Entangled with a beast – New Sex Story

It was late one Friday night I had been on a date with my girlfriend. Both of us being only 17 the only thing we ever do is pet, kiss and sometimes she gives me a blow job. This night was different because she was so upset with her mom and the fight they had she was in no mood for anything.

My parents were gone for the weekend and after taking my girlfriend home I decided I was going to see if my little sister wanted to watch some horror movies with me. My sister Lucy is a year younger but a little more shy and tends to stay to herself.

When arriving home all the lights were off and there was no sign of my sister. So disappointed I made my way upstairs to take a shower and get some sleep. As I got closer to my room I heard a strange sound coming from my sisters room just next to mine.

As I got closer I realized that the sounds sounded like she had a guy over. Slight moans and even some heavy breathing. I slowly opened the door to see who it was that was fucking my sister and I got the shock of my life.

Lucy was naked on the floor her ass in the air her pale skin gleaming I the dull light from the small lamp on her desk. Our dog Charlie a large black pit bull hammering away at my sisters pussy.

His balls was swinging wildly her hands between her legs playing with her clit. I could not be leave that she was doing this but at the same time it was very erotic. Here I was her older brother and can’t get laid by his own girlfriend and my little sister getting fucked by the house hold pet.

I made my decision and entered the room. She was so busy that she never heard me come in. I unzipped my pants and pulled my hard dick free from my pants. This little slut is going to suck my dick I thought to my self.

As I knelt down in front of her she tried to get up in a panic. I grabbed her hair saying that if she don’t suck a real dick I was going to let everyone know that she was a dog slut. I seen a tear from her eyes dribble down her cheek but she knew I was serious.

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Charlie had stopped but then I pulled him back to her letting him know he could finish. I pushed my cock down her throat forcing her to gag and choke on my thick head. Charlie started all over again. He was panting and drooling all over her back.

My little sister was know my little slut as well. I was going to make sure I held her to it and use the blackmail thing as much as I could. I heard Lucy grunt as charlies large knot pushed up against her opening then he stopped pumping and stayed there for several moments. I knew that he was pumping cum into her.

I raised up forcing her head up even further fucking her face like Charlie had just fucked her pussy. My balls slamming against her chin her spit running down her face and my sack. I grabbed her head with both hands and shoved deeply into her throat shooting my load emptying my balls.

For the next six months every chance I got she was going to service me one way or another.

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