Dangerous – New Sex Story

It was just a few months before my sixteenth birthday. Those days I did not understand how much I have been addicted to exhibitionism. Every time I got into performing an act of naked exhibitionism in public places I was terrified with the idea of getting caught. Again after a few weeks, I would start thinking about my next naked venture in public. It was like some unseen-force controlled me from within. Once a thought got in my mind, I was compelled to find a way to act it out. It consumed me altogether. I would be completely engrossed in its detailed planning. Seemingly the terrible risk of likely getting caught naked out in public areas gave me the rush I needed. I would be scared to death while facing a dangerous situation at the same time I felt extremely aroused. My obsessions were becoming increasingly more risky and more dangerous.
Many times I thought that something was unusual about me. I felt that I was different than other girls. I thought I am a girl with the mindset of naughty nudist boys who love to display their genitals to girls. When I was ten years many times I would come out completely naked, running out of the bathroom and my mom would be annoyed. Many times I would walk completely naked in the presence of guests and visitors coming to our home. I disliked wearing bra and panties. I loved to play games with boys and enjoyed running and swimming with them. While playing hockey or football with boys, I would play bare top like them. Boys loved me playing with them because they could see my developing nipple buds and growing swelling of my breasts. Though my breast development was very slow, there was noticeable growth of armpit hair and pussy hair at a very early age of ten. I never thought of shaving because it gave me the feeling of power that I was strong as boys. I noticed that boys were most curious about hairy areas of my body.
I noticed the curiosity and lust in the eyes of boys and sometimes even in the eyes of other girls. Mostly I pretended to be unaware of the display of the intimate areas of my girly body and loved the attention I received. I was thrilled with the girl power I had due to the sexual attraction I was causing to others.
I don’t even remember when my exhibitionist behavior started. For whatever reason, I soon found me getting thrilled with the curiosity I was arousing to others. My ways were pretty simple those days; like going to school without wearing pantie and bra under my school uniform knee-high skirt and slightly oversize white shirt with large armholes. I would notice boys trying to take a peek under my shirt to see my perky nipples or get a look inside my shirt’s armhole to see my armpit hair. Sometimes I would innocently drop a towel at a seemingly opportune moment in the girl’s locker room at school and girls would give me shocking looks; at the same time, they would openly stare at my pretty hairy pussy. Now all those things seem so simple and childish. Presently, it took a lot more to feel the rush I needed. My mind was asking for more and more every time, always looking for the next more powerful fix.
I realized that what I wanted to do may end up in a very unpleasant way like forced sex or even torture. For a few minutes, I would be scared even with those thoughts; but eventually, I would overcome it with some satisfactory explanation. Once I even joined self- defense classes of Karate and Jitsu. Though, very shortly I was out of it with the thinking that maybe it’s not even necessary. I was very confident to defend myself or would manage to run away from the spot with my greatest speed. I guess I was overconfident about my running practices. With growing confidence in my physical abilities of self-defense, I was drawn into planning more daring acts.
I remembered how I went into the forest when I was visiting aunt Floora and how wonderful it felt. I had quite fresh memories of the naked walks I had in the park next to the house which I went for a renovation project. Quite a few times I was caught naked by the people whom I was seeing the first time. It was great fun and thrill to be standing completely naked very close to them and letting them openly stare at my naked body. It was one of the unique experiences but it was not as challenging as it would be to going running completely naked through the crowded area of the town. I was increasingly concentrating on the next extreme thrill. Next few days I spent in going around the selected routes and areas looking for hiding places in bushes; escape routes and many other things to the minutest details
My mind was always raising alarms about the dangers of sneaking out naked through the midtown areas at midnight. I spent nights in bed with wide-open eyes. However, very next morning my mind would ignore all warnings and get into working over planned naked ventures. The urges to get into more challenging exhibitionism were getting much stronger and becoming uncontrollable. My plan was almost ready and I was waiting only for a suitable day to get it into action. It was becoming certain that I would have to act soon.
I was thrilled and overexcited with the anticipation when my mom announced that Thursday morning that she has to be going out to another city for her project work and would not be back for a week. That evening I went with my mom to see her off and was back home before eight pm. After a quick shower, I got ready and picked up my cycle to go along the selected route which I had planned to follow. The natural features and trees look entirely different at night. I wanted to see it at night time and understand what I actually would be facing. It was almost midnight by the time I was back.
Friday evening I found myself standing in front of the mirror, gazing at my slender naked form. “Tonight’s the night,” I said to myself. On its own, my hands reached down and softly touched across my extremely hairy unshaved mound. It felt good and it tickled as the nails lightly trailed across the sensitive skin of my pussy. My fingers felt slightly swollen clit. Reaching up, I cupped my perky breasts with both hands. These are small but firm breasts. I had straight brownish locks layered and cut above the shoulder recently. It was now growing and looking beautiful.
From the closet, I picked up a very old overused and worn out white camisole. Slipping it over the head I wiggled into it. After some adjustments, standing in front of the mirror, turning from side to side I examined my choice. It looked like a tank top with large armholes and its hem hanging more than six inches above my knees. It was one of the very old dresses and I thought it would be perfect for what I had in mind. Being very old and overused the white fabric was worn out at places and appeared lose around my small breasts, making me appear skinnier. My unshaved armpits were looking quite erotic through the opening of large armholes. The length of the dress was dangerously short. Any movement would expose my pussy and viewers would immediately know that I was naked underneath. Tonight I was going to experiment the riskiest act.
The very thought of what I had planned tied my stomach in knots. My mind tried several times to talk me out of it, but it was to no avail. Mom was out of town for more than a week and if I did not do it today then I did not know when would be another chance. Tonight appeared to be the night to fulfill my adventurous desire. I slipped on a pair of old running shoes ( which was supposed to be thrown in garbage long back) and looked over the clock on the wall; taking a deep breath I knew it was time to go.
It was already getting dark. I locked the house and came to the backyard where I hid the house key securely under the thick hedge in the darkness. As I started walking along the street the air felt quite heavy and hot. Even though I was wearing only a thin cotton camisole my body was soon covered in the shin of my sweat. The air was extremely hot and heavy with humidity. Within a few minutes I was fully covered in sweating. Since I had to cover quite a distance I was walking very briskly; soon my pussy became wet with sweating and its juices were giving pleasurable feeling. My armpits were wet with sweating. Oh my God! I was feeling very horny. After almost ninety minutes of a long walk, I reached the other end of the town and entered through the parking lot at Rowen Park. I could see there were several cars parked. The small gravel lot at the opposite end was partially lit with only one overhead street lamp. I slowly crossed to the opposite side of the tall garden hedge. The area around there was under partial darkness and appeared to be most suitable for looking around.
While sitting under the dark shadows for several minutes I was thinking. “What is wrong with me?….What the hell am I doing?” I felt butterflies fluttering in my stomach. My pulse raced in anticipation. I trembled at the thought of my impending action. My mind went over the entire plan. I had selected this area far away from home to avoid coming across any known people. It looked very dark towards the park except for some lamp posts. I did not have a watch on me but it seemed to be the time to get into action.
Sitting in the darkness I searched the surroundings to make sure that no one was watching me. Slowly I rose to my feet and quietly walked towards the big trees with much darker areas under it. Little away in the complete darkness, there was one low height tree. Without being noticed by anyone I reached there and stood silently staring in the openness in the dark night. Quickly I then reached down, grabbing the hem of my dress. Lifting the sweaty garment upwards, pulled the dress over my head and away from my body. I was standing now under the tree completely naked. I then folded it nicely and kept it softly at the joint of the branch. It was done; my big plan had begun.
I was completely naked except the old running shoes which were planned to discard after some time. I silently walked away from the tree towards the hedge and was standing silently looking towards the parking lot. It was usually a very crowded park during the day and evening times. At this time of the night, one would occasionaly come across a rare couple walking holding each other’s hands or kissing passionately. Just little over the visible end of the park, I could see several people walking in and out of the area. I had to strain my eyes trying to get more details on the individuals walking in the parking lot, but could only make out their silhouettes as they walked under the dimly lit area.
It was a warm summer evening and the air was thick and still. In the distance, I could hear the slow rumble of some moving truck on the road. There must be a road on the other edge of the park I thought. During the planning of this action, I had cycled through the area several times and at various times of the day. Meticulously, I had planned the route and scouted possible locations to hide. My earlier exhibitionist adventures had been relatively rural areas, making those treks easy. This was a new challenge. It was a rough area, and there were always people out and about.
Due to increasing tension in my mind, I felt quite wetness in armpits as I was slowly making my way to the front of the hedge, as I came closer I could see some more cycles parked in front. Walking carefully more close I noticed three boys and a girl around one cycle at the corner. One boy was seated on the bicycle, while the other two boys were standing on one side. The girl was holding the hands of the boy on a bicycle. “They must have been from some school” my mind explained.
I cautiously made my way towards another lamp post to the left. I had no intention of getting in the view of the boys. I just wanted to wait until they go away. Keeping my arms crossed across my chest, I kept my head down. Daring to look around, I shifted my eyes and realized that I was too close to them. I couldn’t heat what they were saying, but I could see them laughing and pointing in my direction. I was not sure if they have noticed me naked.
“Where is that damn taxi?” I heard the girl talking loudly to one of the boys.
“Oh shit” I whispered under my breath. I had not planned for this. I would be easily noticed in the lights of the car. So I moved behind one of the cars and tried to hide. Suddenly I saw the headlights coming down the roadway and realized the mistake. I was right in the beams of the car’s headlights. Without thinking I dashed in the opposite direction crossing the beam of the headlights. It was very sure that the boys and the girls have noticed me running completely naked right through the flooded lights.
“Hey!” One of the boys yelled. “Did you see that? Holy shit!! She did not have a stitch on her body!” The other two boys and the girl were laughing and each gave each other a punch on the shoulder.
I continued running at full speed through the trees and bushes until I could see nothing and hear no noises. I slumped in the grass and tried to catch my breath. “That was quite a close call…” This was only the beginning.
After a few moments, I looked around. The place was dark, damp, and full of tall grass. There were no lights in this area and it took my eyes a few seconds to adjust to the darkness. The night appeared deathly quiet, not even a dog was barking.
I got to my feet. Got oriented, trying to find out where exactly I was now. I had been through here several times during scouting visits, and I thought I knew where to go next. I continued on short ways through the trees and bushes towards the roadway until I saw a bridge that crossed a small river.
Now I was standing on the road completely naked wearing only running shoes. Suddenly I stepped out of shoes and set them on the railing of the bridge. The concrete was still emanating the heat from the day and was feeling warm beneath my feet. Holding the shoes in hand, I walked over to the railing and peered at the water below. It wasn’t a large waterway, but it was large enough.
I could hear the water as it swirled below. “This is it,” I was already in a situation that would scare the shit out of most girls. Now, I was ready to up the ante and fully committed to this adventure game. There would be no going back now. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I had goosebumps form on my naked flesh, my nipples erect and hard. In one swift motion, I tossed the shoes into the dark waters below.
I was suddenly hyperventilating now as I grabbed the railing. As I gasped for air I watched the shoe disappear in the darkness and out of view. I thought I was about to be sick. I had to close my eyes and work to control y breathing. My heart pounded so hard I could hear the pulse in my head. As tears began to form in my eyes, I stood upright and tried to regain composure. “That’s it.” I said. “I have no choice now.”
Once again, I examined my surroundings, peering down the roadway. It was near the corner of the creek. I had nearly four miles, to reach back to my cycle while ii was completely nude. The street at the moment was deserted, and I knew any moment there would be a truck coming on the road. Looking up the skies I guessed that the time was around ten pm. Only a few hundred feet away across the next turning there would be houses and hangout areas where there would be people maybe even boys from some school. “What the fuck I am doing?” I thought again. I knew if I get caught there would be a lot of trouble. I was wondering if subconsciously I wanted to be caught, or maybe I really I wanted to get caught.
While I cursed my perverted mind, I also felt a sense of euphoria. I had never felt as alive as it was feeling right now. Every sense was on fire; this is what I wanted to go through. My mind and brain wanted to feel everything, experience all life had to give; wanted excitement I could never get in the girl’s world. I took one very deep breath and started down the roadway.
I simply walked down the road under the dark shadows, hanging my arms on sides. There had been no street lights and I was merely strolling as if it was a walk to the store or was out for an exercise. My eyes gazed at the tall trees on either side of the road, wondering what I might be doing if some truck or car appears from behind. My mind also thought there might be more traffic on the road at that time of night. I was constantly looking for places to hide in case there is an oncoming vehicle, but I was yet to see an automobile. My luck quickly changed, however, as I soon found myself approaching a fairly well-lit section of the road. I slowed down as I closed in on the area. The street lights were bright and bathed the boulevard and sidewalks in the bright yellow glow. I recognized this was a part of a path where there were homes on both sides of the street. I had to halt to survey the passage.
As I looked down the street I felt that rush of exhilaration that I had craved for several weeks. I could not imagine if someone sees me walking naked with erect nipples and pointing breasts; and dripping wet pussy, how I would appear to them? A naked angle or horny slut wanting to get fucked. I wanted to look good and bad both. Though I was absolutely frightened, I couldn’t help but feel my body tingling all over. My hands reached down and my right hand softly began rubbing wanting mound.it was warm and I could feel it dripping between the fingers. Reaching up with the other hand I gently rolled one of my erect nipples between fingers and thumb. My mind had no idea why it took this type of situation for me to feel this way, but it did. I felt shame and ecstasy all the same time.
Though Looking to the left and right I noticed the homes that lined the roadway. There were homes, run-down and shabby, but I noticed that they were awake with an occasional lamp or television light emanating from their windows. I could also see that several front yards had hedgerows or fences lining their borders. I crouched and turned slightly, listening intently for any sound to be heard. Hearing nothing of importance I stood upright and whispered, “Damn. It was easy.” I was now walking down the sidewalk, or maybe I could make through the backyards of the homes.
My hands were raised and my fingers running through my hair as I thought, “if I go through the backyards it will be dark, but I might run into a dog or something.” There also may be a fence to be crossed and being totally naked I was in no condition to jump a chain-linked fence. Giving a heavy sigh I glanced forward, I made a decision. I would simply walk down the sidewalk as if nothing was wrong. If I notice someone then I will decide what to do.
As I continued strolling into the light I felt a rush. Here I was, out in the open, right under the bright light and totally naked to anyone who might happen upon here. “My God, I can’t believe this,” I thought. I was beginning to regret my action of discarding the shoes as I noticed the sharp gravel patch of the sidewalk. I had to intently watch, keeping a close eye on where to step as I walked at a steady pace.

For another three blocks, it was a wonderful naked walk in the basking yellow light without seeing a soul or hearing so much as a bark. My mind was already beginning to think that this seems an easy challenge once again. I was now walking casually with my hands at sides at a slow pace, but still scanning at the sidewalk for any sharp obstacles. It was then that I suddenly heard the shout.

“Whoooooo Hoooooo!!” Echoed throughout the area.

In an instant, I jumped quickly into a darkened lawn and crouched down behind a bush. I tried to look in all directions desperately looking for where the voice had come from. I was trembling and my breathing was arduous.

“Did you see that?!” The loud voice, presumably a boy yelled again.

I could hear the voices of other boys now very clearly, but the sounds were unintelligible. Nevertheless, it was obvious that there was more than one. Almost in a frenzy, my eyes scanned all around. Just then I saw where the voices were coming from. It was from behind. There, I could make out the shape of three boys coming out from the shadows of the front of one of the homes. I had obviously walked right in front of them. “Damn it”. I was paying so much attention looking out where to step on the gravel, I was totally unattentive to the surrounding.

“Yo man, she was naked I tell you!” One of the boys yelled. “Dat girl was buck ass naked, I swear to God!”

“Naw,” another said. “You must be crazy.”

I looked on in shock as they emerged out from the darkness. They were all young, maybe in their late teens. One of them was wearing a white tank top. The others were wearing just short shorts and ball caps turned backward. “Shit,” this is a really difficult situation. These were not the kind of boys that I needed them to find me naked in their neighborhood. It was obvious only one of them had actually seen me naked and he was trying to convince the others of his discovery.

“I’ll prove it to you God damn it!” The boy screamed. “She walked right down here.” I could see the boy very clearly now.

“You’re full of shit,” another boy laughed. “Ain’t no girl walking around here naked, less she some crack slut and need a good fuck.”

Again my heart was racing. I stood motionless as the boys drew nearer. They appeared to be searching in every potential hiding spot under the trees and shadowy hedges. Another decision had to be made; either I stayed at the hiding spot, hoping they won’t find me or should make a run for it. If I decide to run, I would have to run one or two streets over, then continue my way in a safe direction. I looked to the boulevard and to right, I could see a cross street about three houses down. I tried to peer through the darkness at the yards towards the road, but the large trees on the lawns kept the light from shining through.

The boys were jumping into the yard behind me, hooting a hollering as they swept around every shadow under the tree and bush. Time was running out. I had to get away from here. I decided to run darkened front lawns in front of me, hoping none had a fence or any other obstacle to block my way. With a little luck, they wouldn’t see me. It was the only chance to get away. I counted loudly in my mind, “One …. Two … Three,” and I was off at my full speed.

“There she is! There she is!” One of the boys screamed. “Holy shit, she is completely naked, get her!”

I never looked back and darted through the first yard like a frightened rabbit. I sensed the boys in pursuit behind me, yelling and screaming along the way. I paused at the second yard; a small hedgerow was lining both sides of the sidewalk leading to the front door of the house. I continued my pace as I leapt across, hurdling both hedges and sidewalk, in one stride. Bolting through the shadowy third yard zigzagged around several shrubs and made my way to the far corner of the house. I was now running on wet grass

There I tried to turn and head for the adjacent cross street, but it was then my feet come out from under my body weight. The humid air had left heavy dew on the grass, and my bare feet had no traction. I slid on my butt for several feet before coming to a stop. Quickly I looked back. I saw the shadows of the boys barreling their way through the bushes, coming straight towards me. They were laughing and yelling as they neared, I was terribly frightened. There was no time to lose.
In an instant, I jumped and was once again on my way to the street. I knew I was a good runner in the school, can’t let the boys catch me. It was now the moment to put my entire strength and stamina to test. Though the road was brightly illuminated the warm pavement under my feet was more reassuring than the wet grass. My alert mind told me to calm down and not to get wear out, I started pacing myself, trying to control breathing and speed. My ultra-sensitive hearing senses could gauge the steps of boys behind me. I told myself, if I could keep in front of them, I will probably outlast them. But, it appeared that they were gaining on quickly, and I had to move as fast as I could.

I could hear the footsteps draw closer and closer, and I could not dare to look over my shoulder. One of the boys was now only a few steps behind me. I thought he must have been a good runner. I quickly glanced back and saw that the two boys that had been close, were now fading and losing distance. They were shouting and urging their friend on as he closed in. He was fast and still gaining ground, my legs began to ache as I tried to push myself. My bare breasts bounced as I ran and began to hurt, but there was no way I could not let myself in their hands.

I continued on as fast as I could and made a quick turn onto a narrow street to my right. The street was darker than the previous route. The boy was now right behind me as he chased me another two blocks. He was so close that I could hear him breathing heavily and grunting as he pushed forward. No longer was he yelling and screaming, he was trying to take in every ounce of air he could manage. Suddenly I knew if I push a little more it would be possible to escape. To my horror, at that very moment, I felt his fingers on my back. He was reaching out, trying to grab my shoulder, his fingertips just within reach. Letting out a yelp I pushed as hard as possible. “Oh my God, He’s going to catch me.” I imagined my fate. Tears began to well up in my eyes. My feet were raw. It seemed that I was unable to keep this pace much longer.
Just then my mind sensed the boy’s footsteps fading. I continued my fast stride for several more hundred feet before looking back. A few moments later I noticed him, stopped, hands on his knees, and gasping for air. He was pointing at me, trying to make some kind of sly remark, but his lack of breath kept him from uttering a word. He only stood, bent over, with labored breaths.

This was the only chance, I continued to run faster until well away from the boy. Slowing my pace, I continued for few more hundred feet before I turned to the side track and got off the road a few feet away into the undergrowth of bushes. This was a spot I had seen some days earlier and thought was safe now. I crawled under the bush out of sight for everything. There, my body collapsed under the dark shadows of the thick bush. I sat up, bringing hands up to my face, trying to muffle uncontrollable huffing and puffing. I had never run so hard in all. My muscles ached and legs were on fire. I could feel the heat of my body and the beads of sweat that had formed all over my naked body. It was impossible to take anything like this any more. My hands reached back and rubbed butt, caressing the spot which hurt a lot. There was a big bruise there. As my breathing became more controlled, I lost my control, and covering my face began to sob.

I was sitting terribly frightened in the darkness for what seemed like an eternity. There was nothing on me. I had left everything, including my watch, at home and had no sense of time. My mouth was parched from the running and I needed at least a sip of water. There was none; I kept low and listened intently. Few times I had seen a low ride car pass down the street, driving slowly as if the occupants were looking for something. I was not sure if it only was my imagination or someone was really searching for me. I searched around, knowing that I have to move from here eventually. I couldn’t stay there all night. Slowly I raised to my feet and cautiously made my way back to the side of the roadway.

I was cursing for deciding to be fully naked without even wearing shoes. My feet were extremely raw from recent scamper and legs were sore and throbbing. My hair was hot and damp, and my naked body was sweating profusely and I could feel the streaks of sweat on my back and between breasts. Keeping to the side of the road I continued staying in the shadows of the large trees that bordered the street. I walked just in the edge of the fences, the cool dew on the grass now feeling good on the bottom of my sore feet. I paused for a minute and concluded that I was walking in the right direction. Actually, I had lost track of exactly where I was but thought that I was more than halfway. But I knew that I had to be careful. With another incident like the one before, I would probably just give up.

From street pole to street pole I crept down the street, passing one intersection to another. Looking at the street signs, I gained bearings. Suddenly there was a dog barking from behind a home up ahead. The sound instantly aroused the other dogs in the neighborhood, prompting a loud chorus of a dog barking to be heard in all directions. I sneaked behind a tree and watched for any movement in front. It was then that I noticed a set of headlights coming up behind me. I was terrified, “Was someone following me!!” I turned and made my way to the other side of the tree, where I carefully peered out and tried to watch the vehicle.

I was scared of the thought that the boys may have been chasing me after noticing me naked. I thought. “My God. I have to make it home.” I looked down the roadway. “I will never do this again,” I swore. “Just let me go home.”

I watched as the car quickly traveled past me. If I can just make it maybe one more mile, I would be free. As the car’s taillights faded out of sight, I pushed myself onward. The dogs were still barking, but not just one, several could be heard and all around. I believed that as long as several animals were carrying on, my position won’t be revealed.

Again, I continued sneaking from tree to tree, taking shelter beneath the shadows of the trees. Occasionally, I had to make mad dash beneath the light of the streetlamps as I came to a lawn blocked by a fence or wall. At one point I watched as a front porch light was turned on. I hunched down across the street at the bottom of the natural catch water drain and watched as the young boy walked outside and lit a cigarette. The boy was taking a much longer time than anticipated. My knees were giving up due to pain in a hunched position and I found a mud clod to sit on to reduce my silhouette and positioned my naked ass on the top of it comfortably. Within moments I felt crawling sensation between my legs; I realized that I had mistakenly positioned my naked butt on the top of an anthill and the ants got activated due to the smell of my sweat and secretions from pussy. Very next moment onwards my pussy was subjected to thousands of bites of aggressive ants in my tender pussy lips and ass. There was no way I could give away my position by getting up; I was determined not to expose my presence to the night smoker. Biting my lips I continued sitting on the top of active ant hill withstanding silently thousands of ant bites in my pussy and ass minutes after minutes. I was tortured by the numerous ants for eight or nine minutes as I watched him puff and blow smoke from between his lips. I sat silently watching him, biting my bottom lip to make sure I did not utter a sound. He then inhaled a last puff from his cigarette, and stomp it out. He then casually walked inside and turned the light off.

Releasing a painful inaudible heavy sigh I got off the mound and cleaned my pussy and ass crushing as many ants as possible. My pussy and ass were swollen red and ultrasensitive due to sever ant bites. For a few minutes, I scratched my pussy and ass like crazy till it appeared to be ready to bleed. Finally, I got going and, after traveling another half mile found myself in another predicament. Standing at the corner of the Street I could see the next leg of the journey which would take me past a small park. To my right, stood several basketball courts, surrounded by very tall chain-link fences. To the left was a large security wall that spanned several hundred feet down the road. At first, I thought it may be possible to travel through the basketball courts and re-emerge somewhere on the other side. But, after a closer look, I saw that the gates to courts were chained and padlocked. The only advantage was that the park didn’t seem to have any lights, and, with the gates being locked, most likely no one was inside.

I stood in the darkness for several minutes and assessed the path in front. I wanted to be careful. I didn’t need any more people on my trail or alerting them about my presence at this location. But, there was no other route. There was only one way!! I had to make another hard run until I reached the next intersection. I hadn’t scouted this street during the planning, and I did not know what lay beyond the courts. I only imagined that there were trees or bushes to hide behind. In the shadows, I crouched on all fours as if preparing for some sort of race. Taking a deep breath, I sprinted across the road, into the bright illumination of the streetlights.

My fists clenched tight, Bailey swung with my arms as I as raced down the sidewalk. The night air now felt cool on my damp skin, nipples tight and erect. I concentrated hard on controlling my breathing as I darted past one telephone pole to the next. In the distance, there was the sound of a loud car engine, and tires squealing, one or two streets over. The noise had scared me, and my mind wondered if it had anything to do with my coming in open. I had to make it to the next block.

For a moment I was darting through the middle of the roadway as I dodged a couple of metal garbage cans that blocked the sidewalk. But, in an instant, I was sprinting over the concrete path. Now I could see the next street in the distance, another row of dark trees just beyond. I was now running next to a baseball field. I thought I must be at the outfield end of the field and maybe I could climb this smaller fence to find an escape route. It was then, voices were coming from near the dark baseball diamond. I tried to listen over the sounds of my regulated gasps, but I was not sure if it were voices or just the night playing tricks on my mind. If there was someone there, perhaps I was too far away to be seen that I was completely naked. At this point; it was too late to worry about. I was more concerned about making to a safe place. I had to reach beyond the trees ahead.

It took only a few more seconds before I reached the next cross street. I moved into the adjacent depression along the street and took refuge at the lowest portion in the dark shadow. There I quietly walked behind a set of hydrangea bushes. It was the safest place until now; I laid down in the grass, flat on my back, and again attempted to slow my pulse and breathing. As I rested, I gazed up at the stars. I was certain that I was deep in the city and the surrounding lights illuminated the sky, drowning out the light from the smaller celestial bodies. I could easily make out the larger stars and even noticed a shooting star as it streaked across the sky. I closed my eyes and made a wish. I thought, “I’m almost there.”

I continued my naked escapade, darting here and there, and hiding at points along the way. After a few minutes, I was standing at another side street. The sign read, “Rowen Street.” “I’m almost at the park,” I thought. Across the street, there was an edge of the forest land. There were no more houses or buildings in front and there was a thick growth of trees in the distance. There were also no streetlights, but another problem had arisen. There was this huge piece of bare land between my position and the forest edge, with no trees, no bushes, and no places to hide if anyone spotted me. But, there was no other way, and the priority to reach destination outweighed the need for stealth at the moment. My mind had quickly planned what I had to do. I had to sprint across the lot and make my way to the forest edge. Once there, I would make a mad dash into the forest and not worry if anyone saw me or not. To any onlooker, the surprise of seeing a naked girl would surely buy me enough time to hide under the bushes in the forest. I would then simply disappear in the forest and walk towards the spot where I had left my cycle and the tree where my dress was.

Hurriedly I jogged across the empty land. It was a gravel lot and the tiny rocks cut into the souls of already raw feet. But the adrenaline was flowing through my naked body and it masked the pain with determination. I must have made three-quarters of the way across the lot when, once again, I noticed headlights on the road behind me. Quickly I dropped down, spread eagle on my belly. I felt the gravel and grime as it stuck to my sweaty body. Looking behind I noticed the car, rolling down the road on the other side of the lot. I could clearly hear the muted rumble coming from the vehicle’s exhaust. I was so afraid that I could not be sure of anything at all. I did not know if it was the same or a different car. I felt as though my heart would burst from my chest. “I’m so close, they can’t catch me now.”

Again the car slowly rolled down the roadway. “They didn’t see me,” Not waiting for the car to drive out of sight, I swiftly sprung to feet and sprinted towards the forest edge. I ran with all the strength, pushing myself to the brink of limits. Suddenly, there was loud thunder coming from the car. As I looked I saw the car speeding down the street, away from me, in the opposite direction. Even if they had seen me I didn’t care. In just a few moments I would dash safely inside the dark forest.

Crossing through the width of the forest lot I reached the parking entrance. It felt brightly illuminated now. Quickly I walked through the parking lot and ran around the corner of the tall hedge. I was leaning back against the hedge, taking a moment to catch my breath, then peered around the area. I slowly walked towards the tree where I had left my dress.

I raised my hand up to the branch to pick up my dress. I could not believe what my hand was feeling or not feeling. There was no dress. I was confused if I was at the correct spot. I sat stunned. I wanted to cry, but no tears streamed down my eyes. My stomach churned inside. “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!” I repeated over and over. “What am I going to do now?” Slowly I rose to my feet. I turned, looking over the parking lot, to make sure if it was the location and the tree. My mind was sure that I was correct.

My intuition told that someone must have been spying on me while I was hiding my dress and now everything was gone. My hands again frantically searched for the hidden and nicely folded dress on the overhead branch to find nothing.

I was frightened and terrified. My knees buckled under my own weight and I sat down under the tree completely confused. For those few moments, my mind became numb and could think of nothing. Slowly my brain and mind started got together and brought me to reality. I took a few deep breathes and tried to calm down.

I realized that the darkness was slowly fading away. It was almost time for sunrise. In a few more minutes, it would be daylight. Suddenly I became completely aware of the surrounding situation. If someone has been watching me I must get out of the place very quickly. I slowly got up to my feet and looked around in all the directions. I could not notice anything of concern.

My mind warned me that it is very important that I must leave the place quickest. I immediately started running at my fastest speed in whatever direction I could go. I must have been running for more than twenty minutes hoping that I was at least more than a mile away from where I started. I was standing along the stream in the wooded area.

Now I became aware of my completely naked state and in open. The time appeared to be about seven am. The sun was quite up in the sky and there were many more chances of people coming across me anytime. I sat on the grass tried to figure out my location. I did not know the area completely but looking in the direction of the sun, I could make out in which direction I have to go for reaching my home.

I continued walking downstream and came across a trail which appeared to be familiar to me. Luckily it was a weekday and thought there would very few people on the trail. I was extremely tired and exhausted; my knees were weak and unable to support my body; I was almost dragging my naked sweaty body. Soon my luck gave away when at a distance I noticed two girls jogging in my direction. I looked for a hiding place there was none. My mind gave it up and decided “Let me face them, I don’t have any strength to continue hiding from people. I don’t care even if they see me naked.”

I did not stop or try to hide anywhere. When the girls came closer they giggled and laughed at me. One of the girls commented. “Hey, Enjoying naked fun? Must have got fucked nice and hard at night!!” I just kept smiling and did not even respond. The girls continued their jogging and went in their direction.

Minutes later a young boy and girl came jogging. I was trying to catch my breath while standing with the support of the small tree trunk. They stopped just a foot away from me. The girl shouted at me, “Holy fuck! You are completely naked. Are you fucking slut showing your hairy cunt and armpits to the boys here?” I just looked at them desperately. I could only fall to my knees, emotionless, and stoic. I was defeated and exposed and resigned to my fate. I was feeling the sensation of pins and needles all across my naked body. I closed eyes falling to knees. The boy stared at my sweaty breasts and erect nipples but did not say anything. I guess she was his girlfriend and did not want to lose her. They continued their run.

Other than such similar single joggers or pairs I did not come across anyone. It took me more than two hours to reach back home.
After taking freshening shower I swore to myself “This was last!! No more naked runs in public again. I swear not to do it again!!”

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