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Seventeen year old Steve was sat in his bedroom, he was not in a very good mood he would rather be out with his mates having fun instead he was waiting for his sisters ninth birthday party to finish, when it did he had to take one of his sisters friends home, Steve was a violent racist thug and feared by many people, Steve was laying on his bed listening to his music when his sister Amy walked in and told him her friend was ready to go home, with in a few minutes Steve was walking down the road with the girl making her walk fast to keep up with him, after getting the girl home Steve went looking for his mates in the park, he found Martin one of his mates coming out of the park toilets, Martin told him that Mandy one of the sexist girls in town was in the toilets in the cubicle that had the glory hole in the wall and that she had made him cum, after chatting with Martin for a few minutes Steve went into the toilets and saw that the cubicle with the glory hole in the dividing wall had the door closed. Steve smiled and went into the adjoining cubicle undoing his joggers as he did. Pao who was a Bengali girl the same age as Amy had been going home earlier and needing a wee went into the men’s toilet because the ladies toilet was closed, Pao was in the cubicle next to the one where Steve was. Steve lowered his joggers and slid his seven inch dick through the glory hole. When Pao saw it she thought wow two white dicks in one night, and started running one of her fingers up and down Steve’s dick as she dick she saw it growing and after a minute was looking at Steve’s nine inch erect dick and thought that is bigger than the other one, Pao held Steve’s dick in her hand then started to slowly jerk it, after a couple of minutes Pao let go of the dick and smiled at the way it bobbed about then took hold of it again and carried on jerking it and after a few minutes when Steve squirted cum in five long spurts, Amy let go of the white dick and saw it pull back through the hole, Steve wiped his dick then after putting it away left the cubicle while washing his hands Steve heard the cubicle door opening he turned was about to say something but when he saw Pao came out of the cubicle Steve just looked in shock, Pao quickly ran out of the toilets, when Steve went out he could not see Pao anywhere but saw Martin and spoke to him, Martin was horrified to learn it had been Pao in the toilets jerking him off.. The next morning Steve was still in bed he had heard his mum leaving for work so knew that it was just him and Amy in the house, Amy walked into Steve’s bedroom smiled at him and said ” you got wanked off my Pao last night ” Steve went bright red, Amy then said ” she said you got a big cock and lots of spunk ” Steve was totally shocked at the way his nine year old sister was talking and when Amy said ” I want to watch you wank off ” Steve just looked at his sister who then said ” if you do not let me watch I am telling mum what happened ” Steve knew that if Amy told their mum he would be kicked out of the house and would be in deep trouble, he looked at Amy and knowing he had no choice but do what she wanted and got out of his bed, Amy broke out into a big smile when she saw Steve was naked she stood looking at his dick as he went to a draw and got a porn magazine and watched in awe as Steve read it and his dick grew into a full erection, after a few minutes Steve started to jerk his dick, Amy stood watching her mouth wide open and when her brother squirted his cum Amy thought cool not long after Amy left Steve’s room and phoned her best friend and told her everything that had happened. Steve was just coming out of his room as he came out he heard Amy say into the phone I will make him do it in front of you as well and after a short pause Amy said I will get him to do it in front of all of our friends and we will do it to him, Steve left the house knowing that things were going to very bad for him.

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