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Since we have been together my girlfriend has turned into a bit of an exhibitionist. She has flashed her beautiful tits dozens of times. Quite often it was me exposing them but she always let me. She enjoyed it. Usually it was spontaneous but sometimes it was planned out. Similar to some videos clips from Frivolous dress order.
She also enjoyed sex in public. She especially loves sucking cock in public. Sometimes we would just go for a drive so she could give me a blowjob while I was driving. We got caught doing this several times and on more than one occasion a passer by would stop to watch. It seemed to turn her on.
But she was always hesitant about flashing her ass or pussy. It was rare. The odd time when we were out for drinks she would position herself so that a guy could see under her skirt and get a quick view of her panties. But never actually flashing her pussy. I tried convincing her a couple times, She would think about it and then blush but would say no. And then finally she decided to do it.
It was a Saturday afternoon. We were meeting some people at a pub to watch our local football team play. Some were friends, other were acquaintances or you could call them friends of friends.
Of course we were wearing clothing that supported our team. My girlfriend was wearing a low cut black shirt that had our team logo and a black skirt.
We met everyone at the pub. There was 4 couples and 2 guys that were single. We couldn’t all sit at on table so we grabbed 2 tables that were beside each other. One table was a short table that had regular chairs. The other table was a higher table so bar stools were required for that table.
The women decided that they would all sit at one table since they really weren’t that interested in the game and the guys could sit at the other table and enjoy the game together. The women chose the higher table.
The girls sat with 2 on each side of the table. The guys sat with 2 on each side and 1 on each end. The pub had tvs everywhere so everyone had a good view of the game. I was sitting beside one of the single guys. We were positioned so that the tv we were watching was right above my girlfriends table.
As the game went on I noticed that the guy beside me kept on leaning towards me. It was getting annoying. I even asked him what the hell he was doing. He just gave me a startled look and said he wasn’t doing anything. He kept doing it. Then I noticed that he was trying to look up the skirts of 2 women at the table. One was my girlfriend. The other was a very cute blonde girl. We were the only 2 guys at the table that had that view.
My girlfriend had her legs in a position so that we couldn’t see up her skirt. But you could see up the other girls skirt a bit. She was wearing some sexy turquoise panties. My girlfriend didn’t notice the guy trying to look up their skirts but I’m pretty sure the blonde girl noticed him staring. She looked at him and changed her position so he could no longer see. But he continued trying to look up their skirts.
A few minutes pass and I decide to get up and go to the bar to get another drink. I ask my girlfriend to join me. While we are waiting for our drinks I tell that the guy beside me is trying to look up her skirt. She just laughed. I told her that she should let him have a little peek. She said maybe.
We went back to our respective tables and watched the game. A short time later my girlfriend positioned her legs so that the I and the guy next to me could see under her skirt. At first she had her legs fairly close together so you couldn’t see anything, just a shadow. But she slowly opened legs and her white panties became visible. He just kept staring at her crotch. I was trying not to stare but it was fucking hot.
Half time came and it was time for a bathroom break. I got up to go to the bathroom, my girlfriend did too. We talked while we were on our way to the bathroom. I told her that the guy sitting next to me liked the view of her panties. I told her I liked it too and thought it was hot. She didn’t say anything. Just smiled. We then went to our respective bathrooms.
We went back to our separate tables as the 2nd half begun. All I was thinking about was my girlfriend showing her panties in public. I was wondering if she would continue the show in the 2nd half. We didn’t discuss it when we talked at halftime. I was hoping the show would continue but I assumed she was done showing off.
As we watched the 2nd half the guy sitting next to me was again trying to look up my girlfriends skirt. I was trying to look myself but nothing. She had her legs completely closed and positioned so that we couldn’t see anything. Quite a bit of time passed. The 3rd quarter was over in the game and it was heading to the final quarter. Nothing. I guess the show is over. It was fun while it lasted.
A couple minutes into the final quarter of the game my girlfriend re positions herself so that she is facing directly towards us. I was asking myself, are we going to get another show. But she had her legs closed tight together. We kept watching though and very slowly she stated to open her legs. Still can only she a shadow though. She keeps slowly spreading her legs. But I don’t see her white panties. I’m seeing her bare pussy. Not a full view, but you could see that she wasn’t wearing panties. I’m in total shock. She had removed her panties when she went to the bathroom. I had no idea she was going to do that. I got to admit, I liked it.
She kept spreading her legs a bit more until we got a full view of her soaking wet pussy. Omg this was so fucking hot. She sat there at the table watching the game with the other women with her left hand holding a drink and her right hand in her lap under the table. She lowered her right hand to her pussy. I thought to cover up. But then she started rubbing her pussy for us to watch. She would lift her glass with her left hand and take a sip of her drink while she was rubbing her pussy with her right hand.
The guy next to me couldn’t stop staring. He was completely red faced. He was at a loss for words. This was too hot to handle. Thought I would explode in my pants.
The guy at the one end of the table to the left of me noticed he was red faced and said something. I didn’t want the show to be ruined so I leaned over and whispered in his ear what was going on and told him not to say anything. He ended up sliding his chair over to our side of the table so he could see. His excuse for moving was that there was a glare on the tv so he had to change position.
Now 3 of us are watching her. The 3rd guy can’t see her pussy though because her hand is over it. She just keeps watching the game and talking to the other women not even acknowledging that we are watching her. Occasionally rubbing her pussy for.
Then she does something very hot and unexpected. She moves her hand so that her pussy is visible again. She the holds her pussy lips wide open with her right thumb and index finger and holds that position for what seemed like an eternity. You could literally see her pussy dripping and throbbing.
Holy fuck I couldn’t believe she did that for these guys. I’ve never been so horny in my life. Neither has she. As the game ends my girlfriend gets up and goes to the bathroom to clean her pussy soaked hand.
The 2 guys that watched both made comments. The one guy just said wow. The other guy looked at me with a smile and said great game.
We left the pub shortly after. Went out to her Suv. I told her that I couldn’t wait until we got home. I wanted that pussy so badly. We got in the back seat and I licked and chewed on her pussy until she had an orgasm then I did it again and again. I loved the way she squirmed when I would continue to eat her pussy after she had an orgasm.
This was the first time she ever flashed her pussy and the hottest.

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