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Sixteen year old Steve was known as a thug who caused a lot trouble and was feared by nearly all the people in the town where he lived, his girlfriend Mandy was also known as a trouble maker as was her sister Emma who was four years younger than Steve, Mandy’s parents had tried to stop her from seeing Steve but failed in their quest, then as a last resort they told Mandy if she did not stop seeing Steve they would throw her out of the house, Mandy carried on seeing Steve so her parents threw her out of the house, Steve was living in a flat owned by his cousin who had been sent to prison, Steve let Mandy move into the flat and live with him, everything went well, but after six months the pair had no income and things started to get hard for them, both tried to get jobs but with out any luck, it was a weekend and the pair had not eaten for two days, Steve was in the lift of the block of flats where he lived, the Indian man who lived near to where Steve lived smiled at him and asked him if he wanted to earn twenty pound, Steve knew the man was very rich and connected with the Indian mafia, Steve asked him what he had to do to earn the money, the man pointed at his ten year old daughter and said ” show her your cock ” Steve was so hungry and desperate for money that he agreed to do it, when the lift stopped at the floor where Steve lived he followed the man and his daughter to the emergency stairs and while the girl watched him Steve undid his joggers and lowered the front letting his seven inch dick appear, the girl looked at it smiled and said ” wow it is big ” after a minute Steve pulled his joggers up and after getting the twenty pound went to the shops and got food, once back inside his own flat Steve told Mandy how he had got the money, Mandy said ” that is cool at least we got food ” a few days later Steve was on his own when the Indian man called at his flat with his other daughter who Steve knew was nine years old, the man offered Steve the same deal, Steve let them into the flat where he got his dick out for the girl to look at, not long after the Indian man and his daughter had left Mandy returned, Steve showed her the money, Mandy said ” we could earn loads ” not longer after the Indian man was at the door with his son who was two years younger than Steve and Mandy were and when he offered Mandy twenty pound to show her boobs, Mandy agreed and took her tee shirt and bra off, the boy stared at Mandy’s ample boobs, it was the first time he had seen a white girls boobs and loved what he was seeing, after the Indian man and his son had gone, Mandy said ” we could earn loads ” Steve agreed with her and when the Indian man offered Steve forty pound to let his daughters see him naked Steve agreed and stripped naked, the girls sat looking at Steve in awe, when felt his dick starting to stiffen he quickly covered it up but when the man said ” thirty pound to let them see it hard ” Steve uncovered his dick, the girls stared at Steve’s nine inch erection, the eldest said ” that is massive ” Steve looked at the man and said ” how much to wank off ” after being offered another forty pound Steve started to jerk the girls sat watching him mouths wide open and when Steve squirted his cum in four spurts the eldest girl said ” wow that is a lot ” later in the evening the man returned with his son and after agreeing a price with Mandy she stripped naked and masturbated while the boy sat watching in awe, the following evening the Indian man returned with all three of his kids and after talking with Steve and Mandy and agreeing a price Steve and Mandy stripped naked lay on the floor and the three kids watched as Steve thrust in and out of Mandy’s love tube, after ten minutes Steve squirted his cum over Mandy’s body, as they were leaving the man told Helen that they would like to see Emma as well, after they had gone Mandy told Steve they were on to a good thing and would soon be very rich, then phoned Emma who turned up at the flat the following day where Mandy told Emma what they had been doing and about the offer for her to join in, Mandy was expecting her sister to come out with a lot of abuse and was surprised when Emma said ” cool ” and agreed to to do it as long as nobody knew about it, that evening the Indian man turned up with his three kids, Steve was the first to Strip, Emma smiled when she saw Steve’s dick for the first time then along with Mandy stripped naked, after a few minutes Steve had a full erection which Emma looked at thinking ” that is a beauty ” and watched in awe as Steve thrust in and out of her sisters love tube and when Steve squirted his cum over Mandy’s body Emma thought ” nice that is well cool ” then when prompted to Emma lay back and masturbated, Emma stayed at the flat over night sleeping in the spare bedroom, in the morning Mandy left the flat to keep an hospital appointment, not long after she had gone the Indian man turned up with his nephew who was in Emma’s class at school, the man said ” his nephew wanted to watch Steve and Mandy fuck ” when Steve explained that Many was out, the boy said ” let me watch you fuck her ” Steve looked at Emma who agreed and after making a deal the pair stripped naked ” the boy looked at Emma admiring his classmates developing boobs and smooth love tube and when Steve slid his dick into Emma’s love tube and started to thrust in and out, the boy watched in awe thinking very nice, Emma was soon moaning and Steve felt her cum three times before he squirted his cum over her body, after the man and his nephew had left Emma went for a bath while Steve sat thinking I have wanted to do her for ages and now I finally have, after a month the Indian man brought different members of his family round to watch the trio in action, the trio were very happy with the large amount of money they now had in the bank Steve was extra happy that he was now able to have both girls and some times together, all concerned thought that life was very good, when Emma moved into the flat Steve thought life was even better and when she started bring a friend round who joined in the sex action everyone was a lot happier Steve thought I am spoilt for choice.

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