Double Surprise 2 – New Sex Story

The English town had a reputation as being the town with having the highest crime rate in England, there were a quiet few empty houses in the town because people did not want to move into the town and live there. Sixteen year old Mark was living in the town and was one of the many people who was not liked and not trusted, Mark was a flasher and considered a sex pest parents had told their kids to stay clear of him many kids did but there were some who were fascinated by the size of his dick and watched him, Mark had used a penis developer since he was twelve years old and now had a nine inch dick when erect, a few of the teen boys had asked him how he had such a big dick and after being told had brought penis developers. It was early afternoon and Mark was bunking of school and was sitting in one of the empty houses in the town when Sara who was two years younger than Martin walked in, Sara was one of the girls who liked watching Mark jerk off, she was also known as a trouble maker, Martin looked at Sara when she walked in and thought she wants to watch me jerk off and was taken by total surprise when Sara said to him ” instead of just wanking off do you want to fuck me ” Mark sat in stunned silence hardly believing what he had just heard, Sara then raised her skirt, Martin saw that she was not wearing any panties and admired her smooth love tube, Sara then unbuttoned her blouse and unclipped her bra revealing her ample boobs that had erect nipples, Mark stood up undid his trousers and let his erect dick fall out, Sara walked up stairs with Mark following her, in one of the upper rooms their was a mattress on the floor which Sara lay on pulling her skirt up as she did and parting her legs then said come on fuck me, Mark knelt between Sara’s legs and started to massage her boobs then lick and suck her nipples after five minutes when Sara said ” come on fuck me ” Mark bent forward and slid his dick into Sara’s tight wet love tube and started to thrust in and out as he did Sara was groaning in deep pleasure and soon climaxed Mark carried on thrusting in and out of Sara’s love tube feeling her cum twice more before he pulled his dick from her love tube and squirted his cum over the floor after which he lay beside Sara who said ” that was good I really loved it ” The following day as he walked through the woods Mark saw Sara and went she went into the old woodkeepers hut he followed her and saw Sara’s best mate Cindy stood naked and Sara stripping, two hours later Marl left the hut with the two girls feeling well satisfied and tired.

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