Home Brew – Part 1

Tracy was a sixteen year old school bully who was not well liked, many of the students who attended the same school that Tracy did always looked forward to Thursdays as this was the day that Tracy bunked off because she hated history, the tutors of the school did not miss Tracy when she was not at school as life was easy for them. Jacob was a Nigerian boy who was two years younger than what Tracy was and had a reputation for being a trouble maker. Jacob had an alcoholic mum and to keep her happy he brewed beer and gin at home some of which he gave to neighbours including Tracy who lived a couple of houses away from him, it was a Thursday afternoon Jacobs mum was out and he was in the cellar where he brewed his home brew when Tracy turned up and with out asking if she could picked up a bottle of the gin and drank some, Jacob looked at Tracy but decided not to say anything, he knew that the gin that Tracy was drinking was stronger than normal. Tracy carried on drinking the gin and was soon quite tipsy, and after half a hour was very drunk and singing, Jacob saw the pokies in Tracy’s tee shirt and smiled, When Jacob brushed past Tracy brushing against her legs Tracy did not move, Jacob looked at her and could see that she was well drunk and out of things, Jacob rubbed Tracy’s knee and after getting no response got hold of the hem of her tee shirt and getting no response started to lift it and still getting no response lifted the tee shirt right up and when Tracy’s naked boobs came into view Jacob gave a big smile and admired the naked ample boobs noticing the erect nipples, Jacob let go of Tracy’s tee shirt and started to massage her boobs gently squeezing her nipples as he did, after a sort time he started to lick and suck Tracy’s nipples running his hands under her denim skirt, when he found her panties he pulled them down and off and started to rub her love tube, after a few minutes Jacob undid Tracy’s skirt and pulled it free from her body then lifted her tee shirt right over her head and off then stood back and admired her naked body loving the sight of her boobs and love tube, he then lifted her legs that were hanging over the edge of the bench she was sitting on and swung her round so that she was now laying flat on the bench and after pushing her legs apart undid his trousers letting his eight inch erection spring out then climbed on the bench got between her legs then after bending forward pushed his dick up her love tube and started thrusting in and out and after five minutes he felt Tracy cum and after a few minutes was squirting his cum over her body, Jacob left Tracy laying naked on the bench and went up to the lounge after a few hours he saw Tracy leaving the house, The next day Jacob was in the cellar when Tracy walked in, Jacob smiled at her and said ” you want more ” Tracy looked at him and said ” what ” Jacob said ” you stripped naked and said fuck me so I did ” Tracy just stood looking at Jacob then said ” I do not remember I was to trunk ” Jacob said ” you got lovely tits your cunt was nice and tight and you cum ” Tracy just looked, Jacob then said ” let us do it again ” Tracy said ” no if I had been sober I would not have done it ” Jacob said ” you did you let me fuck you and I want to fuck you again or every body will know you let an underage boy fuck you and you know what will happen ” Tracy said ” I don’t want to ” Jacob said tuff get your fucking clothes off ” as he did he lowered the front of his joggers letting his erect dick spring out, Tracy looked at it, Jacob stepped forward and cupped Tracy’s boobs, Tracy said ” please no ” Jacob said ” get your fucking clothes off this black cock is going up your cunt ” Tracy undid her jeans and took them off along with panties then her tee shirt and stood naked while Jacob massaged her boobs, after a short while Jacob told Tracy to lay on the bench and once she had Jacob got between her legs and pushed his dick into her love tube and started thrusting in and out while massaging her boobs, after five minutes Jacob felt Tracy cum but carried on thrusting away feeling and after ten minutes felt her cum again and not long after pulled his dick from her love tube and squirted cum over her body, after ten minutes a crying Tracy was leaving the cellar with Jacob saying I will have more of you bitch, and thinking I hope that you suck dick good and have a nice tight bum.

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