Dockside – New Sex Story

The docks were a well known place where illegal immigrants tried to sneak into England, the dock was patrolled by the police and the cross border agency who rounded up any immigrants that they fund and took them to deportation centres where they were held. There were also racist gangs that hung around the docks giving verbal abuse and violent abuse to any immigrants that they found, sixteen year old July was a member of one of the gangs and was in the docks looking for her friends. Joel who was two years younger than what July was was a black boy from Ghana he had got separated from his family when they had first got into England, Joel was now wondering round the docks trying to find a safe place to sleep and was in a disused warehouse when he needed to take a wee, Joel walked to a corner of the building where he unzipped his trousers and pulled his dick out, as he did July walked into the warehouse, July saw Joel and stopped when she saw Joel, she looked in total surprise at Joel’s eight inch soft dick hanging down from his trousers and thought that is massive bigger than what my boyfriend has got when he is on the hard, Joel saw July looking at him and thought she is cute, July was transfixed by the size of Joel’s dick and was staring at it something that Joel had not missed, Joel felt his dick starting to stiffen, July noticed Joel’s dick growing and watched in awe as it grew to a ten inch erection, July felt her love juices start to flow she was liking what she was seeing but was thinking that looks good but he is black, Joel moved back and faced July saying you want it, July did not make any reply she just stood staring at Joel’s throbbing massive erection, Joel walked over to July and placed his hands on her boobs then started to rub them, July thought no I can not he is black, Joel lowered his hands and slid one hand between July’s legs and started rubbing while sliding the other under her jumper and slid it up smiling when he found a naked boob which he started to rub, Joel moved his hand from between July’s legs at the same time he lowered his other hand and undid the popper on July’s jeans then pulled them right down along with her panties, Joel lowered the unresisting July to the ground and pulled her jeans right off and pushed her legs apart then knelt between them, when Joel pushed his dick into July’s love tube she cried out, Joel pushed the full length of his dick right July’s love tube then started thrusting in and out, July was soon groaning in deep pleasure and after a couple of minutes climaxed, Joel continued to thrust in and out of July’s love tube, July was groaning in deep pleasure and soon climaxed again, Joel continued to thrust in and out while July groaned, Joel pushed July’s tee shirt up and noticed her very erect nipples then resumed thrusting in and out of her love tube loving the way her naked boobs wobbled about and soon felt her cum a third time, not long after Joel was squirting his cum over the ground, not long after Joel heard voices and quickly pulled his trousers up and ran, July pulled her jeans up just after she has done some of her friends came round the corner, that night July lay in bed hardly believing she had let a black boy have sex with her but knew she would do it again if she got the chance hoping she would.

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