Dale and Felicity (Oh Claire)

” Wow. ” Claire said. ” Is this what it looks like? ” She said.

” Fuck. ” Dale said.

” Well, Felicity you look hot doesn’t she Dale ” Claire said.

” Thanks. ” Felicity said looking at Claire.

” So are you….. ”

” What? ” Dale said.

” You know, fucking. You both look guilty ” Claire said.

” Look. ” Dale said ” Claire please you…. ”

” Cant tell anyone, that my boss is fucking his daughter, while hes fucking me. ” Claire said.

” What? ” Felicity said.

” Yes darling, your father is fucking me to. ” Claire said.

” Dad serious? ” Felicity said.

” Look its…… ”

” Just sex…… ” Claire said.

” Oh fuck. ” Dale said. Claire looked at Felicity.

” Sex good? ” Claire said looking at her.

” Yes. ” Felicity said. ” Claire please this has to stay a secret please. ”

” Well I suppose, the same for me. My husband cant find out I’m fucking my boss. ” Claire said. ” Looks like we both have a secret. Don’t worry Felicity the baby is my husbands, not your fathers ok. ”

” Yes. ” Felicity said. ” You want a drink? ” Felicity said to Claire.

” Why not, now its all in the open. Don’t worry, I wont judge, what goes on in your private life has nothing to do with me. ” Claire said as Dale shut the door.

” I will go change ” Felicity said.

” Oh no its ok. You look sexy. ” Claire said. ” Don’t change because of me.

” I will. ” Felicity said looking at her father with a we have been caught face.

” Wine? ” Dale asked.

” Yes please. ” Claire said as she sat on the couch. Felicity went upstairs and put on a gown.

” Well Dale, your full of surprises, sleeping with your daughter. ” Claire said. ” I guess your wife doesn’t know. ”

” No, look Claire its not like that. Felicity is….. ”

” Growing into a young adult and has hormones and wants her dad to give her experience sexually. ” Claire said.

” Well when you say it like that, yes I guess that’s it. ” He said. Felicity stood around the corner listening.

” So you enjoy having sex with her, did you take her virginity? ” Claire asked.

” Yes I do, and yes I did take her virginity last night. ” Dale replied.

” So its that recent. You have been fucking me for a year. Your daughter for a day. ” Claire said.

” Yes, shes like you, she likes older men. ” Dale said.

” Ummmm yes, she has good taste. I thought marrying a man 5 years older than me was enough, but no, I like much older, look like I have said I love my husband. But I just need a older, I guess….. ”

” …..father figure. ” Felicity said walking in the room with her glass sitting with her father. She had taken her stockings and high heels off. She wore a black short sleeved v neck dress that sat knee length.

” I suppose so, your learning from your father.? ” Claire said.

” Yes, look us having sex is more, me learning about myself sexually instead of sleeping with multiple men. Been 17 its a safe environment. ” She said.

” Ok, well I guess we all have secrets that need to stay secrets. ” Claire said.

” Yes. ” Dale said. Felicity looked at her father. Claire smiled at him.

” Well then. Your wife is away? ” Claire said. ” So having a romantic night with your daughter is why you cant see me tonight? ”

” As weird as it sounds, I guess that’s right. ” Dale said.

” I have to share you with your wife and daughter ” Claire said.

” We could have a threesome? ” Felicity said smiling at her father.

” Threesome? ” Dale said. ” With you and…. ”

” Oh yes, Claire said. ” Why not. Your wife’s away, my husbands away, your daughter knows about us, I know about you to. Lets fuck. ”

” Oh well shit. ” Dale said. ” Well. ”

” Please daddy. ” Felicity said. ” I’d love Claire to join our fun.

” Thing is Felicity, can he handle two women? ” Claire said.

” Only one way to find out. ” Felicity replied winking at Claire.

” So Dale, you up to fucking your 17 yr old daughter, and your 3 month pregnant 23 yr old married lover? ” Claire asked.

” I think so ladies. ” Dale said feeling his cock pushing against his trousers. Claire sat forward and knelt on the floor. She unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock.

” We are ready. ” Claire said, ” Look at daddy’s cock. ” Claire said stroking it circling her tongue around his shaft and knob then pushing her mouth down his cock sucking it.

” Oh fuck yes. ” Dale said groaning putting his head back as Felicity watched. Claire took her mouth off and looked up at Dale.

” I taste pussy, were you two fucking before? ” Claire said.

” We were. ” Felicity said smiling.

” Well the hint of your pussy on him tastes yummy. ” Claire said.

” Thanks. ” Felicity replied looking down at Claire opening her legs lifting her skirt. Claire smiled and slid her hand up the inside of Felicity’s thigh finding her pussy with her fingers. She rubbed over her underwear as she looked down at Dales cock stroking it as sucked it and rubbed Felicity’s underwear.

Claire looked up at her from Dales cock hooking her finger inside Felicity’s underwear rubbing over her clit. ” Why don’t you go get into what you had on before. ” Claire said.

” What a good idea. ” Dale replied.

Felicity stood and disappeared into the bedroom to change again. The fact their was another woman in her dads life made her a bit jealous, but again it turned her on fucking him as father and daughter with someone else.

She checked herself in the mirror and headed back downstairs.

Claire sucked on Dales cock. She stroked it as she licked his shaft. She looked up at him and smiled. ” I want to watch you fuck your daughter. ” She said smiling.

” Do you? ” He said.

” Yeh I do. I want to watch father and daughter fuck each others brains out. ” Claire replied as Felicity walked downstairs in her mothers lacy bra, panties, suspender stockings and belt and high heels.

” Wow you look hot Felicity, considering your 17, you look more my age. ” Claire said.

” Claire wants to watch us have sex. ” Dale said smiling at his daughter.

” Really? ” Felicity said.

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” Oh I do girl. ” Claire replied.

Felicity all of a sudden felt so horny. She wanted her fathers cock, now been watched by someone who knew they were father and daughter made her extra horny. She sat next to her father crossing her legs leaning in to him starting to undo the buttons on his shirt as Claire played with his cock. Claire looked up as Felicity kissed Dales lips. They french kissed.

Felicity undid his shirt and started rubbing his chest. ” Fuck me daddy, fuck your little girl. ” She said. ” I want your cock. ” She said.

They kissed as Claire licked his knob, felicity rubbing his chest. Dale rubbed Felicity’s bust squeezing her breast. Felicity slid her hand to Dales hard cock and started to stroke it. Claire moved back as she watched Felicity stroke her fathers cock as her father kissed her lips and fondled her breast.

Felicity leant down to her fathers groin. Claire knelt watching as Felicity took her fathers cock deep into her mouth. Felicity slid her hand to her fathers balls as she sucked up and down her fathers shaft.

” Fuck darling. ” Dale said holding his daughters head as she sucked him off.

” His cock is yummy. ” Claire said.

” Ummmmmm. ” Felicity moaned looking up at Claire, his cock still in her mouth.

Claire stood up and unzipped her skirt dropping it to the floor. ” The undies you brought me. ” Claire said to Dale.

” They are nicer on. ” Dale said looking at the red lace panties with embroided black lace over the top, the red lace band on her hips going around to her arse in g string. She lifted her blouse standing in the matching bra.

” You buy her lingerie? ” Felicity said looking up from his cock.

” Oh yes, I mean there’s some lingerie your father buys me my husband hasn’t seen. ” Claire said.

” You can buy me lingerie daddy. ” Felicity said.

” Just don’t tell your mother. ” Dale said as Claire smiled at him. Claire did a twirl showing Dale the lingerie on her. ” Very sexy Claire. ” He added.

Claire sat on the seat next to Dale. She leant in kissing him. They french kissed as Dale fondled Claire’s bust. Felicity on the other side licking and sucking her fathers cock.

Felicity circled her fathers knob with her tongue. She kissed and sucked his pre cum oozing out as she squeezed her hand on his shaft pushing it up. Dale leant in kissing Claire’s cleavage. He massaged and squeezed her breast over her bra pushing up her bust.

Claire moaned as Dale licked her nipple over her bra as his daughter sucked his knob. Claire looked down pulling Felicity’s hair back looking down watching her. Dale pulled her shoulder strap down her arm. He slid his hand in the cup of her bra cupping her breast feeling her soft young breast. Her hard erect nipple on his hand.

” Oh baby. ” Claire moaned as he softly massaged it kissing her bust.

Felicity looked up watching her father kiss Claire’s breast. Felicity sat up and slid her hand onto Claire’s bra squeezing her other breast. She stood up and sat next to Claire leaning in kissing Claire’s lips. The girls french kissed. Claire reached over fondling Felicity’s bust as they kissed. Dale slid his hand to his daughters bust fondling her then back to Claire’s bust. Claire slid her hand to Felicity’s groin rubbing over her clit.

” Have you been with a woman before? ” Claire asked Felicity.

” Yes. ” Felicity said.

” Have you? ” Dale asked.

” Yeh, Kimberly my best friend. We always play with each other. We give each other oral sex, we kiss, we play. ” Felicity said smiling.

” Nice, so your bi? ” Claire said.

” Guess I am. ” Fecicity said fondling Claire’s bust.

” So cool. ” Claire said. ” Wont mind if I eat your pussy then? ” She added.

” No I would love that so much. ” Felicity said as Claire slid off the couch and knelt between Felicity’s legs admiring the see through black lace over Felicity’s pussy, the outline of her teenage slit visible. She leant in kissing up Felicity’s knickers then ran her tongue up and down her.

” Oh fuck. ” Felicity said as she felt her fathers lover lick her clit over the lace. Dala and Felicity kissed french kissing. Claire looked up watching them as she licked Felicity’s groin.

Dale fondled his daughters bust and then leant in kissing her cleavage. Felicity held her fathers cock playing with it. Claire slid Felicity’s knickers to the side, her tongue now on her wet moist teenage flesh, tasting her lovely pussy juices. She slid a finger inside Felicity’s pussy slowly finger fucking her as Dale kissed Felicity’s bust.

Father and daughter kissed again, french kissing, as the lover gave the daughter oral sex, as daughter fondled fathers cock, as father fondled daughter over her bra.

Claire’s fingers inside Felicity’s pussy, she leant over sucking Dales knob.

” Why don’t you fuck him now. ” Claire said smiling up at Felicity. I want to watch father fuck his daughter and eat his cum out of her pussy afterwards. ” Claire said.

Felicity stood up as did Claire. They hugged and kissed, fondling each others busts.

Dale grabbed his cock and played with it as he watched the two girls, his daughter, his lover in sexy lingerie kissing and playing in front of him.

” Jump on my cock. ” Dale said smiling up at his daughter holding his hard cock up. Felicity almost orgasmed in excitement. She couldn’t wait to fuck her father again, also been in the company of another sexual partner. A female sexual partner.

A thought came to Felicity’s mind. She thought of the fun she could have having threesomes with her father and other women, the other women knowing they were father and daughter. She felt so fuckin horny at that thought. Even a threesome with another man. That she wanted to try. Two men at the same time. That thought also made her horny. She was so young but had a appetite for sex, sex with her daddy and others.

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