growing up in the deep south during the 50s

I come from a broken home Dad went to jail when for burglary I was 13 Mama didn’t care what happened as long as she had a man and some booze.

The summer I turned 14 things changed in a big way when I discovered that even though I was on the smaller side I had grown a man size dick. I had been jacking off for 2 years after discovering quite by accident the joy of masturbating.

It all started while in the tub bathing as I washed my dick it became very hard and felt good rubbing it. The more I rubbed my dick the better it felt. Then I felt my balls tighten and suddenly stuff shot out the head. I mean this was the best anything had ever felt to me.

I didn’t wait very long before trying to get that feeling again. I mean like 5 minutes later I was stroking myself again and again it felt like nothing I had ever felt. This time I was prepared and as I shot off for the second time in my life I was hooked. Soon I was jacking off everywhere I got a chance. I didn’t care where I was if the urge hit me, I would find away to cum.

The summer of my 14th birthday I was told by my Mama that I would be spending the summer at Uncle Jerry’s to help on the farm. I was to take a Greyhound bus about 70 miles south of where we lived.

The day I left I packed what clothes I had in an old suitcase, walked the mile to the bus station. I had one dollar and 50 cents to do me until we got to Lumberton.

When I got to the bus station, I found out that the bus was having some mechanical problem and would be delayed. I sat and watched women walking around the station. As I sat there an older woman came in and sat in a chair across from me.

She crossed her legs exposing quite a bit of herself. This really sent a message to my dick which pushed its way down my left thigh. I don’t know if it was deliberate or not, but she uncrossed her legs then as I watched she spread her legs, giving me plenty to look at I was the only person sitting across from her so no one else could see what she was doing.

This woman would open her legs wide enough that I could see her panties then close them. She had to know what she was doing. I was almost to the point of shooting off just watching her. Then her bus to Atlanta was called as I looked up, she just smiled and left.

I was in a quandary; my dick was so hard that I thought if I moved the wrong way it would cum. I picked my suitcase up kind of hiding my dick and started looking for a restroom. I saw a sign pointing up a flight of stairs so I hurriedly went up the steps thinking that I might cum before I got in a booth. There were only 3 stalls I went in the middle one put my suitcase down popped the snap on my jeans unzipped and pulled my dick out.

I had only stroked it a couple of times when I heard someone whisper hey boy. I looked all around then I saw a hole in the partition between stalls. I noticed all kind of graffiti written around the hole, like let me suck you off, stick it here. Now even back then us boys knew what a blow job was. The guy said if you push your dick through the hole, I will give you 2$. I whispered back what for, he said let me help you with that hard on.

My mind was racing, and I wanted that 2 dollars. So, I said give me the money first. The man shoved the 2 bucks through the hole, and I turned and pushed my hard dick through the hole. Oh my god what caressed my dick was so good. I don’t think I move an inch I felt this strong sucking on the head of my dick and I busted so hard that I almost fell.

I managed to grab a pipe and hold on to it. It seemed as if my dick got even harder, that is when he swallowed my whole dick. When My dick hit the back of his throat he started working back and forth my second cum hit.

I slowly sat down on the commode wondering what the hell he just did to my dick. I heard the man jacking off then a groan as he shot off, he hurriedly got up and left. As he past my stall I saw that he was older some grey in his hair about 6’ not overweight. I sat there thinking about what just happened, and how good it felt.

My dick started getting hard again, I heard the main door open so, I stood fastened my pants went over to the sink to wash up. As I stood there, I could see the guy standing at the trough pissing. I glanced over and saw his dick; I was curious having never seen a grown mans dick.

He must have seen me, because it looked as if he was stroking instead of shaking the drops off. Instead of leaving he went into the end stall his dick still out of his pants as he started to close the door, he pointed to his dick then at me. I shook my head no. Turned and left the restroom.

I had been waiting over 2 hours for my bus, thinking about what just happened. My dick started growing down my thigh, I wondered if I could have the same thing done if I went back to the restroom when my bus was called. So, I picked up my suitcase and boarded, now back during this time, middle fifty’s there were what was called an express that only stopped in larger towns.

But the cheap ticket I had put me on a bus that stopped it seemed like every 15 minutes. So, what should have been a 2-hour trip would take 4 or more. It was almost dark when we left.

I got on and moved almost to the back of the bus. A few minutes later a guy came and sat next to me, as soon as he sat down, I knew that it was the guy that had sucked me off in the restroom. I had caught a glimpse of him as he passed my stall.

I didn’t think he knew that I was the owner of the dick he sucked. It turned out that he did know because he had watched as I came out of the restroom. It was sometime around 9pm when we had only been on the road 15 minutes when I felt his hand on my thigh, he rubbed slowly up till he felt my dick responding to his touch. I felt his hand tremble as he tried to unsnap my jeans and pull my zipper down.

I made no move to help him, I was getting scared someone would catch him and I was also so turned on that I wanted him to suck me off right there on the bus. He managed to get my dick out then looked around, no one was behind us. So, he leaned over and sucked me. The thought of him sucking my dick on a Greyhound bus with people right in front of us turned me so much that I busted in about 2 minutes.

He raised up whispered to leave my dick out. He covered me with a wind breaker he whispered to me that he would give me 3 dollars more if I would let him jack and suck me until we got to his stop in Dublin.

He handed me the money and I left my dick out. He told me to keep watch, while he played with my uncut dick. He would stroke my dick telling me I had a really big dick. After about 10 minutes stroking my dick, he moved the Jacked leaned over and swallowed my dick down to my balls. And again, I shot off. By this time even my 14-year-old dick was starting to take a lot longer to get hard. This man was like a kid in a candy store.

He leaned over and suckled my dick like he was a baby. His mouth was like velvet as he slowly worked my dick back to another erection. Then he slowly moved up and down from the tip to my balls. I am thinking there is nothing left to shoot.

Then just as I was about to do just that a tire blew out right under us. There were no such thing as cell phones, so we were stuck. Until someone came along. As luck would have it a truck stopped and agreed to get in touch with the next stop to have another bus come pick us up or fix the tire.

The man in the pickup recognized Jeff the guy that had been sucking me. Offered Jeff a ride on into Dublin which he took saying that his wife and kids would be worried if he didn’t get home soon. Now this surprised me because I didn’t think queers ever married. How wrong I was.

Being Bi I came to enjoy sucking as well as getting sucked plus loving women. Thinking that everything was over I started to get back on the bus, the driver caught my arm pulled me aside and said that he was going to kick me off the bus because he saw what was going on when he saw Jeff lean over.

I was scared and still a long way from my stop. I almost started to cry when he said that I could stay on the bus if, when we got to Dublin, I would follow him into the driver’s area. I shook my head ok not knowing what was going to happen. It took over an hour before the service truck arrived then 45 minutes to change out the tire.

We arrived in Dublin about 30 minutes later a very small bus station. The driver stood at the door and said it would be a 30-minute stop. Everyone got up except me thinking if I stayed on the bus nothing would happen. When everyone got off the driver walked back to me and said you follow me boy. I was scared not knowing what was going to happen.

When we got off the bus, he said follow me, he walked around behind the station and into a driver’s restroom. I stopped he grabbed my arm and said get inside. As I stepped in the room he turned and slid a dead bolt locking us inside. The driver walked over to the urinal pulled out his dick and pissed.

Shook it then turned to me and said get on your knee’s boy. You are going to suck my dick, or I will throw you off this bus here. Saying that he pushed down on my shoulder. I had no choice either do what he said or be stranded. I dropped to my knee’s as he dropped his pants down, exposing his dick saying well what you waiting on.

I tried to tell him I had never sucked a dick, but he wasn’t listening Just moved close and rubbed his dick across my lips the smell was bad he never stopped just said open your mouth. He pushed his nasty dick against my lips, saying don’t fight it boy you know you are a dick sucker. I opened my mouth and his small dick slipped inside, making me gag at the taste.

As he pushed his dick in my mouth, he said suck it boy and you better swallow it too. His dick worked back and forth, he groaned and grabbed my head shooting his cum, as soon as he finished, he shoved me hard saying git out of here queer. From start to finish was only a couple of minutes. So, this was my education into getting sucked then being forced to suck the old nasty bus drivers dick. The strange thing is my dick was as hard as a rock as that nasty dick was pushed into my mouth. I jumped up and ran from the rest room.

Shamed that my dick was throbbing along my thigh from where I almost shot off. I went around the station found my way to the restroom my dick still throbbing. I entered the first stall pulled my dick out and jerked it only a couple of times before I shot off.

I couldn’t get what happened out of my mind, the very fact that when I woke up this morning, I had never thought about having a man suck me off to the fact that I loved how it felt. Then the humiliation of being forced to suck that nasty little dick and my dick getting hard while I did it. Thinking about it, I felt a little surge of excitement. How could something so degrading make me almost cum while doing it.


The rest of the trip was uneventful that is till we got to Lumberton around 2 in the morning.

I had fell asleep until being roughly shaken by the old nasty dick bus driver saying last stop boy get up and come with me you got something to do. I had a sinking feeling that I knew what he wanted. I picked up my suitcase and followed him out. this time to a restroom that had colored over the door.

When we got inside a huge black man was standing at the urinal with the first and biggest dick I ever saw hanging out of his coveralls the bus driver told the black man boy you go on out of here. This youngun needs to be taught a lesson.

After the man left the old nasty bus driver pulled his dick out and said you know what to do. I knelt down I felt my dick surge filling out pushing against my jeans. The driver saw my bulge, saying damn boy what you got in your pants, my face turned bright red as he said well well let’s see what you got there boy.

He slapped my face saying don’t make me tell you again I unsnapped my jeans pulled the zipper down and then my hard dick standing out twice as big as his. Stand up boy let me see what that queer from Dublin was working on. I stood up my dick stood out a full 8”.

My my what we got here as he grabbed my dick with his rough hand. So, this is what he was sucking on almost all the way to Dublin. As the old driver stroked my dick a strange look came over his face, he pulled me by the dick until he could sit on a commode.

He pulled me closer to him then leaned over and started sucking my dick, I saw one of his hands working his little dick as he sucked on my dick. His teeth scraped my shaft, he pulled my dick out of his mouth then took his dentures out and put them in his pocket. When my dick went back in his mouth the only thing, I can relate the feeling to is a wet pussy.

This old man grabbed my hips and pulled me in until his nose was against my pubic bone. Then he pulled out until just the head was in his mouth. Then I felt him tighten his jaws against my dick, then he worked it down his throat and back out he was scraping his gums back and forth, until it felt like I was about to explode.

My dick swelled up and just before I shot off he grunted he had jacked his self-off and left me hanging, get away from me you Satan little queer making me do sinful things like that. When he said all that humiliating stuff to me my dick had a mind of it’s on and exploded cum all over his face and shirt. He started cursing me while trying to wipe the cum off his face.

I pulled my jeans up not taking time to zip up just took off grabbing my suitcase as I went. As I ran out the door I turned right down the service alley, then around the back of the station and into a lighted shop area. The shop had 2 buses in the bays, I didn’t hear any one so, I thought I could hide there.

Just as I started past an open door I heard a deep voice say boy what you doin back here. I mean, it scared the hell out of me. He grabbed my arm saying what he do to you, I just shook my head saying nothing. He pulled me into the room lined with tools and lockers.

First thing he asked me was what is your name boy. I was scared and blurted out Donnie Fullerton. The big black man said my name is James Lewis. Then turned me towards him and said you mean you that boy Mr. Fullerton was up here waiting on.

I shook my head yes. Mr. Lewis said well if this don’t beat all. I works on his farm part time when Ise needed. You stay with me so I can change wash up a little and I will take you out to the Fullerton’s place. He told me to have a seat and he would clean up and we could leave.

Mr. Lewis started undressing, all he had on was the coveralls and underwear. I tried not to stare. Mr. Lewis continued talking making me look at him. He was coal black and wasn’t any fat on his body.

When he pulled his coveralls off and stood up facing me, he said boy me and you going to see a lot of each other so, I wants you to call me JL like most everyone do. I said yes Sir Mr. JL. No sir to it boy just plain old JL.

As I started at this huge black man, he said I am gona wash off good while ain’t no body round as he pulled his drawers off. Only time I gets to use the shower is when ain’t no one around.

I must have been staring cause he said Donnie you never saw a naked man before, I shook my head no. That was when JL told me that he had seen what old Dan did. My face lit up red as a beet, I stuttered trying to hide my shame. First thing I said, was how the door was closed. JL said come over her stand on the bench reach up grab the top and pull up, and damn you could see right into the restroom.

JL being a foot taller than me could look over the wall just by standing on the bench. JL told me he saw Dan doing stuff to me. He heard that old man says something about someone sucking on you almost to Dublin. Now you tell JL what happen I already seen Old Dan doing stuff that he shouldn’t aught ta do to you.

I felt embarrassed and ashamed for what he had heard and seen. I said Mr. Lewis I don’t know how to explain it. Things just happened and I didn’t know how to stop it. JL said look at me boy. And don’t call me Mr. Lewis.

He said boy are you one of them funny boys that likes other boys and men. I felt my face turn red, I felt scared and I said I didn’t know anything about being a funny boy. I told Jamal about the 2 dollars the man gave me to let him suck me through that hole in the restroom before I got on the bus and then about the same guy sitting next to me on the bus and gave me 3 more dollars to suck and jack me until we got to Dublin.

As I told the story I looked at the floor not daring to look at the big black naked man. Turning told me come over to where the shower is so we can keep talking. JL asked me what am I gona do with you Donnie, If old man Fullerton finds out what you been doing you know he gona be some kinda put out.

Youse knows I gona have to tell what I saw and the stuff you done told me. JL had been turned away from me going into the shower, as he turned to face the shower, I saw him standing sideways to me with the biggest hard dick I ever seen. My eyes must have betrayed me cause I couldn’t stop staring at his dick.

But I was so scared I begged him not to tell, because I didn’t want my Uncle to know what I did. Thinking he might just send me back home. JL looked at me and said we got us a predicament, as he rubbed soap on his body, he washed his big dick he said boy what can you do for JL so he don’t be telling on you.

Now if you wuz to do something for JL maybe he would just ferget everything I know. I was caught and in a bind. I was so afraid that he would tell my Uncle I said I would do anything if he wouldn’t tell. JL said now maybe if you wuz to come over here and wash this thang so it would get back soft cause it is yo fault it done got all hard.

Come boy I ain’t got all night so, I slowly walked over to him JL said what you waiting on wash me good. I moved slowly closer to JL his big dick flexing like a magic wand mesmerizing me. I placed both hands on his soap covered dick and started slowly stroking, the soap making his dick feel so slick.

JL turned and washed the soap off, turned back then told me suck JL’s dick boy do it good don’t I gona have to tell yo Uncle bout what you been doing. By this time JL didn’t have to threaten me, cause I was wanting to do just that. I didn’t wait I grabbed his dick as he turned and tried to get his huge head in my mouth. But all I could get was about 1” in my mouth,

I started jacking him off into my mouth, Jl said damn boy you want this dick don’t you. I just nodded and jacked faster; I felt his dick swell then a huge shot of cum popped in my mouth. I tried to keep my mouth on his dick as he pumped into my mouth, JL said swallow that stuff boy.

I tried to do what he said but gagged on the taste, managed to swallow most of his cum. I felt JL’s dick throb then slowly go soft. JL said boy you gona do this for Jl when ever Ise want you too ain’t you, I nodded yes as I looked up seeing him smile. You gona be my toy boy. And you better never tell anyone you unerstan that Donnie. Again, I just Nodded my head yes.

JL dressed said, come on he said I got to get you on out to the Fullerton place. JL had an old 40 ford truck that was more scrap than truck, he managed to keep running. I put my suitcase in the back and climbed in the cab, it was almost 3 in the morning not a soul on the road, JL told me to slip over close to him and rub his dick as he pulled it out.

JL’s dick was so black It wasn’t visible in the dark truck. I slid close and found his soft dick and started stroking, it was amazing to feel it swell and lengthen as it stood up. I rubbed the head and stroked the shaft feeling the head get slick with his juice. Just before we got to the farm JL stopped turned the lights off, telling me you like dis dick don’t you Donnie.

I nodded but JL couldn’t see me and said say it boy. I said softly yes, I like yo dick JL, then suck this dick boy make JL shoot again fore we get to the farm. I tried to take his dick in my mouth, but all I could do was suck the big head and jack the rest. I stroked and sucked hard on the head, boy yo gona get some more of JL’s juice soon so don’t spill any,

Don’t want my woman seeing cum stains on my pants. JL’s dick swelled and another load shot into my mouth, but not as much as before JL said swallow dat stuff boy, and I did every drop then licked the head as more ran out.

JL said you gona be my toy boy from now on ain’t you boy. I answered yes JL I am yo toy boy. JL fired up the old truck and drove a couple more miles to the farm. JL got out and told me come toy boy.

The dogs had run out barking when we turned down the road to the house. JL didn’t pay no mind to the huge hounds and as soon as they got his smell both started wagging their tails. I was kinda scared though until JL walked around to me with both the dogs kinda introducing me to them.

A light in the front room came on then the front door opened a crack. Heard a voice saying JL is that you, what you doin out here this late, I brung yo nephew out after that old bus finally got to the station. Too late to come in here now, JL why don’t you show him where the room is down by the barn.

JL walked to the barn opened the door to the little room turned me around and told me, you going to get more dick than you ever thought of when yo uncle come to visit. Boy you smell like cum, if I had some more time, I would want you sucking me now. Tell you what why don’t yo kiss JL’s dick good night. As he pulled his soft dick out I leaned over and kissed his dick then tried to suck the head into my mouth, whoa now boy yo gona have my dick in a uproar. JL took his dick away and put it back in his pants, saying Lucy going to get this load when Ise get home. And she gona half to work for it too.

So, ended my trip to Uncle Jerry’s I don’t remember how many times I had shot off. I do remember that nasty old little dick man that was the first dick I ever sucked. I sucked and Jacked JL ever time he worked at the farm. He introduced me to my first pussy.


I was so tired that I just pulled my jeans and shirt off leaving my boxer underwear all I was wearing. I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, I didn’t even pull the spread down. I dreamed about getting sucked off, It was so real that I shot off, causing me to wake up, as soon as my eyes popped open I saw a tall man next to my bed his hand was still stroking my slick dick from the cum I shot.

I flipped over on my belly trying to hide, hell boy too late to turn over you done loaded my hand up, with that cum. Yo Uncle sent me down to wake you up to come to breakfast. My name is Josh, I see to the hosses and that ornery damn mule, oh we got a couple of donkeys also. Boy now you turn over you know Josh done seen that dick.

How old are you boy, I answered 14 as I turned onto my back my dick still out of my boxers. 14 Josh said, damn boy you got more dick than any I seen sept that nigger JL. I wondered how he had seen JL’s dick but didn’t say anything.

Now boy you better get yo ass up to the house. Fo Mr. Fullerton comes down here. I always get in here around 5:30 to start cleaning stalls, I figure you going to be helping me. I jumped out of bed pulled on clean wrinkled jeans, took off to the house. I stopped and knocked on the screen door, Uncle Jerry come on in Donnie you almost missed breakfast, but that is alright seeing as how you didn’t get here till almost time to get up.

You sit right here Donnie next to Joyce, his youngest daughter the older daughter Maxine was married and gone. Joyce was a year older than me and was stuck up, didn’t even say hello.

Marie Uncle Jerry’s wife was a big woman, I mean big as in her tits were huge as was her ass. She brought scrambled eggs in, put a scoop on Uncles plate then Joyce’s then leaned into me putting eggs on my plate, I could have moved away but the feel of her soft tit against my arm made me freeze.

Marie went back to the kitchen and brough coffee for Jerry, and milk for Joyce. Marie looked at me for the first time and said what do you want to drink. My aunt’s cleavage was right in my face, milk I said to her tits. Marie smiled and said ok Donnie.

So, the day begins, wake up to getting jacked off shooting on a strange man’s hand and now I am sitting here sporting a chubby from looking at Aunt Marie’s tits. I guess a wind blowing across my dick would make it hard. Uncle Jerry said you hurry now and let me show you around the farm today and get your chores set up.

I was real hungry cause I hadn’t ate since before I got on the bus yesterday. Marie told Jerry let him be now, I will send him down when he gets finished eating. Joyce finished her breakfast and took her plate and disappeared. I had finished my milk. Aunt Marie noticed and said you want some more milk, Donnie and smiled causing my face to turn red.

Aunt Marie reached across the table her cleavage right in my face. Picked up the glass left the table; I could swear she shook her ass as she went into the kitchen. A few minutes later she was back, and 2 more buttons were unbuttoned. When she leaned over, I could see almost all her nipples. My dick when full hard and straining against my jeans.

Aunt Marie must have known that I was turned on by her tits. I finished my breakfast and tried to hide my hard on as I stood to leave. That didn’t work cause Aunt Marie told me to come help her in the kitchen just a minute before I went back to the barn. I picked up some plates and followed into the kitchen, she turned and looked right at my dick this time her face turned red.

My dick was very noticeable down my leg. Not only was my dick 8” it was thick so wasn’t no way to hide it. Aunt Marie said really low I see you took after your pa. That struck me as strange cause I didn’t know she even knew who my pa was. As I started to go out the back-door Aunt Marie said come give me a hug fore you go. She hugged me and pressed against me causing my dick to flex and I know she felt it.

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When I got outside, I pulled my shirt out hoping to hide my hard on. By the time I got to the back of the barn I was back in control. I heard Uncle Jerry talking about what he wanted Josh to show me, cause he had to run a couple of errands.

Josh said he would make sure I got everything done. My uncle came by me on the way out and said now you do what josh tells you to. Then he turned and asked what size jeans I wore because he would buy me some overall’s. Josh asked me if I had a plain tee shirt to wear so I wouldn’t get my shirt dirty, I said yes in my suitcase. Well why don’t you go put one on and come back. He walked behind me to my little room and came in with me. As I pulled my shirt off Josh said boy I want to see yo dick again. Don’t give me no problem, cause if you do, I will tell yo uncle you lazy.

I wasn’t embarrassed I just dropped my jeans and boxers my dick still about half hard. Josh reached my dick then kneeled and started sucking me off. He wasn’t as good as the man on the bus, but I busted in just a few minutes. Josh held my dick in his mouth and jacked his off.

I hadn’t even seen his dick, as he held my dick in his mouth after I shot off, he jacked off. Then stood, that is when I saw his dick, it was about the size of a pinky finger. Josh looked at me and said don’t you be telling no body about me sucking yo dick. Then he said I bet My Priscilla would like this dick, maybe one day you can come around and let her have some of this dick.

Now you come on boy we got lots to do. When we got back in the barn Josh said now you start on cleaning out the stalls while I start checking hooves make sure they ok. He disappeared and I didn’t see hide nor hair of him until my uncle’s truck turned down the drive.

Then like magic Josh appeared grabbed a fork and started cleaning the last stall. Uncle walked down the aisle checking the stalls and making sure fresh hay was spread. When he got to me, he said you might make it boy. JL is coming over here this morning to take some hay up to the Grinsted’s.

I want you to help load the trailer and pull it with the tractor up the road about a mile to their barn. Then go with him to help stacking the hay in the loft in the barn.

Now hurry up and get the water trough filled before he gets here. Yes, sir Uncle Jerry I will get right on it. I pulled the hose over to the trough and started filling it, I had just finished rolling the hose up when I heard JL’s old truck come down the drive.

JL stopped next to the barn, stepped out grinning from ear to ear. Damn boy you smell like horse shit go wash them shoes off. Uncle Jerry spoke up saying I got you a pair of brogans and 2 pair of overalls in the truck. Try on the brogans if they fit wear them, I guessed the size, but looking at yo shoes I think they will fit.

Now coming from being dirt poor and getting my clothes from the salvation army, this was a real treat. Uncle said boy take them overall to the house and ask your aunt to wash them to get the dye washed out might make them a little more wearable. Hurry boy JL is waiting, I ran to the truck grabbed the bag with my new overalls, and the box with the brogans looked at the size on the box and thought they are going to be too big.

I took off to the back door and the washroom dropped the bag hollered for Aunt Marie. I didn’t want to track up her kitchen, as she came into the washroom, she said what you hollering about. Don’t you know I got work to do scrubbing floors, I told Aunt Marie sorry, Uncle Jerry told me to bring these overalls to you. She looked at me and said how you know they fit. I know I looked dumb and said I don’t know for sure.

Aunt Marie held the overalls up to my back, then said you got to try these on, strip the jeans off so I can see if they will fit before I wash them. I said ok where can I change, right here Donnie what’s wrong with that. Well I cain’t in front of you, oh hell boy you ain’t got nothing I haven’t seen before.

I turned my back to strip and heard her laugh, said you got nothing to be ashamed of, from what I saw this morning. Turn yoself around and don’t be shy. I turned around my face bright red unsnapped my jeans forgot to pull my shoes off first so there I was hopping around on one-foot Jeans at mid-thigh trying to get my shoes off.

Fell flat of my ass adding to my embarrassment, I heard Aunt Marie laughing, then suddenly she stopped laughing she was looking at my dick that had managed to pop out during all my falling around, this time Aunt Marie’s face was red, but she didn’t stop looking. I managed to get my shoes off stripped my jeans off then pulled one of the overalls out and slipped them on. Aunt Marie came over and adjusted the suspenders, backed off saying gona have to hem them up some, lets see how they fit in the crotch then proceeded to check by placing her hand on my thigh and sliding upwards right on top of my dick.

I felt a light squeeze and my dick swelling to full hard in a matter of seconds. Marie looked up at me saying boy you got a fast trigger, that thing already hard. I said I am sorry Aunt Marie I cain’t help it. Donnie it is ok I have seen them before maybe not as big, then stopped but her hand never stopped moving, my dick flexed as I shot off. Damn boy you do have a fast trigger.

I was so embarrassed and ashamed, for losing control. Drop the overalls and I will wash both then hem them up, I started to turn but Aunt Marie said you face me I want to see you. Well what you waiting on Christmas, I slipped the overalls off letting them slide all the way down, I heard a quick intake of breath then her hand on my naked dick which was still hard. Aunty gona have to do something with this but can’t right now. You leave that door open tonight and I will try to come see you.

So, I find myself putting my jeans on when Joyce comes through the door stopped sayin what you doing with you pants half off, I tried to finish in a hurry but my dick had slipped out in plain view still almost hard. Joyce let out a gasp turned and ran back in the door. That Aunt Marie had just entered. I shoved my feet in my shoes and took off out the back door.

JL looked up saying what you been doing boy get yo ass up here and help me. We got lot’s to do. JL had already stacked half the wagon by tossing the bales up then positioning them, JL said you get on the wagon and I will throw the bales for you to position.

Easy right, hell no cause each bale weighed almost as much as I do. He tossed and I struggled to stack the bales, after 10 minutes I was sweating like crazy my shirt soaked and I am having trouble trying to lift the bales, but I didn’t give up I continued to do the best I could.

Until JL climbed on the wagon and finished for me. Lets get some water then head out. Went over to the hose turned on and drank from the hose I noticed JL handing me the hose saying go ahead boy you look like you bout to fall out. Then winked and said you got a surprise coming today.

I asked what was the surprise, don’t yo never mind boy you gona like it. Load up we got to go. Where am I going to sit JL, you prop on the fender with your feet on the floor. JL climbs on first me right behind him after I got situated, he said lets go.

JL said on the way back I might let you drive, but not now with that trailer loaded. That would be great to learn to drive the tractor. It only took 10 or 15 minutes to reach the Grinsted horse stables. The lane to the stables was a probably 200 yards from the main road. JL said as we turned on to the lane, boy yo ever had any pussy? I told the truth saying nope never. JL said now don’t do nothing dumb and let me talk to Mrs. Grinsted.

We pulled up in front of the barn under the hay loft door. There was a pulley system used for lifting bales up to the loft. JL said you climb up in the loft and drop the rope and hook down .

I climbed down from the tractor just as a heavy-set middle age woman came out of the barn door. I stopped and said hello, she looked me up and down saying who are you boy. I am Donnie and a nephew of Uncle Jerry. Sent to help JL unload this hay. She didn’t look happy, as she turned back to JL saying you don’t need help do you.

Donnie you go on up in the loft while I talk to Mrs. Grinsted. So up the ladder I went. Opened the hay loft door and dropped the rope and hook down, and waited after a couple of minutes I sneaked a look down in the barn and saw Mrs. Grinsted all over JL. I heard her say you know I wanted this dick today. I never heard a white woman say something like that to a black man, hell I never heard a woman say it at all. JL whispered something to her, she smiled and nodded her head yes.

JL and I made short work of offloading the hay, come on down Donnie JL said. I climbed down and Mrs. Grinsted was at the bottom of the ladder waiting, come with me Donnie so I followed her to the back of the barn where the tack was stored. I looked back and saw JL smile and waved me in, Now Mrs. Grinsted was about 40 but still looked good. She looked at me and said JL told me you were a virgin. I know I turned bright red; well I want to fix that for you boy, come over her. She pulled her shirt off then dropped her pants, well come her let me see what we have here. She just took over undressed me, stopped when she saw my dick and said boy you got a big dick, not as big as JL’s but big.

I had no idea what to do, I did know that if she continued to rub my dick It would cum, I think she felt me get harder, so she stopped. Laying down she spread her les and said come lay on me. She reached down and placed the head against her and said push and push I did it was slick and warm and by the time I was all the way in I shot off. I started to pull out but was grabbed and held, she said don’t move I felt her squeezing me and rocking her ass against me, my dick never went soft as she continued to squeeze and rock. I started to move stroking short strokes then longer then faster and faster, I heard groaning and a something like a squeal. I continued fucking faster and faster until I collapsed shooting deep in her again.

Then I heard JL say don’t get all that pussy boy save some for JL. I turned and saw JL buck naked his huge dick bobbing as he moved closer to the pallet. I pulled out and JL took my place, JL’s dick was thicker and at least 3” longer maybe 4” longer.

JL got between Mrs. Grinsted thighs his big dick looked even bigger as he pinned that pussy spreading it, I watched as inch after inch disappeared, when he hit bottom she started Cumming, JL pulled out leaving just the head in, then shoved it back as deep as he could. As I watched his black dick plunge in and out of that white pussy, pushing cum out all around his dick I was rock hard again.

I turned my eyes toward Mrs. Grinsted face, just intime to see her eyes roll back as JL hammered her, it was amazing to see a woman fucked into almost a unconscious state. I heard JL groan then his hips flexed as he sank almost all his dick into her pussy. JL pulled out and said give that pussy some more cum, sloppier the better.

I didn’t have to be told twice. As soon as JL got off I was back between her legs fucking like a rabbit. JL whispered slow down some, let’s get her to turn that ass up doggy style, I didn’t want to pull out. But I did, JL told her to get on her knees, I was back inside that pussy damn it was sloppy wet, my 2 loads and JL’s and I don’t know how many time Mrs. Grinsted had cum.

Then another surprise, JL was so close to us that his dick was right in my face, I turned my head and his dick was in my mouth he was soft but still almost his full length, I am glad she didn’t turn and see my mouth stuffed with dick. JL’s dick got hard so he had to pull everything but the tip of his dick out of my mouth, this triggered another cum from me.

JL just pulled me aside and shoved that monster in until Mrs. Grinsted hollered no to deep. JL just continued to pound that pussy as hard as he could, He actually got all his dick inside that pussy when he shot off. Mrs. Grinsted was in one constant groan and moan, saying nooooooo to deeeep. But her ass continued to push back even after JL shot and his dick started to get soft. Just the idea of that pussy swallowing JL had me up and hard.

But what I wanted was to suck JL. I knew that was not going to happen so as he pulled out I tried to push back in Mrs. Grinsted just fell on her belly and I followed her down her legs were squeezed together but that didn’t matter to me I had half my dick in her, started short strokes and I must have hit something cause she started bouncing her ass and carrying on more than ever.

I know now that the way she was laying caused me to be right on her G-spot. But back then I had no idea what I was doing. I fucked probably 20 minutes as hard as I could, when I shot off that time there was nothing left to shoot. As I pulled out, I could see cum all over her from ass to belly button. Mrs. Grinsted lay there quivering her ass clenching, then she was crying, later I learned that is a good thing when you fuck a woman until she cries you have done it right.


Now you may think that interracial sex didn’t happen in the deep south especially South Georgia during the 50’s. Well it did, it was just a lot more secret. Another thing is when a white man had sex with a black or mulatto woman not much was said as long as you didn’t marry the woman.

Men like JL with 10 or 11 inches would be welcome in a lot of white woman’s bed. Mrs. Grinsted was one example. One more thing about Mrs. Grinsted she was a widow had never been able to conceive so she had no fear of pregnancy. She was one of the most sexual women I ever knew, even up into her seventy’s she was fucking white and black men. JL and I became her favorite for a while. She was my first and she loved the fact that she had been the first.

JL explained to me that women liked the idea of being the first to take your cherry. JL was very smart in the way of women, let them think you are a virgin as long as you can, and you will get into older married women a lot easier. Once a woman discovers that you have a big dick and never used it, they will try to take your cherry.

JL told me and laughed about it he had lost his cherry to 5 different women one of which was an old white woman, that he had done yard work and cleaning out a attic for her. He told me that one day he was doing work in her rose garden, when he had to piss he walked around the side of her house pulled his dick out taking a piss, he caught a movement out of the corner of his eye.

JL said that she was watching from the kitchen window. JL said at first, he was scared, just knew she would run him off the property, when nothing happened, he began to wonder. He said about a week later his Mama told him that she saw Mrs. Jacobs down at five points.

Mrs. Jacobs wants you to come over and bring some stuff out of the attic. Saturday morning before it gets too hot in the attic. Now Mrs. Jacobs was almost 50 and a widow. JL told me that there had been rumors that she had been seeing a married man, before Mr. Jacobs died.

She lived alone except for a maid that worked during the week. JL said he thought nothing about why she chose Saturday. So, when Saturday came around, he walked over to Sycamore St. This is even today one of more affluent parts of town. Back then servants and workers always went to the back door.

First thing he noticed was how good Mrs. smelled and her summer dress was open by about 3 buttons. She led the way to the second floor and showed him the pull downstairs for the attic. The thing was he couldn’t reach the pull string. That meant he had to go to the old shop and find a step ladder. JL returned with the ladder she held the door as he came in, she brushed against his arm that with the smell started he dick to swell some.

Back up to the second floor opened the ladder climbed about 3 rungs up which put his crotch even with Mrs. Jacobs face, as he glanced down, he saw her staring at his crotch. She was also rubbing her cleavage. JL said it was like time slowed down then she reached out and squeezed his dick.

At first he said it scared hell out of him and wanted to run out of the house, then Mrs. Jacobs said ain’t nothing up there. I want to see you close up, I saw you taking a pee and been wondering ever since.

She never released his dick just squeeze and release over and over. Mrs. Jacobs said I bet you been doing all them black girls down in the Quarters. No Mam I ain’t done none of that. How old are you JL, I be 16 in November? Now all this time Mrs. Jacobs still got a hold on his dick.

And despite being scared his dick swelled to full hard, Mrs. Jacobs said come on down from that ladder, and follow me. Instead of going back downstairs Mrs. Jacobs led him into a small bedroom at the end of the hall. Don’t be scared now JL, I won’t bite you. Pull them overalls down so I see you good. JL didn’t have on any underwear so when he dropped his overalls he was standing there in his altogether.

She reached out and stroked him, Mrs. Jacobs if you don’t stop you might get some stuff on your hands. She stopped and said I never saw one this big, as she slipped her summer dress over her head. Then stripped everything else her breast were big and sagged but her stomach was flat.

Now boy I want you to put that thing in me but be careful cause I haven’t done this in 10 years. Mrs. Jacobs lay on the bed and spread her legs then opened her arms, and said fuck me JL. More than anything else his dick led the way, JL was nervous, Mrs. Jacobs encouraged him.

So, JL lay between her open legs, his dick on her stomach raise up some JL let your dick go between my thighs. JL raised up and she held his dick and guided it to her pussy. As JL felt his dick slide in just a little he shot off, and when he did, he shoved hard, his big dick sank into her.

OH,OH, STOP, STOP JL it is too big. His dick throbbed as the cum lubed her pussy, she stopped saying stop and started flexing her hips causing more of JL’s dick to slide inside her pussy. JL never lost his hard and didn’t pull out, He moved short strokes slowly back and forth the cum had made her slick, Mrs. Jacobs started hollering and pulled a pillow over her face to muffle her screams as one climax after another hit her.

JL pushed more of his dick into her the started stroking, pulling everything but the tip of the head out causing Mrs. Jacobs to say please don’t take it away. JL slowly pushed his dick back in deeper than anyone had ever been. When his dick hit bottom he pushed hard causing her to holler OH TO DEEP!! But she grabbed his hips and pulled down hard keeping his dick pressed hard against her cervix. OH GOD OH GOD FUCK ME FUCK ME.

And JL did he started fucking hard and fast hitting bottom hard every time, Mrs. Jacobs head was swing side to side her hips meeting JL’s hard thrust every stroke harder and harder. JL shoved hard and shot off deep inside her old pussy. JL lay on top his dick barley soften at all.

Then Mrs. Jacobs said please don’t take it away leave in for just a minute more. Mrs. Jacobs started rocking her hips rubbing her clit against JL’s pubic bone and started Cumming again, being so young JL’s dick responded and it was off to the races again. This time it was a marathon, JL said he fucked her in every position you can think of doggy, then had her on top which was her favorite.

Somehow things must have moved around some in her pussy because, Mrs. Jacobs started bouncing on his dick and managed to take all of him. Sweat was pouring off both Mrs. Jacobs sat flat down on JL and rocked her hips, this motion pulled the last of his seed out. Mrs. Jacobs asked JL if he would be her full-time man around the house doing what needed done and fucking her senseless a couple times a week.

Mrs. Jacobs told JL that we got to get you a driver’s license it’s been a long time since I have been anywhere. JL didn’t have any problem getting a license. So, he started taking Mrs. Jacobs shopping and even to church on Sunday. Everything was fine until the maid took a shine to JL, and decided she wanted to see what he was all about, she had heard from a couple of girls that he had way to much dick for them. This made her pussy juice up every time JL was around.

She watched for a chance to seduce him. Then one day she got her chance when Mrs. Jacobs felt poorly with a bad headache, she couldn’t stand any bright sunlight. So, after seeing to all her needs, Lucy put her plan to work, she found JL in the garage cleaning Mrs. Jacobs Cadillac. Lucy had made lemonade for Mrs. Jacobs, she poured up a big icey glass of lemonade and went in search of JL. Now Lucy wanted to see just what JL had in them baggy overalls.

Lucy found JL just finishing the wax job and was sitting in a swing under the shade of a huge Live Oak. Lucy made sure her big tits were visible after she unbuttoned 3 buttons. Wasn’t much left to the imagination. Lucy sashayed out the door with one thing in mind, finding out if JL was packing as much dick as her girlfriend said. JL was dozing off in the shade when Lucy stood in front of him leaned over and kissed him on the lips.

His eyes popped open saw who it was and then started looking around for Mrs. Jacobs, saying girl you gona get both us fired messing around. Lucy said ain’t no worry bout that old woman she down whit headache so bad the light hurts her eyes. So, I came out to asked you a question, do you thinks im purty JL. You don’t never try to kiss me or give me a hug, as she sat on his lap and mashed her left tit against his chest. Betty said you scared her with yo dick, as she squirmed around.

Lucy said I ain’t scared of no dick, bet I won’t run from that dick. JL pleaded with Lucy girl we gona get fired if we get caught. We ain’t gona get caught come on if you ain’t scared, of this little old girl, as she squirmed around she pulled JL’s head close and kissed him, Lucy whispered JL don’t you want to pleasure me,

I want you too bad. Got my pussy all juicy, for you. Lucy stood took JL’s hand and led him to the garage dis will do as she opened the back door of the Cadillac it’s big as a bedroom. Lucy pulled her dress up above her waist, didn’t have on no panty’s just Bare ass naked under her dress. JL couldn’t say no his dick already in full control of his brain.

He popped the suspenders on his overalls let them drop and at the same time grabbed Lucy’s ankles and pulled her ass out on the edge of the seat, you want this dick Lucy, don’t you try to run cause you gona get all this dick. Lucy’s eyes popped open wide, as she started trying to get away. No, Lucy you been teasing me for weeks now you got to pay up. JL’s hug dich rubbed against her pussy, then he shoved about half of his dick inside. Lucy started pounding on JL’s chest and trying to scratch him all the time saying no JL to BIG, the SO BIG as he pushed more dick in her. OH JESUS GOD DAMN THIS DICK TO BIG. Then Lucy stopped saying to big and started shoving her ass against JL’s dick, saying OH MY SWEET JESUS LUCY CUMMIN. Don’t stop, don’t stop, then JL shoved the rest of his dick in now her tune changed again saying damn JL you are hurting me. JL said you wanted this dick now you gona take, all my dick. JL pounded her like a drum then shot a huge load of cum in her pussy, pull out pull out don’t shoot in me.

Now JL had pinned Lucy like you would a bug, JL was trapped cause Lucy turned up pregnant. He was almost 18 and not ready to be a father, but felt he had no choice. Fate had other plans for Lucy, JL caught her at a bar called Bloody Bucket. A friend asks him to come with him for a beer, age wasn’t an issue at the Bucket. JL looked old enough anyway. It was late when they arrived, as they walked in a silence fell over a group of men lined up at the door to the back room. Just as JL and Jeremiah got to the bar a guy came out saying next that Lucy got some sloppy pussy. JL turned walked to the door shoved it open, saw Lucy laying on a make shift pallet on the floor legs spread, didn’t even look up just said leave your 5 dollars and come on. When JL spoke, it was like lighting hit Lucy. Don’t you never come around me again and don’t you never come back to Mrs. Jacobs you worthless whore. Maybe you can pick one of these dicks for the daddy. A week later JL heard she had a miscarriage. JL stayed on with Mrs. Jacobs until one day when he came to work and saw several vehicles in the yard one of them a funeral home Hearst. Mrs. Jacobs left JL $500, in her will saying he had been a true and loyal friend. Mrs. Jacobs had died in her sleep from a heart attack.

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