Hungry – New Sex Story

Karen was a sixteen year old school girl who many boys thought was the best looking girl in town, she was very intelligent and her tutors thought that she would pass all her exams and get into university with out any problems, Karen was very polite and respected by many people in the town where she lived she had a sense of humour and joked a lot, but unbeknown to anybody her mum was an alcoholic who spent her money on booze so there was never much food in the house, Karen had tried to get a part job to earn money to buy food but had not been able to get a job. It was a Friday afternoon when Karen arrived home from school and as she expected her mum was not in and there was no food in the house, Karen was hungry she had not eaten for two days, her next door neighbour was a fifty year old Bengali man who Karen knew was a convicted sex pest, she often saw him perving after her and had told him to piss off a few times, Karen was sat in her kitchen when the man knocked on the door, when Karen opened it he told her he had been in the house earlier before her mum went out and that he knew she was an alcoholic he also said he knew there was no food and asked Karen if she wanted money to buy food, Karen quickly said ” yes please ” the man said ” well you show me those naked tits of yours and I will give you ten pound ” Karen looked at him and in desperation for food agreed and let the man in, as Karen undid her blouse the man stood watching after her blouse was open Karen unhooked her bra took it off and held her blouse open, the mn stood looking at Karen’s naked boobs and said ” they are beauties ” after a few minutes te man gave Karen the money and left, after doing her blouse up Karen rushed to the shops got food, the next day Karen was wearing just her gown thinking about what she had done and when she saw the man in his garden she went out and spoke to him over the fence and said ” if you want to see me naked twenty pound, the man smiled and followed Karen into her house where she took her gown off, the man stood admiring Karen’s naked body loving the site of her boobs and love tube and when she turned and wriggled her bum the man said very nice, the man gave Karen twenty pound and left, Karen dressed and after going shopping read an article on prostitution and later when the man came to the house with his twelve year old son and told Karen the boy wanted to see her naked Karen said twenty quid and he can, after a few minutes the boy was looking at his first ever naked girl and was thinking cool, not long after the boy had gone the man returned and said ” how much to fuck you ” Karen smiled and said fifty pound, the man produced the money, Karen took the man to her room where she stripped naked and after a couple of minutes felt his seven inch dick slide into her love tube and after five minutes the man squirted his cum over her body, after the man had gone Karen had a shower after getting out the shower Karen heard the door being knocked and when she opened it she saw Colin who was from a very rich family and two years younger than her, Colin was a known flasher and not liked, Colin pointed at Karen’s neighbour who was stood at the fence smiling and said ” I want what he had ” and showed her fifty pound, Karen let Colin in, when Karen dropped her towel showing her naked body Colin said ” fucking hell ” and took his joggers off after a few minutes Colin was pushing his seven inch dick into Karen’s love tube hardly believing his luck after five minutes Colin was squirting his cum over Karen’s body, twenty minutes later Colin was walking down the road smiling while Karen was washing thinking I am not going hungry again.

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