Foursome with my mom Meenakshi


Hi everyone my name is Harish. I am from Karnataka. My age is 22. I am doing my engineering the second year. My family is a very orthodox family. My family consists 3 members – me, my dad, mom,. Dad is working in Dubai and my mom works as a teacher in the elementary school.

We are living in our own house and I have some friends namely Santhosh, Ajith, and Prem. They live in the locality.

Now coming to the heroine of the story – mom. My mom name is Meenakshi looks like the actress Vidya balan She is so fair and her size is 38-34-42. I think her ass is more beautiful than her boobs. All my friends would stare my mom’s ass and boobs when she comes to the park in the evening.

As my dad was in the gulf, my mom was obviously feeling very lonely.

One day I and my friends were playing hide seek in my friend Ajith’s home. At that time, I was hiding in his parents’ bedroom. No one would look for me there. While hiding, I found a gold ring under the bed. I took it and kept in my pocket.

After the game was over, I left his home. But my friend Ajith saw me coming out from the bedroom. After one day, Ajith’s dad was shouting at his wife for losing her gold ring. Then Ajith came to me and said the whole matter. But I told him that I don’t know anything.

Then the next day, he came again and told me that he knows I have taken the ring and he was going to tell it to his dad. Ajith’s dad was a police officer. So I was very scared and immediately confessed to him and told him that the ring was with me. I apologized to him and gave back the ring.

The next evening, he came to my home and told me that he won’t say about the incident to his dad but I have to help him in return.

Me: What kind of help?”

Ajith: I want to see your mom bathing nude.

I was totally shocked. He then shouted at me,

Ajith: if you agree, you can save your face and be saved. Otherwise, you will be going to the jail for theft.”

I was very scared and having no other choice, I agreed.

That weekend, on a Saturday I called Ajith to my home. It was just me and my mom at home. My mom use to bath outside. Seeing Ajith, my mom welcomed him. He sat on the sofa. I and Ajith started watching the TV.

After 30 minutes, my mom went to take bath carrying her petticoat and a towel. My heartbeat was raising. Ajith asked me,

Ajith: so shall we go and watch the show?

I nodded and we went to upstairs for seeing my mom bathing nude. We had a room in the upstairs and from there, we can see mom taking bath below. No one takes bath in that place except my mom. She preferred such a partially open space as she was from a village.

So we were at the spot and started watching mom. Mom was washing the clothes first.

After 15 minutes, she then put all the clothes in one bucket. Now she was ready for the bath.

Soon she removed her saree and put it aside, and then removed her blouse. The sight of her my mom’s big boobs were a real treat.

Then she tied the pavadai around her boobs and removed the bra. Then she started pouring the water and the pink pavadai was soon fully wet.

She took the soap, applied it on her face and then she slid the pavadai down to her stomach level and applied the soap on her boobs. My friend Ajith’s eyes were wide open. Mom’s boobs and those dark nipples can make any guy hard. Unable to control anymore, me and Ajith jerked on that place itself!

Meanwhile, mom removed the pavadai completely. She applied the soap in her pussy. We were floating in the heaven seeing my mom nude.

After 5 minutes, I went downstairs and called Ajith to come before mom returned. Ajith came down after 10 minutes and sat on the sofa with me. We sat there and acted like nothing happened.

The next day, Ajith came to my home and showed me the video of my mom bathing. I didn’t know that he had taken the video the previous day without my knowledge. He blackmailed me by saying that he will release my mom’s nude bath scene in porn websites. I was terrified and asked him,

Me: what do you want?”

Ajith: I wanted to fuck my mom.

Me: “No! I can’t!!, I shouted.

But he forced me by showing the video again and again.

Me: But how can I help you for that”

Ajith: I have a plan. Don’t worry man.”

So after a couple of days, Ajith came to me with a plan. But he was not alone. He had come with my another friend, Ranjith

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My mom welcomed both and she gave them coffee. Then, Ajith handed the mobile to my mom and told her to watch the video. She watched for a minute and immediately shouted at them madly.

Meenakshi: What the hell is this, Ajith!”

Ajith: sorry aunty, it’s all fate. You have to obey us now or else it will be uploaded on the internet.”

My mom stood there shocked. I went near her and told her that they are my friends and they won’t tell anyone if mom obeys them. She thought for some time and finally said ok.

She called me and my friends to the room.

Ajith: aunty, I know you will accept this because we know you are sexually hungry for 2 years now”.

To my surprise, she smiled. Then she laid down on the bed. Ajith quickly went to her and started removing her pallu. He squeezed her big boobs over the blouse.

Meanwhile, Ranjith started lifting the lower portion of her saree. Her legs were shining like a diamond. I was so tensed but hard at the same time. I removed my clothes and stood naked in front of my own mom. She called me saying,

Meenakshi: Harish you can also enjoy me as much as you like.

Then Ajith removed her blouse. She wasn’t wearing a bra. He sucked her nipples one by one. Mom moaned,

Meenakshi: ahhhhhh hhhhhh Amma shhhhhhh slow slowwww.

Then I was sucking her other nipple, biting and rubbing it with my teeth. She pulled my hair and shouted,

Meenakshi: suck my son.. Suckkk harddd”.

The most erotic thing was that mom had still milk in her boobs.

Ajith was drinking her breastmilk hungrily and saying,

Ajith: aunty, your son is so lucky to drink your milk in childhood.”

She smiled and said,

Meenakshi: now you too are lucky.”

Then Ranjith got his tongue into mom’s pussy. He was smelling and fingering her pussy. She shivered slightly saying,

Meenakshi: Ranjith, do slowly.”

He licked her pussy for 10 minutes non-stop and now my mom removed all her clothes and got fully naked in front of us. She then put condoms on our dicks. First, I inserted my hard dick into mom’s pussy slowly. She closed her eyes,

Meenakshi: Oh goddd Harish.. Go slow.. Slow.. It’s paining”.

I inserted very deep inside her and started jerking fast. She moaned hard,

Meenakshi: Ahhhhhh shhhhh fuck fuck fuck man.. Fuck.. Fuck man it’s awesome.. Do.. Do fast.. Don’t stop”.

Seeing that sexy scene, Ajith drank the remaining milk from her boobs. While cumming, I removed the condom and cummed into her pussy. But she scolded me saying,

Meenakshi: what Harish I can be pregnant naa”.

Then Ajith turned my mom and inserted his dick into her big curved ass. He spanked her ass. She moaned loudly as her ass was so tight. He slowly started fucking my mom’s ass

Meenakshi: Ahhhhh uhhhhh hhhh shhhhh shhhh”

They both were fucking like wild animals. Ajith fucked her for 5 minutes. Then my mom called ranjith and made him lay down on the bed. She then got on top of him, sat on his dick and began to jump, holding his hands.

Ranjith was in heaven and saying,

Ranjith: Aunty.. Superrr.. Do fast.. Jump jump.”

I was watching it happily – my mom getting fucked by my close friends. Then after the fuck, all took bath together. Then my mom kissed all of us and thanked them for giving me to make her happy and fulfill her desires. My friends left the house.

After 2 days, I started fucking my mom regularly at night. She is so happy and treats me like her hubby.

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