How I fucked my PA part 1

Hi friends, this is a story about a Boss Siva and his tricks to fuck his PA Vidya. All the characters and fictions are purely imaginary in the perspective of Boss. It is a big story those who have patience can read and enjoy. This is more of a novel kind of story and readers should have patience for full meals.
My name is Siva. I am well built and Tall. My age is 35 but still not married. I am running a big company with more than 200 employees. I am bit handsome and whitish colour. All my friend and family questioned me why you are not married. For me the reason Is simple. Those who own a car can travel in only one but who rent a car can travel in many cars.
Same here. I am a womanizer and I fucked more than 100 girls or women. I usually prefer married women. Because I like their experience and I will fuck them hard and will make them feel like that I am better than their husband. I have lot of money in my bank account and have lot of assets.
So I will travel all over the world only for sex. I has one more taste or flavors of sex. Instead of fucking a strange girl I prefer fucking girls who is known very well to me. I fucked many of my women employees. I never forced any one. I will make them my prey just by blackmailing or giving money or by giving promotion, etc….
Ok coming to this story. This story is special for me as this is completely new way in fucking a girl.
My personal assistant name is Vidya. She joined my company before 6 months. Her age is 28. I selected her only because of hot structure. But she thinks I chosen her because of her talent. Vidya is a kind of desi girl with 5. 5 Heights. She is slim but has good structure. Her color is bit brown but her face is cute and innocent. She has perfect shaped boobs and good round ass. She is so obedient and strict in following rules. That’s why I became attracted to her. I want to break her innocence, obedience and her pussy.
She was married girl but divorced her husband last year. Her husband was a alcoholic addict. So she is living separately with her 3 years old child and with her mother. During interview she told she is the only bed winner of the family. Her family background is very poor. It induced my sympathy and many times I gave money for her children‘s education and medical expense.
One day I entered office by 10’o clock and the entire employee wished me good morning. Vidya also who shares same room with me stood up and smiled. Every morning her smile will give me fresh energy to work for full day. That day she wore a orange color saree with matching blouse. She was very hot in that dress as her boobs are visible from left side and ass shape was clearly shown. I wonder how she can maintain this structure as most of the married women gains weight after having baby.
She came and stood near me and gave all the files to be signed. She used to stand very close to me while showing files. Sometimes I will touch her thighs and pretend it to be accident. This time I touched her pussy while signing. But she didn’t respond. So I took this as advantage and shake my head so that it touched her boob. I said sorry I didn’t notice. As usual she said no issue sir.
After finishing my daily routine I asked “what is the matter”.
SHE : I need a big help from you. You should not mistake me for asking this.
Me : I never saw you as my PA. I always consider you as my family member (wife). You may ask any help you want.
She : thank you sir. My son Arav is having problem in his Kidney. He had born with some syndrome. Yesterday doctor told his kidney has to be replaced otherwise he can’t live many days.
While saying this sentence tears rolled down on her cheeks.
She : Doctor told the surgery needs 10 lakhs. But I don’t have that much money. I don’t know anyone who can help me in this situation except you. So please help me sir. I will give anything in return if you save my kid.
Me : Vidya come here. You should be very bold to face the problems.
She came near me. I wiped her tears and kept my hand on her shoulders for consoling her
Me : How much you need? How much you have?
She : 10 lakhs rupees sir. But currently I have only 1 lakh rupees. You need to help me sir. I will give back all the money from my salary sir
Me : I am ready to help you but the company is facing some hard challenges now. Because of that I applied loan and I need to remove some employees. So its very hard for me.
Vidya suddenly fall on my legs and cried heavily. I don’t understand how to console her.
I touched her shoulder and lifted her. That time I touched her boobs. I decided this is the perfect opportunity to fuck her.
Me : Ok Vidya I will pay all the medical bill. But I won’t do it for free.
Vidya : Surely I will pay back all the money from my salary sir.
Me : No that’s not feasible. If I deduct a portion of your salary it will take more than 10 years from now. So you have to do something more
She : I will give even my life for saving my kid
Me : I don’t need your life. I am not that much cruel.
She : Please tell me sir. I am ready to do anything for you.
Me : anything for me? Ok come to my home by 7 Pm tonight alone
She hesitated for a minute and then nodded her head.
I left the office immediately.

At home I took bath and wear a T-shirt and Shorts but nothing inside. I watched lot of porn movies and made my dick hard and large.
I decided Once opened the door I should show my dick size to Vidya and make her arouse.
Sharply by 7 the calling bell rang.
With excitement I opened the door. Vidya was standing outside the door with same dress as morning.
She made some makeup and was looking stunning. Her shapes are as usual are mesmerizing my eyes
Vidya : Hi sir you asked me to come home.
Me : oh yes please come inside.
She followed me into hall
Me : Sit down Vidya. Will you have coffee or Tea?
She : No need sir. I am not guest
Me : no you are important guest
and then I offered water.
She : Thank you. Please tell me what I have to do? I am ready for any hard jobs to save my kid
Me : Ok I will come to the point straightly. I will make a deal, if you are ok we may proceed otherwise you should not mistaken me
She became curious and got tensed at same time
She : yes sir please tell me
Me : I will give you 10 lakhs but you have to give me ….
I made a pause.
She : What I have to give?
Me : yourself
She was shocked
She : sorry I don’t understand
Me : see I am a single and I always love your body and face. It’s my desire for many days to have sex with you.
She immediately got anger and started to crying
She : how can you ask this to me sir? I always thought you as my brother.
Me : If you want to save your children you have to adjust with me.
She : No way. I am not such a girl.
Saying this she stood up and started leaving
Me : If you don’t accept this offer I will look for some other person for this job.
She stopped and looked back with angry eyes.
She : please don’t blackmail sir. I didn’t expect this from you.
Me : take your own time dear and let me know the good result.
She ran away with tears. I felt like I made a mistake by making her cry.
I couldn’t sleep that night because I might loss a good employee. More than that she was my lucky girl.
Every day I will start my day with her smile. So more than her body I fall in love with her attitude, character etc,,
She said No that’s why I liked her more. Instead of her poverty, emergency situation she is not ready to loss her respect and virginity.
Next day I went to office and noted she was not in her chair. I expected it. After having seat I called my manager and asked where is Vidya? He said her phone is switched off and he couldn’t reach her.
First time I got disappointed by my activity. I shouldn’t have said this to her.
The guiltiness occupied me fully. Two days passed but she didn’t pick the call and didn’t come to office.
I informed my manager we may wait for two more days. If she didn’t come we have to look for new PA
With frustration I went to home and had drinks to forget her.
Suddenly my calling bell rang. I thought it is my cook. So I went and open the door.
It’s Vidya. I was surprised and was glaring at her face in shock.
Vidya was standing in a sleeve less blouse with a red color transparent sari.
She even applied fragrance and its aroma induced me.
She made some modern make up and was seeing me in kinky way.
I was shocked and was in delight.
Because I caught my PA back and also my request was accepted too.
She : Shall I come in?
Me : ya sure. I am surprised to look at you. Please come in
I was standing with no shirt and thigh level shorts
While crossing me she touched her hands on my legs.
Immediately I got hard and followed her ass.
She already sat on her place
Me : Vidya you are looking stunning in this dress
She : Thank you sir
Me : Don’t call me sir and all. You may call me Shiva. You are not anymore my subordinate
She laughed and said ok Shiva
Me : why you didn’t come to office for two days
She : Actually I was not in stage to accept your proposal. It took me longtime to decide.
Me : why you came today?
She : you don’t know Shiva? I came here for you only.
Me : not for money?
She : You proposed a deal I accepted it. So your offer is not bigger than mine. It’s just business. Am I right
She starred at my cock while saying this.
Me : yes you are absolutely correct.
She : shall we?
I was shocked once again as she is driving the show. I am in state of following
Me : ok I will tell my condition. 9 Lakhs is very costly for you. As you said its business. I can’t give that much money in one single payment. I will give one lakh rupees per night. So you have to come 9 nights continuously
She : What 9 days?
Me : yes if you are not interested we will cancel the deal.
She hesitated for a minute and said ok.
She : I jumped in a ocean I shouldn’t hesitate to swim.
Me : you are intelligent girl.
She : I too have one condition. You have to pick me at my home by seven and you have to drop me in home by 9. In-between I am all yours.
Me : sure dear I will do all these things for you. Let us begin now. Come and sit on my lap.

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This is absolutely positive attitude of Vidya. She is doing the job with dedication even if she didn’t like. Only few can do this.
After my order vidya came and sat on lap.
I was delighted and enjoyed by Vidya.
My six months dream came true tonight.
Then I pulled her face towards me.
I first kissed on her forehead then cheeks and then finally lips.
I gave kiss on her lip with utmost care and affection.
Initially she didn’t respond but after seeing my action she started kissing me.
I literally bit her lower lips and she started biting my upper lip.
Then I inserted my tongue inside her mouth.
She enjoyed it.
I hugged her tightly. She too hugged me.
I buried my face in her breast. She too liked it and pressed me more in her breast.
I realized her sari is disturbing me. So I removed the pallu.
Meanwhile she kept her face near my bare chest. She kissed on my nipple.
I induced my senses.
I lifter her on my hands and brought her to bedroom.
I threw her softly on my bed.
She shouted “Ahh”
Then I removed her saree fully and removed her petticoat and sleeveless blouse.
I went from her foot. I started kissing from her foot. She was very much attracted by my kisses. Then I went to thighs and I buried my face. She got Goosebumps and laughed. I then went to her panties and kissed on her pussy. She liked it very much and I saw she closed her eyes with happiness.
Then I went on to her belly button. I kissed her there and then started licking in circular way. She went uncontrollable by my action.
Her 3 years of desires came true today. I am satisfying it like God. She was on cloud nine.
I saw she removed her bra. Because she knows my next target is her nipples.
Then I went near her boobs.
Wow what a breast she have. I fall on her breast and started sucking like kid.
At the same time I kept my hand on her another boobs and started squeezing it.
With one breast on my hand and another breast on my mouth. It was a divine moment for me and Vidya.
“Oh Shiva please do it hard”
I sucked both of her boobs and squeezed both of them.
I licked her nipples and spent more time on her breast.
Then I went towards her pussy. She understand me well and removed her panties.
When I first touched her pussy she was excited and made a jerk on her body like a snake bitten her.
I then kissed her naked pussy which passed lot of current in her.
Then I inserted my tongue inside her pussy. She didn’t expect this and releases lot of floods.
Her pussy became wet and I licked it hardly.
I kept my hands on her ass for balance and then buried my face in her pussy.
She enjoyed each and every action of me.
She finally released her cum.
I saw her face with lot of satisfaction.
Then it’s her turn to satisfy me.
She removed my trouser.
And she was shocked to see my 6 inch cock with hardness. She said wow.
I took her hand and kept it on my cock.
She was shy and then pressed it. She moved her fist up and down on my cock.
Then she saw my face and I was excited by her look.
Then I decided to fuck.
I pushed her on bed. She fall down with her face seeing sky.
I fallen on her.
This time we both are completely naked.
She hugged me tightly and kissed on my face.
Meanwhile my cock touched her wet pussy.
Then I tried inserting into pussy. But it didn’t go.
Then she pointed my cock head correctly to her pussy.
Then I tried inserting.
Only 25 % of my cock went in. But she cried in pain
Then took it out and inserted hardly, She shouted once again.
I left my cock and didn’t move. I went near face and kissed her.
“Don’t worry it will be normal.”
Please do it gradually I can’t bear pain.
“Why its very tight”
“I didn’t have sex with anyone for last 3 years”
then I went and took coconut oil and applied it on my cock to avoid friction.
Then I inserted once again it went fully in cock.
She was excited and hurt at same time.
But I felt heavenly time. I never fucked such a wet and tight pussy. After few strokes I started ramming fast. She was enjoying and moaning.
Her moan and cry excited me more and increased the phase. On the other end she was crying and enjoying. She made a loud cry and cummed heavily. My cock got drenched with her flood.
Then she asked me “please finish it, I can’t bear anymore pain.”
Then I fucked heavily and within one minute I cummed heavily in her pussy.
She told “not inside please”. But I kept my cock inside and enjoyed my orgasm.
“Thank you Vidya. I had a great time.”
She just nodded and smiled.
“Did you enjoy it” I asked.
She said “yes you did good job sir”.
Then I got up and went to restroom to clean my cock.
I was followed by Vidya and hugged me from behind.
Then I kissed her and we both cleaned other’s genitals.
Then we wore dress and left the room.
She : “Shall I leave Siva”
Me : “No the clock is not 9. It’s just 8. You can’t leave now.”
Her face became red and starred me in angry.
Me : “Darling come with me to hotel. We will finish the dinner and then I will drop you in home”
She : What about my money?
Me : Oh yes I forgot it. Then I went in and gave her the one lakh rupee bundle.
She : Thank you sir. Shall we leave now?
Me : Are you hungry?
She : No but I want to reach home early.
Then I hugged her and kissed on lips. She too responded. “I don’t like your angry face. I like your smiling face. Can you please smile?”
She smiled and we hugged each other.
Me : I think I like you so much dear.
She : don like me sir it’s just a business deal.
Then we went to pizza hut and had delicious pizza.
We both behaved like the lovers.
Then I dropped her in home.
Me : will you come to office tomorrow?
She : What should I do?
Me : yes you have to come
She : But I need to take care of my unhealthy kid.
Me : OK come on morning and leave early
She : good night dear
Me : good bye

I will share my experience on other days with her on another past of the story
Thanks for reading.

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