Dale and Felicity (the night before make love)

Dale sat looking up at his naked daughter standing in front of him. His eyes taking in her beautiful body. Her small but shaped B cup breasts. Her toned stomach, the waterline hiding her young virgin womanhood. His cock now hard and erect.

” Felicity. ” He said looking at her, it felt so wrong tonight, but it also felt so right

He reached his hand out taking hers pulling her towards him. She turned to the side sitting on his knees, she twisted towards him wrapping her arms around his neck. His hand around her back above her arse, his other hand on her hip. She leant in tilting her head kissing his lips softly. He kissed back as he slid his hand up her side finding her breast.

He softly caressed it feeling her soft skin, her hard erect nipple. They softly kissed, she pushed her hand against his chest as he explored her bosom.

” Make love to me daddy. ” She said whispering

” Are you sure? ” He said softly.

” Yes, we are there now. ” She said as they kissed again. He slid his hand down her front after he was satisfied he had groped his daughters young soft breasts enough for now.

She opened her legs awaiting her fathers hand to find her pussy. They kissed as he slowly found her belly button.

” My pussy wants you so bad. ” She said as his fingers found the top of her pussy. She moaned as he touched her clitoris. ” Yes daddy, make my pussy yours. ” She said opening her legs wider on his lap.

He pushed his fingers each side of her labias, his palm rubbing over her clit.

” It feels nice. ” Dale said.

” Your the first to touch me. ” She said

Dale rubbed up and down her labias, he pushed a finger between them. Felicity moaned as her father rubbed her. They kissed as he rubbed her pussy. His fingers feeling the soft moist pussy lips, her clit, exploring each fold of her pussy. She sat up straighter pushing her chest out. Dale leant forward slowly rubbing her pussy, her clit, her labias as he took her nipple into his mouth sucking it.

” Oh yes daddy, it like that so much. ” She said moaning holding his head into her chest as he slowly kissed her breast and nipples.

He looked up at her smiling. ” You have beautiful breasts. ” He said looking back to them sucking them.

She then stood up and sat on the pool edge. Dale knelt on the seat as she opened her legs. Dales eyes taking in the sight of her pussy. Her virgin pussy. She looked down and smiled. Dale taking in the sight of her naked body, the way her breasts sat on her chest, her clit, her labias. He leant in putting his hands on her buttocks, with his thumbs either side of her labias he opened them up seeing her sweet pink flesh, the small opening of her vagina. Her unblemished hole. He looked at her anus smiling at the perfect view of her pussy.

” You like my young teen pussy? ” She said looking down at him. He looked up and grinned.

” Yes baby, its beautiful. ” Dale said he leant in running his tongue from her vagina up to her clit circling it with his tongue.

” Ohhhhh yesss fuuuck dad. ” She said moaning leaning back looking up at the sky as he moved his tongue around her pussy. He slid a hand to her breast groping it. She put her hand on his hand on her breast. They interlocked fingers pushing together against her bosom as he pushed his tongue against her labias and clit.

” Its like we are in a porn movie ” she said

” Yes darling. ” He said rubbing over her vaginal entrance with his thumb gradually pushing it in a bit.

” Oh yes daddy don’t fuckin stop. ” She said. She licked and sucked her pussy. Her pussy getting moister. He had her juices on his tongue, her sweet pussy discharge. His thumb now slowly moving in and out of her vagina. She moaned feeling it in her. She slid her hand to her clit rubbing it as her fathers tongue massaged her vagina and her anus as his thumb moved in and out of her pussy like a small cock.

” Fuck fuck fuck. ” She said her body shuddering as she orgasmed, a wave moving through her body. Dale looked up at her smiling as she looked down at him.

” Nice orgasm? ” He said

” Fuck dad, oh fuck yes. ” She said. Dale slid the thumb that had been in his daughters pussy in his mouth like a baby sucked their thumb.

” You taste yummy. ” He said sucking it.

She smiled. ” Lets see your cock daddy. ” She said.

He sat on the edge, both looking at the bulge straitening against his shorts. She grabbed his shorts. He lifted his arse as she pulled them down. His hard circumcised cock springing out. She removed his shorts and threw them out of the pool.

” Oh dad. Its so big fuck. ” She said. He looked down at it, she looked at it. She knelt down resting the palm of her hand against the underneath of his shaft, his purple mushroom circumcised knob resting on her wrist. She gripped it with her fingers slowly moving her hand up and down it.

” Its nice daddy. Wow my first cock. ” She said.

She put her thumb and forefinger around the base of his knob wrapping her other fingers around his shaft, she slowly started stroking it, admiring it. She looked up at her father.

” Is it what you expected?’ He said.

” Well I’ve watched enough porn to know what a cock looks like, but not what it feels like. I mean it sort of feels like what I expected. Hard and soft at the same time. ” She said

” Make me cum. ” Dale said.

” Wank you off? ” She said.

” Yeh. A handjob. ” He replied.

” Before we have sex? ” She said.

” Yes darling. ” Dale said looking down at his daughter playing with, and stroking his hard erection.

She looked up and grinned, treating his cock like a new toy. She slowly wanked it and played with it. She thought back to the porn she and her friends had watched. She smiled remembering guys cumming in girls breasts.

” Why don’t you cum on my tits? ” She said looking up.

Dale looked down at her breasts, that thought almost made him cum there and then.

” Ok. ” He replied. She pointed his cock at her breasts stroking him. She slowly wanked him loving the feel of her fathers penis. She loved the look of his knob. She looked at him smiling at their moment together.

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” Oh Felicity. ” He said moaning. He grabbed his cock placing his hand over hers. He sped up moaning feeling his cum build up. ” Here it comes. ” He said making sure it was pointed at her breasts.

Half a minute later he cum, shooting his semen into Felicity’s chest. She felt the warm sticky cum hit her and slowly run down between her breasts, the second shot hit her left breast and ran down over her erect nipple.

” Oh yes. ” She said as Dale let go letting her milk his penis. She squeezed the remaining semen out of him rubbing his knob over her breasts, over her nipples. She looked up smiling at him.

” Oh that was good. ” He said.

” It was. ” She replied looking down at his cum over her chest and breasts. She rubbed it in her chest over her breasts like lotion. Her fathers cock now half erect between his legs watching her rub his cum over herself. She stood up in front of him looking in his eyes. He opened his legs. She knelt on the upper seat in the pool hugging him, her breasts pressed against his stomach. She kissed his lips as her held her.

” Wow. ” He said. ” Never thought I would cum over my daughters breasts. ” He said.

” Do you cum on mums? ” She asked.

” Occasionally. ” He replied.

She kissed down his chest to his stomach grabbing his cock. She held it again with it resting on her open hand underneath it.

She leant in kissing the top of his shaft, she slowly and lightly kissed his penis. She kissed his knob tasting his cum.

” That’s so nice darling don’t stop baby. ” He said looking down at her kissing his manhood.

” Can taste your cum. ” She said.

” Do you like it, I man the taste of my cum? ” He asked.

” Yeh, I see girls let men cum in their mouths when I’m watching porn. I’ve always wondered what its like. ” She said.

” Ummm I’m sure you will get used to it darling. ” Dale said.

She licked his cock and lifted it wrapping her hand around it. She leant in kissing around his knob tasting his cum. She opened her mouth sliding her lips over his knob. She pushed her mouth down his knob in her mouth. He looked down watching.

” Ummmmm. ” She moaned.

” Shit darling that’s good. ” He said as she slowly sucked his knob slowly wanking his re hardened cock. She wanted to get used to the taste of him. She licked around his knob cupping his balls as she sucked him.

She took it out and looked up at him from his groin. She played with his cock as she smiled. She kissed his knob. ” Do you like that? ” She said smiling at him.

” Oh yes. ” He said.

” Even if it is your daughter, not your wife? ” She said.

” Your mother. ” He replied. They both chuckled. She stood up lifting her body out of the water again his eyes admiring her naked breasts.

” Fuck me, take my virginity dad. ” She said

” Ok darling. ” He replied she stepped towards him hugging him. They kissed he groped her breasts, them remembered he had cum over them. He didn’t care. He didn’t mind the taste of his cum, especially on the female body. Either on the breasts or the times he sucked his cum from his wife’s pussy. He felt horny thinking of eating his cum from his daughters pussy.

He smiled as he turned her around sitting her on the pool edge. She opened her legs and he knelt between her legs leaning in kissing her clit.

” I will give you a blowjob and let you cum in my mouth one day dad. ” She said looking down at him kissing her clit and pussy lips, pushing his tongue inside them pushing down to her vagina licking around it while fingering her anus.

” I look forward to it darling. ” He replied.

She held his head as he pleasured her pussy, getting it moist ready for his cock. Her pussy juices on his tongue, sucking them all in, loving the taste of her pussy.

She moaned as again he pushed his thumb into her vagina slowly thumb fucking her.

” Ohhhhh yes dad, that’s so fuckin good. Don’t stop, please don’t stop. Oh yes. ” She sat holding his head feeling it move as his tongue pleasured her pussy, licking over her clit, her labias, her vaginal entrance. His thumb moving in and out of her.

She looked up at the sky at the stars. She imagined some satellite zooming in on their sex. She found the thought of someone else watching a turn on as her father pleasured her.

She felt so naughty, soon she would be having sex, a cock in her. Her fathers cock in her at that.

She felt herself about to orgasm again. Her body building up. She groped her cum covered breasts. She moaned as he sped up.

She shuddered her body tingling as she orgasmed again.

Dale stood up in front of her. ” I think your ready darling. ” He said smiling

” Oh daddy I am. I want you to fuck me, take my virginity. ” She said standing with him in the middle of the pool she reached down grabbing his hard cock. She slowly started to stroke it. She put her mouth to his ear ” Fuck me now. ” She said whispering softly.

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