First Sex with Best Friends

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Hi friends, I am Iris and this story is about the time when I was 16 years old and I was in 9th standard and my sister passed high school and got admitted to the college. Although my first sex teacher is my sister, before that, I have taste some lesbian sex. Today I will tell you the story of my first sexual encounter.

Let’s go back to the story, my sister and I used to sleep in the same room, in the same bed at night from a very young age. I was a little scared of my sister but my sister mingled with me like a friend. I used to go to our famous girls’ school here. There was another school in our locality till 8th standard. And yes, that school was co-ed, meaning boys and girls used to study together there. As a result, many students from that school were admitted to 9th standard in our school, and they were sexually more mature than us to study with the boys. Many girls were admitted to our school that year when I was in 9th standard. We had a group of friends and some new girls joined our group.

In the meantime, I saw that my best friend Megan has become a very good friend of a newcomer girl called Christina. After a few days, I, Megan and Christina became very good friends. We shared our secrets with each other. Christina also said that she had fucked a boy in the previous school. Megan and I first saw a book near Christina that had pictures of naked boys and girls. After seeing that book, I feel a different feeling in my body. Christina said it was a sexual feeling.

One day, Christina said to us, that she can get a CD of a porn movie. We decide that one day we will go to Megan’s house without going to school, Megan’s parents were going to the office and the house is empty for all day, and they have a CD player too in their house. We fix a day and then we met at Megan’s place on the day. I and Megan didn’t see porn before. So, we are excited too. Christina brought three CDs with her and play one of the first.

In the curtain, there was a boy and a girl was kissing naked. The boy is pressing both of the boobs of the girl with his two hands and the girl is squeezing the cock of the boy in her hand. Then the boy slowly came down and kissed and licked the girl’s pussy. The girl is also chilling with uhh ahh ummmmh. I was engrossed in the TV and felt pressure on my boobs at that time.

I see Christina and Megan sitting on either side of me and pressing my boobs gently. I felt pretty good, I pressed their hands on my boobs and gestured for them to press harder. Christina realized and took off my top and bra and started pressing my boobs harder.

I closed my eyes in an obsession with happiness, then I felt the rope of my palazzo was untied and my palazzo was being pulled. As soon as I lifted my ass, Megan took off my palazzo and panties together and made me completely naked and started licking my pussy. Meanwhile, Christina started kissing me with her lips and pressing my boobs and stroking my nipples. I feel like a current inside my body and I felt a strange flood of happiness flowing through my pussy. I was ejaculated by two of my friends.

After my ejaculation, Megan and Christina immediately took off all of their clothes and get naked. Christina went and change a CD on the CD player. It is lesbian group sex. It appeared on the TV screen that four girls are bathing in a swimming pool together. Slowly they started kissing each other. Then they opened each other’s bra panties and went naked. Then they started pressing each other’s boobs and sucking pussy.

Seeing this scene, we also got hot. This time I started licking and sucking Megan’s boobs and Christina started licking and sucking Megan’s pussy. After going on like this for a while, Megan dropped her chambers. Then Christina sat on the sofa, spread her legs and spread her pussy. I started sucking Christina’s pussy with my mouth. Meanwhile, Megan started to press the boobs of Christina very hard. After a while, Christina also dropped her chambers.

Then the three of us lay down like a triangle and started licking and sucking each other’s pussy. I started licking Megan’s pussy, Megan licking and sucking Christina’s pussy and Christina sucked my cunt and the three of them dropped the juice of the cunt once again.

After that, we started fucking each other’s fingers. In the same way, the three of us dropped juice of our pussy for the third time. Then we went to the bathroom, bathed each other and sat down to eat again for a while. All-day we walked around the whole house of Megan naked. That’s a great feeling. Then in the afternoon I and Christina went back to our places.

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