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The factory had once been a busy factory that employed a few hundred people from the town it stood on the edge of, but the owners of the factory went bankrupt and the factory was boarded up, nobody wanted to buy the place which had now been empty for over twenty years in that time the roof was blown off during a very big storm, then boards were forced of the windows by people hunting for metal that they could sell, slowly over the years the building fell into great disrepair and was now a derelict shell of what it had been like, not many people ever went their anymore, but twelve year old Flo a girl from Nigeria went there as often as she could, she thought it was a good place to hide away from the racist and bullies who lived in the town. Flo was sitting on the upper floor of the old factory when she saw sixteen year old Steve a racist thug who lived near her in the town approaching the factory, Flo moved back in the hope that Steve would not see her and give her abuse, Flo watched Steve as he entered the factory and dump his bag on the floor. Steve knew that people very rarely went to the factory and after looking round the ground floor and seeing nobody about took his shirt off, Flo looked at Steve’s muscular body thinking nice and then smiled as Steve undid his trousers and took them off, When Steve took his underwear off and stood naked Flo looked at his seven inch hairy dick thinking extra extra nice and watched as Steve started to flex his muscles and do exercises. Flo liked the way Steve’s dick was flopping about as he exercised, after ten minutes Steve stopped exercising and after pulling a towel from his bag started to wipe the sweat from his body, as he did Flow saw his dick twitch and watched as it grew to a full nine inch erection, Flo thought this is cool glad I came here today., After putting his towel back into his bag Steve got hold of his dick and started to jerk it totally unaware that he was being watched by a black girl who was loving the sight of a naked white racist boy jerking his dick and after ten minutes when Steve threw his head back and squirted thee long spurts of cum Flo thought very nice I would have done that for you, After cleaning his dick and dressing Steve left the derelict factory still unaware of a very happy Flo watching him, As Steve walked away Flo saw fourteen year old Prisha an Indian girl and her nine year old sister Anany come out from behind a wall, Flo left her hiding place and went and spoke to the two girls telling then what she had seen, Prisha said ” we were watching him wank from behind the wall we have seen other white boys wanking off in here and we seen them fucking girls ” then after a short pause said ” so far Steve has had the biggest cock ” not long after the two Indian girls left, Flo thought if Steve knew that a nine year old and fourteen year old Indian girl as well as a twelve year old black girl have seen him naked and wanking off he would go potty, then went back to her hiding place in the hope that she would see other white boys jerking off and thought she would be at the factory even more.

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