Felicity – New Sex Story

” Good morning. ” Felicity said opening her eyes seeing the naked figure of her father next to her, she lay in her parents bed.

” Morning baby, how did you sleep? ” Dale asked.

” Great. ” She replied as she lay on her back the sheet down draping over her waist her b cup breasts flat on her chest.

” Last night was fun. ” He said leaning up on his hand his elbow on the pillow looking down at her, with his other hand he pushed the hair off her face.

” Oh yes, it was, I wish mum would go away more often. ” She replied letting his hand slid up over her naked breast. She loved her father feeling her up. He leant in kissing her lips.

” You have beautiful breasts. ” He said kneadling them with his hand.

” Not as big as mum’s ” she said looking down at her bosom.

” They don’t need to be big to be beautiful. ” He said

” I know. ” She replied.

She had just turned 17. His beautiful young daughter, her beautiful teenage body. His wife’s body was beautiful, she had passed onto their daughter.

” I know, ” Dale replied leaning in kissing her nipple, massaging it with his tongue. He felt her hand on the back of his head pulling her into her chest. He squeezed and kneaded her other breast listening to her moan as he sucked her nipples. He kissed over her soft breasts.

” Oh yes daddy, I love that. ” She moaned feeling his lips kissing her. She slid her hand to his groin feeling the hard erection pressing against her thigh. The hard cock that had fucked her,that had taken her virginity the night before. ” Please don’t fuckin stop ” she moaned.

He looked up at her. She leant forward kissing his lips. ” You are beautiful darling. ” He said.

” Fuck me again daddy. ” She said.

” Before school? ” He said.

” Yes. ” She said .

She stroked his erect cock as he kept kissing her bosom. He slid his hand down over her clit rubbing it, his fingers feeling his daughters wet pussy.

” Ohhh yes daddy please don’t stop. ” She said as his fingers separated her labias rubbing her cum stained pussy, the cum dried over her hole. ” Fuck me, fuck me please? ” She moaned.

Her hand over his hard erection stroking his cock.

He rolled on top of her and pressed his groin between her open legs. He reached down guiding his knob to her clit. He circled his daughters clit with his circumcised knob. He kissed her neck and felt her breath on his ear. He pushed his cock down between her open labias to her vagina circling her entrance. He kissed up her neck to her chin, their eyes finding each other as he pushed deep into her. He watched her gasp and moan closing her eyes, the look of absolute pleasure as his hard cock moved into her wet pussy.

” Oh Felicity. ” He said his nose on hers, their foreheads touching. He pushed his lips out touching hers, he twisted his head, now kissing his daughters soft young lips, his hand behind her head. The french kissed her back arched moaning as her dad pulled his cock back, his knob now at her vagina entrance then pushed back in her hearing her gasp again.

He slowly pulled out then pushed back in her feeling his cock between her wet vagina walls.

” Ummmmmm. ” She moaned feeling her fathers hard erection inside her. The first cock she had fucked. Even though she had two glasses of wine the night before in the spa, she knew she wanted it, she knew she wanted him. She loved his hand squeezing her bosom as he fucked her, made love to her. She let her body relax her father on top of her fucking her.

She often wondered if it would be creepy having sex with her father, the stigma of the one who had sex with her father.

She thought about it as he made love to her, she felt so good. She felt a special bond with him. It felt good, almost normal.

He gave her what she wanted, no strings sex, safe sex. She felt his body moving on top of her,making love to her.

” You like that baby? ” He said kissing her neck.

” Oh yes daddy, I do. Oh yes don’t stop. ” She said knowing soon they would get up, shower, dress and her dad would take her to school. Only their secret that they were lovers, father and daughter.

He gripped her breast, pushing his cock harder into her, thrusting her newly broken pussy, his cock taking her innocence only 10 hours ago. She looked over at the digital clock 7.13am.

She remembered at 9pm the night before they started to undress, that magical night in the spa, alone, together. It wasn’t long before she let her body go as she orgasmed, a rush moving through her body. She moaned and shuddered as he lifted himself up on his hands, his arms outstretched looking down at her, thrusting with his hips.

He moaned as he felt his cock erupt inside her, pushing and shooting his cum inside his daughters pussy.

” Oh fuck yes. ” He moaned looking down at her.

She looked up smiling at her father, her hands flat on his chest.

” That was so nice. ” She said.

” It was darling. ” He replied admiring his attractive daughter under his naked body, her body naked.

” Ummmm. I hope mum goes away more so we can fuck more daddy. ” Felicity said with a smile.

” Really? ” He said as he rolled off her, she rolled onto him and kissed his chest.

” Yes, lets flirt and be naughty ” she said.

” Really, you want to? ” He said.

” Oh yes, I want to occasionally flash you, you can sniff my underwear, the occasional grope when we are alone. Go for a ‘special drive’ occasionally ” she said. ” You can buy me underwear and see me it. Only us knowing of course. ” She said.

” I would love that. ” He said smiling at her your mother can not find out darling.

” Shit no, I mean fuck could you imagine if she did. ” She replied smiling at him sitting up on him. Dale admiring his daughters young shaped B cup breasts. ” I might even send you some photos during the day to your private email from school. ” She said.

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” You need to be careful. ” He said.

” I know, I can. Would you like that daddy? ” She said.

” Yes darling, why not. ” He said smiling.

” Cool, this is nice. ” She replied

” Right young lady you have school today and I have to get to the office. ” He said sliding his hand up her front cupping her breast getting one final feel and fondle before they showered and dressed and he dropped his daughter to school.

She lay forward on him, she kissed him. He slid his hands to her hips as they kissed. She looked at him her breasts dangling her nipples touching his chest. ” Call in sick today dad, let me take the day off school. Lets stay in bed and fuck daddy. Mum’s away, she wont know. Please? ” She said.

” Oh darling if only we could. ” He said. I have a important meeting today. You have exams soon. So as your father no your going to school….. ”

” ….. As my lover? ” She replied kissing his lips

” As your lover. I have to go to work. ” He said. ” But you will be at school full of your fathers cum. ” He said.

” Oh yes daddy. I like that. ” She said.

Felicity stood up and grinned. ” It was worth a try. ” She said turning walking towards her parents bathroom. Dale looked at her beautiful hourglass figure from behind. Dale got up and followed his daughter to the shower. They showered, washed each other and dried each other and dressed.

She went to her room and lay on her bed.

” You had sex with your father ” she said. She smiled and stood walking to her dresser pulling out her underwear and bra. Her bedroom door open.

She picked up her uniform and went to her parents room still naked. Her father pulling up his trousers. She dropped her clothes on the bed.

” Thought we could dress together. ” She said picking up her underwear.

” Ok. ” He said watching her slip her feet into them. She wanted him to see the lingerie she wore.

She wore black satin briefs with black lace around the edge and a black satin bra pushing her bust up. He admired her, his daughter in her lingerie in the bedroom as she put on her light blue fitted blouse. His daughters bust been covered as she did up the buttons. She lifted her dark blue skirt up her legs. She did up the zip and Dale admired her sexy legs. The skirt sitting mid thigh on his daughters thighs.

They walked downstairs to the lounge. He wore his business suit. She hugged him and kissed her father. ” We have 5 minutes before we leave ” she said. ”

He smiled as she turned around lifting her skirt. The satin material shimmered against her tanned skin. He unzipped his trousers as she bend over the couch. He pulled her knickers to the side seeing her moist vagina entrance. He guided his cock into her thrusting deep into his daughters pussy again. They only fucked 30 minutes ago. Here they were again, like two virgin newly weds on there wedding night, finally been able to have sex, She moaned as he fucked his 17 yr old daughter again. The third time in 11 hours.

She looked back as he held her hips, his hands holding her skirt up on her hips. His cock thrusting in and out off her.

” Oh daddy yes. ” She said feeling his hard cock thrusting her again. She was getting ready for his cum to fill her pussy again. She couldn’t wait to go to school her pussy full of her fathers cum.

Dale moaned as he thrusted her, Felicity bending over the couch, his cock in her thrusting her newly broken pussy.

” Oh darling. ” He said slapping his groin against her buttocks. He gripped her arse tighter, thrusting harder. A few minutes later he cum again inside her. His cock emptying his semen into her.

A minute later he pulled out, he positioned her underwear over her pussy. She stood and turned around lifting her skirt. She looked down at her knickers over her cum filled pussy, her fathers cum oozing into them.

Dale picked up a towel from the washing folded on the sofa and cleaned the oozing cum from his cock then put his cock away lifting and zipping his trousers.

She could feel her moist underwear now full of his cum.

” Better not let your mother find those underwear. ” Dale said smiling at her.

” No daddy. ” She said hugging him. ” I will wash them tonight after school. ” She said.

” Speaking of school, I had better drop you off. ” He said

” I love sex with you daddy. ” She said.

” Do you? ” He said.

” Oh yes, It was wonderful daddy. I can’t wait to do it again, I love us been lovers. ” She said.

They got into the car and smiled at each other. He put his hand on her thigh and leant over kissing her lips.

” Lets have some good fun tonight. ” He said.

” Oh yes daddy, I can’t wait to fuck you again. ” She said.

For the ten minute drive to school they talked about their new fun. The rules they would have to follow.

They pulled up. Felicity seeing her group of friends. She smiled saying goodbye to her father. He watched as she met her friends, admiring her body in her uniform. He pulled out seeing his daughters boyfriend hug her.

” I’m fucking her buddy. ” Dale said as he pulled out into traffic.

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