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Anjana was a sixteen year old Bengali girl who had been shunned by the Bengali community because she was a lesbian, the Bengali community considered Anjana to be evil and full of evil spirits and would have nothing to do with her, when they saw her in the streets the would cross the road to avoid her, many of the older Bengali residents would spit at Anjana who was now living in a youth hostel where she was accepted and had made friends with the white people who lived at the hostel one girl had said ” as long as you are not a mass murderer looking for a victim we do not care ” It was late one evening when Anjana went to have a shower and got a pleasant surprise, Mary a sixteen year old thug girl was under one of the showers, Anjana smiled at the site of the naked white girl and admired her ample boobs and love tube, Mary looked at Anjana and said ” I been caught naked by the lesbian ” Anjana replied saying ” you have not been caught till I am plying with your body ” Mary smiled and said ” I am about to be caught ” Anjana laughed undressed and went under a shower, Mary said ” I am about to be caught by the Bengali lesbian ” Anjana looked at Mary and saw that she now had erect nipples ” before Anjana could make any reply Mary got out of her shower walked over to Anjana and said ” I better catch you or nothing will happen ” reached out and slid a hand between Anjana’s leg and started rubbing her love tube then bent her head down and started to lick Anjana’s nipples which were soon erect, Anjana stood in total surprise as Mary sucked and rubbed her nipples while rubbing her love tube, after a few minutes Mary knelt down on the wet shower floor and to Anjana’s great delight started to lick Anjana’s very wet tube and pushed her tongue right inside, Anjana was soon breathing heavy and after ten minutes gushed crying out as she did, not long after Mary stood up said ” that is the first Bengali pussy I have had ” and went back to her own shower, a hour later Anjana was in bed dozing when her door opened and Cindy walked in followed by Sara the two girls were two classmates of Mary, Cindy said we heard what happened in the shower and pulled the bed covers off Anjana who always slept naked, Sara said ” fuck she is naked look at those brown tits ” Cindy said ” yeah and I bet she is wet ” when Sara said ” find out ” Cindy placed her hand on Anjana’s love tube and said ” no she is dry ” Anjana was feeling nervous but when Sara said ” we will soon change that and started rubbing her boobs Anjana smiled then when Cindy started to lick her love tube Anjana was no longer feeling nervous and after a few minutes was feeling very aroused indeed and after five minutes gushed, Cindy said ” she is wet so is my face ” Sara said ” shut up and move ” pushing Cindy aside as she did then said ” my turn ” knelt and started to lick Anjana’s love tube while Cindy started sucking Anjana’s nipples, Anjana was soon groaning in deep pleasure and after five minutes gushed again, five minutes later Anjana smiled when Cindy said ” knew she was a dirty bitch ” as both girls left the room. Anjana lay thinking glad my community have shunned me and slowly drifted off to sleep smiling broadly as she did.

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