Emmerdale Village – Part 1

This story is based on the cast of the British T.V. Soap Emmerdale, it is pure fiction with no plans to include it in any future episodes.

Jake was delivering the groceries to The Dingles farm he knew that they were all away on holiday except for Belle, Jake had seen Belle in the vet surgery when he had started the walk to the farm, when Jake arrived at the farm he stood looking at the pigs and said ” walking bacon butties ” then picked up a stick and started hitting the pigs who ran from the fence, Jake stood laughing, Belle had left the vet’s and headed for home not far behind Jake who did not know she was there, Belle saw Jake hitting the pigs and yelled at him saying ” what are you doing you little bastard ” Jake dropped the stick and turned surprised to see Belle who was now charging at him, Belle hit Jake knocking him to the ground then grabbed the collar of his jumper and dragged him across the ground to the farm house, Jake was surprised by the amount of strength that Belle had and soon found that he was on the floor of the farm house where Belle told him he was going to be taught a lesson that he would never forget, the door opened and Sara walked in, Belle told her what had happened, Sara took Belle to one side and after talking in quiet voices returned to Jake where Belle said to Jake ” take your clothes off you are going to get a spanking ” Jake just looked at the girls and said ” no way ” Belle moved behind him and got him in a strangle hold from which Jake could not get out off, Sara knelt and pulled Jake’s shoes and socks off then undid his jeans and along with his underpants pulled them down and off, Sara looked at Jake’s seven inch placid dick and said ” he has got a big cock ” and started running her finger up and down it and after a few minutes Jake had a full nine inch erection, Belle was looking down at it and said ” that is some hard cock ” Sara took it in her hand and started to jerk it while Belle watched, as she jerked Jake Sara said ” come on we want to see you squirt your spunk ” and carried on jerking the helpless Jake who after a few more minutes squirted his cum in five long spurts, Sara said ” fucking hell that is a lot ” then stood up and said to Belle ” roll him over time to spank him ” Belle said ” no ” and let him go telling Jake to get dressed and go after dressing Jake left the farm telling the girls that he would get even with them. A few days later Jake took more groceries to the farm and was greeted at the door of the house by Belle who was wearing a dressing gown, after putting the box on the table turned to leave as he turned his eyes went wide when he saw Belle standing naked, as he admired Belle’s large boobs that had erect nipples and her smooth love tube Belle said ” you ready to get even ” Jake was totally surprised but started to undo his jeans, Belle walked past him saying I will be upstairs when your ready, after a few minutes a naked Jake walked into Belles bedroom and saw her laying on the bed legs parted, Jake climbed onto the bed and when he slid his erect throbbing dick into Belles love tube she groaned out loud, Jake pushed in deeply and then started thrusting in and out as deep and as hard as he could hearing Belle groaning loudly as he did after twenty minutes Jake was squirting his cum over Belle’s body having made her cum three times, after a few minutes Jake climbed off the bed looked at Belle who had a glazed look in her eyes and said to her ” that is for starters ” and went down to the kitchen where he dressed and left the farm as he walked back to the he thought must get some viagra.

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