Hush Hush Street Part One

Colin was sat looking out of the window of the new house that his family had just moved into, he thought the house was better than the house they had just moved from, Colin was a peeping tom and flasher and was not liked where he had lived and his family had been driven out of their home by neighbours, his dad had left home years ago so it was just him his mum and adopted sister, as he looked out the window he saw Steve who at sixteen years of age was two years older than what he was, Steve lived next door to where Colin was now living and was known as a thug, Colin was bi sexual and had a secret craving for Steve. Colin saw his sister Carol walking up the street with Steve’s girlfriend Sara who like Steve was a thug girl and the same age, Carol walked into the house just as her mum left to go to work, Carol looked at Colin and said ” it is going to be good living here the street is nicknamed Hush Hush Street because nobody complains about what happens and you can do anything you want so if you want to get your cock out you can and there are other boys who get their cocks out and girls who get their tits out, Colin looked at Carol thinking she was winding him up and noticed pokies in her tee shirt, Carol smiled and said ” you looking at these” and squeezed her pokies, Colin smiled then to his total surprise Carol took her tee shirt right off exposing her naked boobs as she did she said ” have a better look” Colin stared at his sixteen year old step sisters naked boobs thinking cool, Carol walked out the room and a few minutes later returned, Colin’s eyes went wide when he saw that Carol was naked he looked at smooth love tube hardly believing that the first time ever he was seeing Carol naked and when she said to him ” come on get naked it is about time I saw your cock” Colin stood and stripped naked , Carol said ” nice sized cock as she looked at Colin’s six inch erection then knelt down and started to suck it, Colin stood thinking he was dreaming and after a few minutes squirted his cum into Carol,s mouth which she swallowed Carol stood up wiped her mouth with the back of her hand then said to Colin ” you will get that more often and not just from me, Colin went to his room still in a state of shock, after awhile Carol walked in still naked with a cup of tea for him, after drinking the tea Colin had a shower and was surprised to get another erection, Carol walked in smiled and said ” I laced your tea with viagra enough to give an elephant a hard on” after the shower Colin wrapped the towel round his waste and went to the lounge and could not believe his eyes when he saw Sara stood naked, as he looked at her ample boobs and smooth love tube Steve pushed past him Colin saw that Steve was also naked with a seven inch hairy dick, Steve smiled and said ” the others will be here soon” then after a pause said “where is Carol” and when Sara said ” behind the sofa” Steve looked and said ” go boys get stuck in” Colin looked behind the sofa and saw Carol laying on the floor still naked with Andrew and Paul who were twins and four years younger than Carol beside her Andrew was sucking Carols nipples while Paul was pushing his fingers in and out of her love tube, Colin saw that Steve now had a nine inch erection and thought nice and took his towel off, he then saw Mandy who was six years younger than Steve stroking Steve’s dick, Sara stopped her saying you still got your clothes on, soon Colin was looking at Mandy’s flat chest and her love tube as she started to stroke Steve’s dick again Colin then saw Mandy’s sister who was two years older than her and naked , Colin looked at her developing boobs and when said come and fuck me Colin did not hesitate and after a few minutes was thrusting in and out of her love tube and as he did Sara patted his bum saying I am next, Colin looked up and as he did he saw Steve squirt cum in four long spurts and not long after felt Mandy cum and a few minutes after was sliding his dick into Sara’s love tube massaging her boobs as he did as he thrust in and out of her love tube Colin saw Andrew approach his four inch erection sticking out in front of him he walk up to the table that Sara was laying on and started to rub her boobs, Sara turned her head to one side and started to suck Andrews dick, after ten minutes Colin had felt Sara cum and was pulling his dick from her love tube then got the biggest surprise of all his class mate at school Martin who was gay and naked was thrusting in and out of Steve’s bum, Colin went into the kitchen to get a drink as he went he thought I must be dreaming I will wake up soon as he got his drink Colin looked out the window and saw Tina a bully girl who was sixteen walking up the garden path undoing her shirt as she walked Colin thought I hope I am not dreaming and when Tina entered the house Colin watched her strip naked and admired er boobs and love tube and thought just what I have always wanted, after drinking his drink Colin went back to the lounge and smiled when he saw Sara licking Carols love tube and Tina sucking her nipples with Carol groaning Colin thought living her is going to be great, later that night Colin was laying on his bed everybody had gone, Carol walked in smiled at Colin and said ” I see you still got a hard on” Colin said ” yeah you must have put loads of Viagra in my tea” Carol walked over to the bed and got on it laying beside Colin who said ” it is cramped” Carol said ” well get onto of me get your cock up my cunt and fuck me then there will be plenty of room wont there” Colin did not need telling twice and as he thrust in and out of Carols love tube thought nice street this.


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