need to go please. ” He said.

” Dale please, I need you. ” Claire said.

” Not tonight please. ” Dale said. His daughter would soon appear.

” Please. ” She said stepping forward cupping his groin.

” No, go now please ” Dale replied.

” Shit. ” Felicity said coming around the corner in her lingerie seeing Dale and Claire in the doorway.

” Oh fuck. ” Dale said seeing Felicity. They had been sprung. Father and daughter, Felicity would now know about him and Claire. It was awkward.

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