Dale and Felicity (The night before)

6 Pm. Monday night.

Dale sat on the couch. He sat his trousers unzipped. His hard cock in hand. He slowly stroked it as he held his phone in the other. The naked girl on screen on her hands and knees. One cock in her mouth, her head been held by two hands pulling her head up and down a hard cock, The other man standing over her thrusting into her shaved teen pussy. Two men mid fifties fucking a young 18 yr old teen.

” Yes. ” Dale said ” Fuck her. ” He imaging his daughter ” Oh fuck. ” He said again smiling as he heard her at the door putting her key in the lock. He put his phone down and pulled up his trousers folding his hard cock in his pants.

” Shes early. ” He said turning off his phone.
Felicity walked in the door seeing her father sitting on the couch. She placed her bag on the floor.

” Hi dear. ” He said seeing her.

” Hi, did mum get away ok. ” She said getting a drink of water.

” Yeh. ” Dale said standing from the couch. He walked in the kitchen seeing his daughter in her tight lycra active wear, they were black with pink strips up the side hugging her perfect arse. ” How was practice ” he said.

” Good. ” She said turning to him. Dale seeing her tight sports bra under her blue fitted women’s singlet. He loved his daughters figure.

” So kiddo, a week with out your mother. ” He said.

” What trouble can we get up to. ” She said smiling at her father.

” Well yes darling. ” He said pulling out a glass and opening a wine bottle. ” Wine? ” He said to her.

” Well why not, mum’s not here. ” Felicity said.

” That’s my girl. ” He said. Felicity glanced at the bulge in her fathers trousers. ‘ He’s been watching porn again’ she thought.

Felicity was a virgin. She had wanted to lose it for sometime. Her friends were, she was waiting for that right guy. Her friends said to do it with some random stranger. Felicity smiled to herself. A week without mum to fuck was going to be a long week for him.

He handed her a drink. ” Yummy. ” She said sipping the wine.

” Don’t tell your mother. ” He said as his private phone rang.

He picked it up and answered. He smiled at her as he went upstairs to his office. She looked at his work phone and picked it up. She knew the password. She had seen him type it in.

She typed in the word and it opened. He would never watch porn on his private phone, mum uses it sometimes.

She opened the search history.

‘Teen sex, Teen orgy sex, Father and daughter sex.’

” Dad. ” She said seeing a paused video. She pushed play. The video resumed, she looked at the stairs then back at the phone . The video he was watching. ” Oh fuck. ” She said seeing the girl been spit roated by two older guys. It made her feel horny. Her and her girlfriends occasionally watched porn. She slid her hand to her groin rubbing over her pussy. She pressed stop then put his phone down, she knew closing it would reset the security settings.

She sipped her wine and went upstairs.


She closed the bathroom door turning on the shower. She removed her singlet and bra. She looked at her breasts in the mirror. She slid her tight activewear down with her g string. She admired her naked body turning from side to side looking at it. She turned her back to the mirror checking her arse. She loved keeping an eye on her body. She stepped in the shower washing herself.

She didn’t know why but watching the porn her dad was watching made her horny, ” Father and daughter ” she whispered. Does that mean he wants to….. Fuck me…… Dad….. Shit ” she said.

Been alone for the week with him. The thought made her hornier, more than annoyed. Did she want her father…. Shit taking her virginity.

She showered thinking about it. Washing her body now became masturbation. She rubbed her clit and nipples leaning against the shower wall thinking about her father fucking her, breaking her, taking her teen virginity. Was she wanting it. She quietly orgasmed. She often masturbated. She knew she was ready for sex.


She went back to the kitchen now showered and dressed. She wore a white halterneck bikini and a short skirt. Her dad looked at her. His daughters sexy body in her bikini top.

” Having a spa. ” Dale said as she picked up her glass of wine sipping it.

” You have ordered pizza right? ” She said to him.

” Yes darling. ” He replied.

” Good I will be in the spa. ” She said smiling at him.

She got to the spa area and knew from the kitchen window you could see the spa. She glanced to see him at the bench sipping his wine. She undid her skirt slipping it off standing and hoped her dad would see her and admire her.

She adjusted her hair as she heard the pizza delivery car pull up on the other side of the tall privacy fence. She got in and sipped her wine.

Her father appeared five minutes later with pizza and wine. He took off his shirt and got into the pool.

” Aghhhh lovely. ” He said opening the box sitting it on the side of the pool. He picked up a piece. She stood and picked a piece facing him. He looked up at her. He quickly admired her bust in her white halterneck bikini top. She pictured herself in one of the porn movies he watched, being one of the actress’es. The thought made her horny, she wanted him to perve at her body.

” Ummm yes it is. No mum, no brother. Just us. ” She said.

” Thought you would be out with your boyfriend? ” Dale said.

” Yeh na, I think he just wants….. You know….? ”

” Sex? ” Dale said.

She was pleased he said the word ‘sex’ it send a tingling through her body.

” Yeh I do. ” She replied.

” You don’t want to? ” Dale asked looking at his daughter as she sat back in the pool.

” No, I don’t. I just don’t feel that kind of connection with him. ” She said.

” Well you are 17,there is no rush aye? ” He said.

” No, ” she said looking at the water, I guess I’m a bit nervous about losing my virginity. ” She said.

” So your a virgin? ” He questioned.

” Oh yes dad, I am. ” She said feeling almost insulted.

” No I didn’t mean it like that. ” He said. ” So what are you nervous about? ” .

” The whole thing dad, seeing a guys….. ”

” Penis? ” He dad said

” Yeh…. And been seen naked, will it hurt, will enjoy it. I heard of girls that it does hurt, some it doesn’t, some bleed, some don’t. ” She said.

” Well every girls different. Its all about foreplay, preparing your body. ” He said.

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” I know, I want to, my friends say just shag some stranger, get it over and done with. ” Felicity said reaching for another piece of pizza.

” Don’t do that. ” Dale said.

” No I won’t. Can I tell you a secret? ” She said.

” Sure. ” Dale said.

” My friends and I sometimes watch porn. ” She said looking for her dads reaction knowing his preference. He shifted on the seat.

” Oh ok, don’t let your mother find out ” Dale said.

” Shit I feel embarrassed. ” She said. ” Have you ever watched porn? ” She asked.

” Ummmm well yes. Again our secret darling. ” Dale said looking at her.

” Its fun. I mean shit some of the positions, how do they do that? ” She said.

” Yeh I know, some just make it look so easy. ” Dale replied feeling his cock erect talking to his 17 yr old daughter about porn they watch. ” You know I should be telling you off. ” Dale added.

” I know dad. I like been honest. ” She said looking at him.

” A little to honest. ” Dale chuckled smiling at her.

” I could never be a porn actress but, kind of find it kinky. ” Felicity said.

” What been filmed…. Having sex. ” Dale said.

” Yeh. ” She said looking at him. ” So what are you into, what do you watch? ” She asked.

” Well, no certain kind. I like watching group sex, outdoor sex…. ”

” Are they your fantasies? ” She asked.

” Well yeh, your mum’s not into either. I find it appealing. ” Dale said.

” So you, what do you and your friends watch? ” Dale asked.

” Well a mix of group sex, teen sex….. ” She looked at him and smiled ” Older men ” she added.

” Really Felicity….. Older men, how old? ” He said.

” I kind of find older men more appealing. ” She said.

” Are we talking 20s 30s…. ”

” No more your age. ” She said.

” 40S ?’ He questioned.

” Yeh, I find older men more attractive and appealing, more experienced. Young guys are not my thing. Yeh watching teen sex is cool but I get more turned on watching older men and younger women. ”

” Wow darling. ” Dale said. ” So your not thinking of loosing your virginity with a older man are you? ” Dale asked.

” I don’t know, I would like to. ” She said smiling at him.

” Oh darling. ” He said as they finished the pizza. He folded the box up they sat.

” I’ve never seen a penis in real life, plenty on film but never in the flesh, so to speak. ” She said giggling.

” Felicity. ” Dale said smiling at her, feeling his cock straining against his shorts.

” No guy has seen me naked, My boyfriend has made a few passes on me, but I have said no. ” She said.

” You prefer a older man ha? ” Dale said.

” Yes dad. ” She replied. ” A sugar daddy. ” She added giggling.

” Don’t know how I feel about my 17 yr old daughter having a sugar daddy. ” Dale said refilling her wine glass.

” You could be my sugar daddy? ” She said giggling.

” Me, are you serious? ” He said.

” Yeh, you know we could watch porn together. ” She said.

” Felicity? ” He said.

” Oh come on don’t be coy with me, why not? We both enjoy it. ” She said.

” You know what would happen? ” Dale replied.

” What? Get naked and masturbate together. ” She said. ” Sounds like fun. Come on lets do it? ” She said.

” What? ” He said.

” Get naked, lets skinny dip. ” She said wriggling on her seat, seconds later she lifted her bikini bottoms out of the pool, dangling them in the air then flung them onto the ground.

” What are you doing? ” Dale said as she stood the water lapping just above her clit. She reached behind her neck undoing the ties behind her neck. Her top fell forward, her wet bare naked breasts glistened in the moonlight, she reached behind her back undoing the other tie taking it off flinging it out of the pool to the ground.

” Ohh that’s so much better been naked. ” She said cupping her breasts then slid her hands up adjusting her hair. ” You like my tits? ” She asked her dad

” Aghh…. Ummm… Yeh. ” He stuttered.

” Oh its ok, your the only guy I want seeing me naked. ” She said.

” Felicity, we shouldn’t darling I mean your…… ”

” …… My daughter, your 17, I’m 49 32 years older than you blah blah blah. ” She said finishing his sentence.

” Touch them, touch my tits. ” She said standing looking down at him.

” I shouldn’t. ” He said

” Or can’t, come on we are past the awkward father seeing daughter naked stage. We like the same things, outdoor sex, porn, been naked. ” She said.

” You haven’t had outdoor sex. ” Dale said.

” Well I had better loose my virginity and start daddy. ” She said.

” With…… Who? ” He stuttered.

” You silly, come on lets have some fun together. No one has to know. ” She said.

” We can’t, you know, I know, we can’t its… ”

” Wrong, incest, so? We are not hurting anyone, its consentual sex. I want to. I want you taking my virginity. ” Felicity said looking at his standing naked in front if him looking at her chest. ” Go on just touch them please dad. ” She said looking at her father looking at her bare breasts.

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