Getting The Home Work – New Sex Story

Anjana was sitting on the sofa in her lounge, she had been suspended from school after being caught having sex with another girl, her brother Asif who at sixteen years of age was four years older than what Anjana was stood at the door just going out to meet his mates, At his sister ” your a dirty bitch your a disgrace to the Bengali community ” then after slamming the door went off to meet his mates, as he walked down the road he saw Amy who was in Anjana’s class at school as he passed Amy he said to her ” watch my sister she is a dirty lesbian ” Amy smiled and said ” yeah I know the whole school knows as well ” then walked on with the home work that she had to deliver to Anjana, Anjana saw Amy walking up her garden path liking the way her long blonde hair flowed out behind her, when Anjana opened the door Amy just walked in saying ” I got your home work ” Anjana knew that Amy was a violent girl and got nervous, Anjana followed Amy into the lounge where she noticed the top two buttons on Amy’s blouse were open and when Amy bent forward to put books on the table Anjana saw down Amy’s blouse and saw her blue bra over her boobs and smiled, after putting the books down Amy sat on the sofa then after a minute stood up and put her hands on her hips Anjana looked at Amy who said ” come on I will wrestle you if you win I will do your homework, knowing that Amy was very brainy Anjana agreed, then to her surprise Amy took her blouse and skirt off saying ” I do not want to tear or ruin my uniform ” Anjana removed her clothes the pair started to wrestle in just their underwear, after awhile Anjana had Amy in a head lock on the floor trying to get her on her back as they struggle Anjana pulled Amy along the carpet as she did Amy’s panties slid down round her knees, Anjana smiled as she saw Amy,#’s love tube, Anjana pulled Amy along the carpet more causing her panties to come right down and off, Amy broke free of the headlock and stood up saying come on bitch you got lucky and lunged at Anjana getting Anjana on the floor where she pulled Anjana’s panties off saying we are even, Anjana said ” not if I get your bra off we wont be ” Amy said ” fucking try it lesbi ” Anjana reached up grabbed the straps of Amy’s bra and pulled hard, Amy’s bra came off with the hard pull ” Anjana had one leg between Amy’s and could feel her moist love tube on her leg Amy stood, Anjana looked at her firm boobs noticing her erect nipples, Amy said ” come on we are not finished yet ” went to Anjana who quickly put Amy on the floor and sat astride her stomach then said to Amy you look cute naked but why is your cunt wet and nipples erect ” then started to rub Amy’s boobs, when Amy just lay still with out saying anything Anjana started to lick and suck her nipples then after awhile Anjana got off Amy moved down put her head between Amy’s legs and started to lick her love tube soon Amy was moaning, Anjana pushed inside Amy’s love tube as she did Amy groaned out loudly as Anjana wriggled her tongue about she reached up and massaged Amy’s boobs squeezing her nipples as she did, Amy was now groaning loudly with pleasure and after a few minutes gushed soaking Anjana’s face as she did, Anjana went to wash her face, hen she returned to the lounge Amy was gone.but a note on the table said ” see you Friday when I call round to pick up the home work, Anjana smiled and thought I can not wait to do you again.

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