Force to recon with – New Sex Story

Three years in to my marriage with my beautiful wife Kathy we began pushing the limits when it came to sex. Up to that point our sex life was amazing. When we had got married Kathy had a few things that she was not sure about trying. Things like anal and even letting cum in her mouth.

Even though she was a couple years older than I she had no problem sucking cock she just had never let a guy cum into her mouth. Anal was something that she wanted to try but was always a little afraid of trying. She had always told me that she was scared that it would hurt and that being I was the biggest guy that she had ever been with it made her even more scared than ever.

Eventually we tried them both and she was surprised of how much she enjoyed it. So that was the beginning of our new sex life. We began watching more porn and reading stories and trying anything that we could possibly come up with.

That is were the story begins. One night she asked me what fantasy that I had. One that I have jacked off to many times rather than engage in it. My response was that I wanted a woman that had enough imagination to make it worth wild. It was that I had always wanted for a woman to be in full control.

That was what she wanted to hear by the expression on her face. So that weekend she did just that. sitting me down explaining that I was her slave for the entire weekend and I had to endure what ever she had in mind.

Friday evening came along she met me at the door wearing a black teddy her hair pulled back and nothing else except a garter and a push up bra that covered nothing. I instantly got a hard on and was ready for action.

She ordered me to take a shower and then return to her. I did just that sitting at the dinning table she pointed to the floor in front of her. I knelt down still naked cock still hard then she brought her foot to my mouth forcing all four toes into it stretching my mouth wide. Her other foot massaged my balls teasing me

Little droplets of clear liquid dripped on to her other foot. then bringing that foot to my mouth forcing me to taste my own pre-cum. it was warm and little salty but yet really no flavor. Then her legs spread wide I noticed that she had shaved.

With a handful of hair she pulled my head between her thighs. Her aroma was over whelming. her taste was intoxicating. I have always loved tasting her wet pussy and believe that I will always love it.

We had dinner then I ate her again I was hopping that any given time I would be able to get off my self. Until then I just did as I was demanded to do. After she had her third orgasm of the night she took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. This was it I knew I was going to get off or at least hoped so.

I laid on my back she moved up to my head straddling my forehead. bring my legs up high over my face she demanded me to jack off. as I did she forced my mouth open I tried to struggle but it was no use, Before long I shot my load most of which filled my mouth and what missed she fed it to me and we went to sleep.

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The next afternoon I knew some thing was up. She was acting a little strange and had not as so much asked for a kiss. after lunch she had me strip and kneel in the middle of the living room floor.

She tied my hands behind my back blind folded me and even tied my cock up in a bent over position, After about ten minute the doorbell rang I jumped it startled me and even made me a little nervous to think who might see me naked.

I heard the door open and close but no talking. I heard a few other sounds but could not figure them out. I knew that we were not alone. Then Kathy squeezed my cheeks forcing my mouth open.

I tried to move and even roll out of position when I felt a warm flesh touch my lips but I could not resist. The object was a dick a real dick that was thick warm and the girth stretched my mouth open wider.

Who ever this guy was he was ready for action. his cock began moving in and out Kathy ordering me to suck harder. His hand grabbed the back of my head and forced the length down my throat. He hung like a mule and knew what he wanted. his pumping action became more intense and faster then his moans became louder. Then in a instant he shot his load down my throat. gagging and choking I took every thing I could.

Then as fast as it started it was over and he was gone. Kathy forced my head between her wet lips humping her hips screaming that she was going to come. instantly she began shacking and trembling. Who ever this guy was and what he did to me must have turned her on.

For the rest of the day I was forced to lick her clean every time she took a piss. Tongue fuck her ass and the fuck her and licking her clean afterwards. I know one thing this will be weekend that I will never forget. Would I do it again? You bet.

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