Homeless 3 – New Sex Story

The old factory on the outskirts of the small town had been empty for a few years, it was then brought by a property tycoon and turned into a hostel for homeless people of all ages, not long after opening the hostel was full, there were volunteers who helped the staff, sixteen year old Cindy was one of the volunteers and along with her boyfriend Martin worked at the hostel three nights of the week, they worked through out the night, there was one member of staff on each night but he did not do much prefering to watch the telly in the office instead of working. It was the early hours of the morning when fourteen year old Sara who was at the hostel with her mum got up to go and use the loo, as she walked down the deserted corridor she heard a shower running as she got to the volunteers changing room she saw that the door was open and got a pleasant surprise when she saw Martin standing under the shower, Sara moved into the shadows where she would not be seen and stood looking at the naked Martin admiring his six inch hairy dick, as she watched she saw Martin’s dick start to move and watched in awe as it grew to a full eight inch erection, after few minutes Martin took his dick in his hand and to the great joy of Sara started to stroke it, Sara stood smiling as she watched Martin jerking his dick and when he squirted his cum in four spurts Sara thought cool I like and quickly moved away before she was seen, not long after Sara had gone Cindy went into the volunteers room smiled at Martin and said to him ” you were watched by Sara ” Martin smiled and said ” I know I saw her just before she moved into the shadows, Martin got out of the shower and after drying started to snog Cindy undoing her blouse as he did, the viagra he had taken earlier was keeping his dick fully erect, Sara returned from the toilets and when she saw Martin and Cindy snogging with Cindy’s blouse on the floor she stood in the shadows and watched, when Martin unclipped and removed Cindy’s bra letting her ample boobs fall free the bi sexual Sara thought very nice and watched as Martin removed the rest of Cindy’s clothes, as the naked couple stood snogging and playing with each others bodies Sara thought this is better than watching the porn films my dad had, when Cindy lay on a bench parting her legs Sara looked at her open love tube and thought I can sort that out, when Martin got between Cindy’s legs and pushed his dick into her love tube Sara thought wonder if Martin wants to swap places and watched as Martin thrust in and out of Cindy’s love tube, Sara could soon hear Cindy groaning and when Martin pulled his dick out of Cindy’s love tube and squirted his cum on the floor Sara thought twice in one night then quickly went back to her bed, in the morning Sara saw Martin and Cindy serving breakfast and thought you look better naked, martin quietly said to Cindy ” see the way Sara watched us as we served breakfast ” Cindy said ” yeah but she watched harder as we fucked last night ” then added I hope she washed her hands after she had finished watching us. Martin laughed and said to Cindy your tits are showing down your top, Cindy smiled and said what a shame.

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