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Colin was sitting under the bridge on the canal towpath not feeling very happy, his dad had left home three years ago going to live with another woman he had met on the internet, Colin’s mum had taken things very badly and started drinking, the drinking slowly got worse and worse and now she was an alcoholic, there was hardly any food in the house, the electric was cut off, then the gas was disconnected, the rent went unpaid and despite giving her many chances Colin’s mum spent her money on alcohol and did not pay any of the bills, the landlord applied for an eviction order and now Colin and his mum were homeless, they were given a room in a homeless person hostel paid for by social services. Colin was also a peeping tom and not liked by many people. As he sat under the bridge a couple of youths started to give Colin hassle pushing him about and were trying to throw him in the canal, Sharon who at sixteen was two years older than what Colin was appeared and with out hesitation laid into the yobs and sent them packing, Colin knew that Sharon was also homeless and along with her sister Amy who was four years younger than Sharon lived in the same hostel as he did, Colin thanked Sharon for what she had done Sharon said ” all the homeless stick together we all look out for each other and help each other if one of us is in trouble we all help ” Colin walked back to the hostel with Sharon glad that the violent girl thought of him as a friend, Later that night Colin was in his room his mum out as normal and not likely to back till the morning, When somebody knocked on the door Colin opened it to see Amy stood there wearing a dressing gown, Colin let her in and sat talking with her for twenty minutes when Amy suddenly said ” do you want to fuck me ” Colin was surprised and was thinking that Amy was joking, but when she stood up took her gown off and stood naked Colin realised Amy was not joking, then stood up and as he admired Amy’s developing boobs and smooth love tube he stripped naked, Amy got hold of his seven inch erection saying it is big as she did, After stroking Colin’s dick for a couple of minutes Amy lay on Colin’s bed parting her legs as she did, Colin knelt on the bed between Amy’s legs and started to lick and suck her nipples were erect and at the same time rubbed her love tube which Colin felt was wet, after a few minutes Colin stopped sucking Amy’s nipples and rubbing her love tube then bent forward and slid his dick into Amy’s love tube pushing it in as deep as he could then started to thrust in and out hearing Amy’s breathing getting heavier as he did then after ten minutes Amy cried out yes yes yes as she climaxed, Colin continued to push in and out of Amy’s love tube and after another ten minutes felt her climax for a send time not long after Colin pulled his dick fro Amy’s love tube and squirted his cum over the floor then lay down beside her on the bed, after ten minutes Amy got off the bed and put her gown on then as she left the room said to Colin ” see you in the morning ” Colin fell asleep feeling a bit happier, in the morning he was woken by Amy banging on the door and shouting ” come in our room we got breakfast for you ” Colin got out of bed and after dressing went to Amy and Sharon’s room where he saw Sharon still in bed and a breakfast waiting for him, Colin sat down talking to Amy as he ate his breakfast, when Sharon got out of her bed Colin’s eyes went wide, Sharon was naked, Colin looked at her firm boobs and shaved tube and did not notice Amy getting off the edge of her bed where she had been sat, Sharon said to Colin ” did you enjoy fucking my sister last night ” Colin made no reply Sharon then added ” I told you that we all stick together ” Colin then felt his trousers being undone and his dick pulled out, then Amy saying ” he has already got a hard on ” before she stood up, Sharon knelt down saying ” so he has as she did, then took Colin’s dick in her mouth and started to suck it, Colin was surprised but sat enjoying the unexpected blow job and after five minutes when he squirted his cum into her mouth Sharon swallowed it all then as she stood up wiped her mouth, Amy said ” it is pissing down with rain we can not go out what we going to do all day ” Sharon rubbed her love tube saying I think we can think of something to pass the time as she did, Colin thought I think that being homeless is not going to be that bad after all.

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