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The mansion that was situated on the edge of a small English town was owned by one of the richest families in the world, they also owned various other small firms in the town and only employed residents who lived in the town one of who was sixteen year old Steve, it was a surprise to residents of the town when Steve got a job at the mansion, Steve had a very bad reputation for being a burglar and a bully and he was feared by many of the town residents who thought that it would not be long before Steve started thieving from the mansion but Steve saw the job as a good thing with a regular income and did not steal anything, the owner of the mansion was well happy when Steve saved his daughter from a kidnap attempt and gave him a thousand pound cash as a reward, the owner of the mansion and his family went abroad foe a months holiday and left Steve to look after the mansion, all other staff were on paid leave so Steve was on his own at the mansion. Steve took full advantage of the empty property and a hour after the family had gone and Steve had checked that the mansion was secure he went to the indoor swimming pool where he stripped naked and dived into the pool, after swimming a few lengths Steve got out of the pool dried and went to the kitchens still naked to get something to eat and drink, Steve decided that as he was on his own he would stay naked, after eating Steve went to the games room where he played on the machines while doing so Steve’s dick grew from its seven inch placid state to a full nine inch erection, it did not bother Steve that he was naked with an erection because he knew that he was on his own in the place and nobody else would see, Steve spent the next two hours walking around naked with a full erection or a semi erect dick, unbeknown to Steve a local twelve year old girl was outside the mansion, she had gone to the mansion to pinch some flowers from the garden for her mum, she saw a naked Steve through the window and thought cool and watched as Steve walked around liking the way his dick was swaying about and when Steve got an erection the girl thought very nice and watched the bully as he walked around naked with a full erection, after awhile Steve sat in a chair and still not realising that he was being watched by the girl started to jerk his solid dick, the girl watched in awe hardly believing what she seeing and when Steve squirted his cum in three spurts the girl smiled broadly thinking very nice I will have to tell my mates, The girl then picked some flowers and left. A few hours later Steve was still walking around naked not realising that there were now a few young girls watching him through the windows and when he developed an erection there was a gasp from the girls and when Steve started to jerk the girls watched wide eyed each of the girls gasped again when Steve squirted his cum in four spurts, each of the five girls had their jeans and joggers down rubbing their love tubes, sixteen year Martin who was a known peeping tom and hated was stood by a tree not believing his eyes as he watched the young girls as they masturbated. A hour later the girls were gone, word soon went round town about Steve being naked inside the mansion. Over the next months there were quite a few girls going up to the mansion and watching the unsuspecting Steve as he walked around naked and jerking none of the watchers had any idea that they were being watched by the much hated Martin who thought that he was in paradise but knew that there was going to be plenty of girls to watch over the next month as they relieved themselves as they watched the naked bully boy jerk off.

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